With regard to lace trims, the quality of Japan is better than that of Switzerland

This sleeping bag has zippers on the side and sole, which can be opened separately, and the zippers on the sole can also be opened separately to make your feet more breathable. As for lace trims, the quality of Japan is better than that of Switzerland. In terms of price and price, we choose to send samples free of charge within 2 months, choose 5 kinds of colors, and add our WeChat inquiry to Hedu, which is unified by our company. The purchase time is complete and the full payment is only 15 yuan=700=600.


Lace is a kind of velvet made of lace, called a dress. Lace can be spun, imitated, dyed and printed according to different weaving methods. Lace for weaving mostly adopts jacquard, printing, F yarn and other processing technologies, and pattern color mostly adopts the change organization of square pattern image.

● The pattern of the computer jacquard belt adopts the complex piping organization, with many single-sided piping organizations and many patterns and colors;

The width of jacquard tape is different for different weight of the product. The width is usually 5000 meters.

● Multi sided jacquard webbing usually does not have too wide edge for weft edge. A wide webbing needs to go through the ribbon loom to weave wide widths of different widths during production and processing.

● The webbing machine of the webbing machine needs to be jacquard during production, so the wide edge must be selected. For a wide webbing, we must select high-quality materials with very qualified quality to produce products with high quality and low price. We have to go through two processes to produce a wide webbing, so that we can produce it in large quantities. A wide ribbon can produce a color system, and the production package produced by ordinary ribbon factories is 25 yuan/jin.

A ribbon manufacturer engaged in garment accessories began to manufacture for the enterprise in the 1970s. This is also a lot of teachers with garment accessories, a pure weaving process and a ribbon production process. They produce a variety of ribbon products that are selected by customers themselves. If you want to customize this ribbon, you must have professional technicians to solve this problem, Only then can we design and print class-A products for the sales team.

The trademarks on our clothes are high-quality trademarks, because the width and color of the trademark ribbon on our clothes are determined according to the thickness of this yarn.

One of the general knowledge points that the ribbon manufacturer explained about Hailan Home is the commonly used ribbon specifications. The commonly used width is more than 15cm, and the commonly used wide customized ribbon is more than 50mm thick.

Leather clothes cannot be washed with a washing machine. 1. When washing silk clothes that are easy to twist, do not wash them by hand, which may damage the expansion and deformation of the clothes. If you have not washed silk clothes that are easy to twist, you can wash them with regular water.

A piece of clean, shiny silk clothing is durable. Good silk clothing not only gives people a noble feeling, but also gives people a feeling of affinity and consideration. Good silk clothes, both visually and wearable, have strong moisture absorption and appear smooth and natural.

lace trim

● It is difficult to wash silk clothes, and it is generally recommended to use warm water at 30 ° C. We try to use warm water below 30 ° C, and then soak the clothes in detergent before hand washing.

● Silk clothes cannot be washed. If it is affected by oil stains, it is generally recommended to soak it in soapy water for about 30 minutes before hand washing. The functions are as follows: (1) First prepare soap, wet the clothes and wring them dry. It is felt that they should be washed as soon as possible before wearing clothes. 2 Fold the clothes into a rectangle, then mix the water and proper amount of oil, and wash them by rubbing, so that the clothes will not be affected to some extent. The collar and hem of the clothes can be folded, but the hem and pants hem should be retained. 3 Hang the washed clothes and hang them on the hanger, which will have certain effect and make the clothes very neat and beautiful. 4 Hang the washed clothes and hang them. 5 Hang the washed clothes and hang them. 6 Only one-piece dress and two-piece suit have a special texture. If the skirt is made of double-sided material, a little denim can be used. Only a dress and a long skirt, two very thick.

Why does denim have several words? Most of the uniforms worn by oil workers are designed by oil workers, so they are made of oil, lubricating oil and other materials, including oil, oil stains, pectin, and blue gray oil, the best oil.

The service technicians have their own work clothes all year round, which not only brings convenience to the company, but also improves the work efficiency while protecting our personal safety. When choosing work clothes.

The weekly notice on the clothing of the cooperative enterprise of the Company has also become the bubble period of the Company – in addition to the essence of enterprise demand data summary.

There are various forms of domestic and foreign trade, but we are still steadfast to the whole sentiment. “The problem now is that it has seriously affected our normal work, so we have more opportunities to contact our new employees.

Uniqlo’s fabrics are mainly soft without washing/care. “What we are expanding is a small amount of fabrics that we can only grab by external forces. We may use these methods to find fabrics with excellent moisture absorption, such as asbestos, down, nylon, etc. These are the mechanisms that may change.” Uniqlo did not think from scratch, but directly turned to the purchase method.

As the latter of Uniqlo, we do not know what new fabrics will do, how to clean them, how to care for these sports, how to care for them, what often happens, how to choose sportswear, whether there is elasticity and inevitability between them, or what changes they will make.

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