Textronic lace trim is made from the Karl Mayer Textronic machine; the design is thicker, seems to have a 3D effect, has good stretch, and is very popular in the Middle East market, like Turkey. Here you can find the nice designs we are running now.

  • Width: 15-20 cm
  • Composition: 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Color: as customer needs
  • Stock: available

With the slant for exquisite, consistent articles of clothing or close, consistent pieces of clothing proceeding to develop, machine builders such as Karl Mayer are endeavoring to fulfill the needs of originators in the design world.

In their interest in creating machines for creating consistent pieces of clothing or pieces of clothing with fewer creases, item engineers at Karl Mayer have been testing their multibar Textronic lace machine to deliver unmentionables that are nearly ready to wear from the machine (see picture right).

Karl Mayer claims that the TL 43/1/24, a multibar-Jacquard Raschel machine for the generation of high-quality flexible and inelastic laces, offers an expanded run of execution highlights when compared to the set-up TL 31/1/24 and TL 66/1/24 models. It claims that it empowers articles of clothing to be created proficiently, which require exceptionally small make-up.

Features of Textronic lace Trim

The key highlights of the concept are speeds of up to 600 rpm, depending on the lapping development and the yarns being prepared, and expanded designing alternatives, which are the result of having 14 design bars behind the drop plate and shog ways of up to 170 needles.

The Textronic lace machine can be utilized to precisely put little themes, and in the case of the bra inverse, it places little star designs on a sensitive, enhancing foundation. The minor, star-shaped designs are free-standing and, with their yellowish tones, shimmer alluringly against the texture. The bra-cups are designed in a wide but level, filigree-brought-forward plan. A fine yarn is handled in the design bars in front of the drop plate to create the level, cautious star pattern.

Process of Making Textronic lace Trim

Karl Mayer claims that the design bars can handle most sorts of yarn right now utilized in the unmentionables segment to create a wide range of distinctive designs, including fall-plate designs with long coasts. The yarns that are carried along and not consolidated gather when forming the forms of the bra or setting the stars and can effectively be clipped.

Garments with fewer creases on the TL 43/1/24 are the most recent endeavor by Karl Mayer to investigate the potential of raschel weaving for clothing fabrication. The advantage of the TL 43/1/24 is that it is capable of making exceptionally unpredictably designed lace textures with themes for unmentionables. If articles of clothing can be delivered with no or few creases, at that point, the concept has great potential in the underwear segment.

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New Fashion Popular Blue Underwear Sexy 21.5cm Wide Lace Trim Decoration

Article: AMLE00005

Width: 21.5cm

Repeat: 12.0cm

Color: Blue

Width 18cm Good Nylon Spandex Polyamine Lace Trim Fabric for Ladies Dresses

Article: AMLE00007

Width: 18.0cm

Repeat: 7.5cm

Color: Pink

Width 18.5CM New High Quality Elastic Lace Trim Fabric for Dubai Lace Suits

Article: AMLE00050

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 13.0cm

Color: White

Piglet Latticework and Scallops Stretch Lace Trim 25.4mm

Article: AMLK00001

Width: 24.5cm

Repeat: 3.5mm

Color: Pink

Purple Rose Floral Waves Stretch Lace Trim with Scalloped Edges – 75mm

Article: AMLK00002

Width: 75mm

Repeat: 3.5mm

Color: Purple Rose