You will have a stable lace supplier who has 10-year experience in lace manufacture and QC team with over 15-year experience in textile checking.

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    You will enjoy fast delivery because we have most of the lace designs in stock and 100 tons monthly production capacity.

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We offer a large assortment of lace trim and excellent quality. Designers also collaborate with us, ordering the lace trim in small and medium wholesale. If you are interested in the opportunity to buy wholesale laces, contact us and we will offer you the best prices.

AmainLace – you can buy all types of lace fabric in on one place.

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You can find all these lace trim designs exclusively on Our AmainLace.com. Browse through our garment and processing accessories to find your preferred lace trims and get a hold of bargain deals from us. Our works had demonstrated the craftsmanship and realizations of any designers’ ideas. Find your ideal supplier now on our platform and wholesale lace trim designs today!

  1. 1
    Eyelash Lace Trim

    Eyelash lace trim is very popular these years, have about 1 cm eyelash in both side, no stretch and mostly 3 yards per piece. Eyelash lace trim is used in dress, wedding gowns, lingerie, home furnishing, DIY projects lace reels.

  2. 2
    Jacquard Tronic Lace Trim

    Jacquard tronic lace is a popular fabric known and revered for its delicate, lightweight material and distinctive weblike pattern. Many even consider this sheer fabric to be the epitome of elegance and style. This is one reason why it is commonly seen in all types of fashion apparel, from lace wedding dresses like long sleeve lace wedding dresses to lace lingerie and lace bras.

  3. 3
    Lace Trimming

    To add a finesse of delicate embellishment to an already beautiful garment, a lace trim or lace ribbon serves that purpose in giving that fine detail. Its elegant designs and fine embroidery makes it widely used in female dresses and children’s wear.

  4. 4
    Textronic Lace Trim

    Mix-and-match looks are also trending, like casual denim jeans paired with a chic lace crop top or a black leather jacket dramatically juxtaposed with a dainty textronic lace camisole. Quite a few people are wearing brightly colored lace as well. Fill your inventory with luxe lace designs, like fiery red lace underwear, head-turning lace bodysuits, and flattering plus size bodysuits to keep your customers happy.

  5. 5
    Cord lace fabric

    Cord lace fabrics makes fine designs and are often worn by children, adults, and children alike. Cord lace fabrics is a fabric made of cotton, silk, cotton, satin, and weave. Cord lace fabrics is available in a wide range of colors, shapes and widths. These laces are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

  6. 6
    Mesh Fabric

    You will find the right wholesale mech fabric for your customers without a problem. We have 100% polyester fabric for clothing, 100% polyester upholstery fabric, 100% microfiber polyester and more.


A huge selection of lace Trims online from Amain Lace

Lace is tender, feminine and original way. This openwork material can add distinctiveness to even the simplest thing.

Where lace trim is used

Lace trim is actual as a decor, when finishing women’s clothing. It will have a great look on an evening dress, delicate holiday dress, as well as stylish youth clothes.

When sewing underwear, it is difficult to do without lace. We have rare offers of lace for designers, allowing to implement the most non-standard ideas. One may also buy lace trims for finishing items: bed linen, tablecloths and interior details.

AmainLace – on our e-commerce platform to buy all types of lace fabric

It is made up of different materials ranging from cotton, polyester, nylon, and much more.

Cotton lace trim is made from one of the finest cotton fabrics and embroidery thread. Its delicate texture makes it friendly to the skin and decorative-friendly.

Tricot lace trim — made from polyester or nylon — is common in ladies’ garments. Its elastic material makes it stretchable, delicate, and breathable. Hence why it is commonly used in underwear.

Crochet lace trim is made up of cotton using crochet machines. Its cotton texture makes it another breathable and decorative wear to add to any clothing.

Chantilly lace trim has always been considered an attribute of fashionistas; at present, leading designers adorn dresses with them and use them for decorating things. The basis of the ornament is lattice. Due to various weaving density, decorative elements may be clearly traced on cloth. Initially, Chantilly lace was made from black threads, but now it is not limited to this color and lace has become more popular. Chantilly lace is used for sewing wedding dresses, evening dresses, corsets and women’s lingerie, accessories, bed linen, curtains and more.

Guipure lace trim has an airy, elegant, translucent fabric with an unusual pattern. Products from guipure looks refined and stylish.

Bridal lace trim consists of thin and lightweight fabric like mesh. Bridal trimmings are now widely used as decoratives in other clothing.

Special demand is the so-called 3D lace, with three-dimensional elements.


Quality assurance at every stage

We’re committed to providing the best quality assurance in the business. We employ highly skilled engineers to triple-check all of your files and parts during the quoting process and on the factory floor – ensuring that you’re happy with your results the first time, every time. Each product is under the whole-process controlled by the professional department,and the processes of placing orders, preparing goods and delivery are seamlessly connected, so as to provide you with the most satisfactory service with the most efficient team.

From prototype to production in days

At AmainLace, we know your time is valuable – and we’re passionate about helping you save more of it. When you upload your files, we’ll get you a quote within one business day – and our network of highly experienced partners will ensure the finished products are of the highest quality possible. Our self-developed APP “AMAIN LACE CHINA” guarantees the transaction of clients. More than 10 years experiences in lace fabrics market is trustworthy.

Leverage the expertise of our global partner network

We partner with 260+ highly vetted and experienced factory from 50+ different countries, so that you can benefit from more options, greater capabilities and the highest standards in the world – all from a single access point. After many years of deep cultivation in the domestic and foreign markets, we use advanced Internet technology to provide clients with high quality and nice price, high cost performance of one-handed spot wholesale, unified procurement, and worry-free after-sales.



By co-operating with AmainLace, you have selected one of the most reliable ISO 9001 certified Lace Trim factory, AmainLace is committed to enhance the Process optimized and quality of service, shorten lead time and assist in lowering inventory, by providing new products every year to bring in continuous and higher profits for our clients.