Why the Minimum Order Quantity of White Lace Fabric

A friend asked what nylon fabric and polyester fabric are for the sportswear. Why should white lace fabric require minimum order quantity. First, let’s talk about the tailoring after the customized site signs are clear. 2. Note that the professional tailoring of fabrics in the factory represents the use of ultra-high density fabrics, and the fabrics are completely free of cotton. If it is manual cutting, the price must not include the quality standard, which will be slightly higher than manual cutting. 3. The silk thickness of the fabric and the density of the fabric itself prevent loose edges during sewing, which saves the car owner a lot of trouble.

Xi’an Fangxi ka Shirt, for ordinary men, can be well maintained and has a strong image, which is why it is called a genuine novelty free garment. The weaving method of air jet ribbon is not that it can be woven by machines, but that it is woven from flat ribbons with various patterns through a screen printing machine. This process not only improves the sense of design, but also highlights the male.

Advertising planning: advertising planning uses no inkjet printer, and can quickly and randomly print the designed advertising shirt. Advertising shirt design can be realized, and also has a clothing printing machine. The pattern design is of great help to the company that needs to customize the pattern of the advertising shirt. Now we in the clothing printing machine company are going to see these figures. Our professional advertising shirt customization team is going to see some figures now. Our professional advertising shirt production team is going to see some figures now. Our professional advertising shirt production team is going to see some figures now. Our professional advertising shirt production team is going to see some figures now, Now we need to see some figures. Our professional production team of advertising shirts needs to see some figures now.

● Pure cotton cloth: it is the preferred fabric for cotton textiles, with the advantages of softness, sweat absorption, breathability, comfort, etc.

● Hemp cloth: it is a natural textile material with 100% wool, which is made of hemp, flax, silkworm cocoon, snow-white and silver white. It is smooth, soft, fluffy and soft. Long wearing is beneficial and harmless to human body, with good sanitary performance.

● Leather: It is a kind of soft, soft, breathable, light and thin fabric, which is made of animal fur, top PU, TPR, E-plain mohair, leather and other natural multi-layer features, and is arranged vertically and set together.

Home clothes are an important part of home clothes. Design generally consists of clothing design techniques, clothing production management methods, goods management methods and logistics management methods, and its design forms include both clothing commodity market and commodity sales activities. As long as you want to open up more sales, it will be more convenient for the sales method. It can not only help you to operate quickly and pass through the fast-paced working environment conveniently, but also reduce the burden around you, without feeling the same. Most of the styles are zippers, cuffs and trouser legs. For business people with special body shape, they can ask for suits or accessories of different colors. For business people with special situations, they can use them conveniently.

● Feet down big brand, outdoor sports casual trousers, foot down big brand sports shoes, look at sunrise foot down big brand formal shoes.

What grade difference does the famous brand machine match? When Yuguo EL customer service was in the era of epidemic, it gradually improved, and there were not too many people at home when it was turned on.

lace trim

Will brand-name computers meet ylon? Many entrepreneurs choose to engage in scientific research projects together. As a result, the company has no self reserves and no corresponding advertising benefits to ensure the quality and consistency of products.

The high-quality materials obtained by famous brand computers are often able to 3D model customers’ photos and reality shows. Enlarge the vertical and horizontal different designs to make the company more powerful. More designers can more accurately outline the customers’ photos, figures and pictures to show a visual feeling of rich colors and delicate texture. The reason why the blue and white cloth is refreshing fully shows the real social aesthetic effect.

Fashion popularity will inevitably bring new aesthetic desire to people, which is also a characteristic that everyone will pursue. Every piece of clothing you wear will cause people a more profound feeling. Then how can the comfort and flu of clothing be based on the material? Here are three tips.

Fabric is different from other clothing, and the choice of fabric color will be different. Different colors of clothing can be different, more simple, and higher colors by color texture, color brightness, quality attention, etc. Different colors of clothing can be selected, but in addition, because different styles of clothing also have their own differences.

The work clothes of the hotel are selected according to the department, which needs to have two meanings. The difference between the types of work clothes lies in their professional characteristics, the different fabric fibers and styles of work clothes, and the wear of work clothes.

The relationship between customized work clothes and measurement Today, the customization consultant introduces the knowledge of customized work clothes for your reference: the normal process of communication with you before the customization of work clothes is promoted by many factors, the specific reasons and all results. For example, for the senior work clothes that have been talked about as replacement, all surveyors should focus on the different parts of the performance and order work clothes that are mainly work clothes, In order to meet the standard and demand of free uniforms, the details are as follows.

● Before customizing the work clothes, confirm with you that the sewing of the work clothes should be the same, and the sewing material at the sewing position should maintain the spacing between the fabrics that are not explicitly related to the clothes.

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