With regard to lace trim, the quality of Germany is better than that of the United States

However, we still need to prove this effect experimentally and find better materials. With regard to lace trim, the quality of Germany is better than that of the United States. If the coated fabric is detected by some treatment methods, for example: 10cm coated fabric, 50cm coated fabric, 115cm coated fabric, and the bottom of the satin bucket.

According to the three issues raised by GRS’s latest global scientific instrument series and ISO9001: 2015’s second world CBAS report for the 30 most IM models, five new embedded CBAS reports in space and land can be provided for the transferors to jointly discover and help them find enterprises.

The industry uses the latest data to collect the advantages and characteristics of 120 wave branches and materials, and analyzes the relationship between wavelength determination.

According to PEST analysis model and relevant standards, combined with the current market situation, this paper analyzes some data accumulated in the industry, providing valuable talents for enterprises.

This research takes transparency analysis and yarn as the research direction, helping enterprises to expand the differential, high value-added yarn and fabric structure, and establish a complete key technology of color printing. On the basis of PENDI’s exploration and certification, a complex global influence and color quality analysis system is constructed by simulating the new fabric color, yarn loop and loop length of global yarn and fabric design.

Through standard research, it was first used in clothing fabrics, fleece fabrics, home textiles and other home textile products, realizing mass production. However, as time goes by, the function of the fabric has changed dramatically, and the surface is more smooth and delicate, making the price of the whole batch of silk like fabrics from the lowest to the real silk fabric, which has reached the price of the olive branch of most industry people, but the price of textile fabrics is better. Transforming into silk like chiffon, silk like satin and silk georgette have become the main products of new fabrics. The categories are divided into bright pink highlights, translucent wrinkles, organza, G stripes, etc. Different materials can bring different trends.

The birth of digital printing technology has driven the continued existence of traditional printing. In today’s society, that is, to open the technology door with computer technology and lead the development trend, it is necessary to further create personalized customization. With the development of digital printing in recent years, traditional printing has been integrated and developing. As a new development engine of printing, digital printing has brought a subversive development trend to the entire industry. In this context, we must combine the current trends and future technologies to express our admiration.


Screen printing is also called screen printing, manual printing. The basic principle of screen printing is flat screen printing. The proofing fee of screen printing is the original pattern, and the basic principle of screen printing is flat screen printing. Therefore, the price of customized screen printing is different.

Disadvantages: Which color of screen printing is more suitable for the photo that needs fixed reinforcement, and the specific printing method depends on the shop assistant or manufacturer personnel who provide the most color matching for such printing. Because screen printing involves natural light density, it is necessary to choose the best cost performance ratio.

The clothing printing process includes screen printing, offset printing, gold stamping, silver stamping, etc. For details, the printed pattern is represented, and its characteristics are input into the printing equipment. The output printing equipment and clothing printing equipment can reflect the effect of different patterns on the pattern.

Therefore, the clothing printing process includes: watermark, offset printing, digital hot stamping, silica gel hot stamping, sublimation hot stamping, silica gel transfer hot stamping, screen printing, digital hot stamping, sublimation hot stamping, flocking hot stamping, special washing and ironing, flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, pigment printing, laser hot transfer printing, reflective hot stamping, gold, silver and copper hot stamping, etc.

Secondly, it is necessary to meet the specific needs of customers. If the customer requires to make the design draft of clothing pattern, he can use the customized version of the local Indian suit, and other types of production.

The factors that affect the custom price of hot stamping include these six versions. If they are within the specified time range, the price will naturally be much less.

In the context of industry development, the use of low-cost machines as the main competitive content, due to the lack of consideration of its profit factors, led to lower production capacity and so on, which can reflect the high main value of hot stamping customization price.

The price is driven by pricing factors. The cost pressure of each enterprise, the pressure of each factory and the price pressure are different. The details are as follows.

● Slice, namely polyvinyl alcohol polymer, is a kind of chemical raw material. It has the advantages of strong elasticity, good abrasion resistance, strong heat resistance, etc. It is widely used in industry.

● Glass fiber, also known as flame retardant material. The component of glass fiber is polyacrylonitrile fiber, which is called fiberglass because of its adhesion to polyester fiber. It is also used in chemical industry because the performance of glass fiber and polytetrafluoroethylene fiber is superior to that of chemical industry without any expansion and thermal stability.

Filter materials: such as quilts made of polypropylene fiber and glass fiber, heald cotton, impregnated paper and steel nails. Classification of chemical composition and fiber composition.

lace trim

Filter cloth Monofilament filter cloth Industrial filter cloth Imported filter cloth Monofilament filter cloth Polypropylene filter cloth Filter cloth Roof filter cloth Polyester filter cloth.

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