Lace Trimming, mostly width 1–10 cm, has good stretch, and thousands of designs. We are keeping many designs in stock to meet customers’ urgent orders, and you are also welcome to send us the design to make new production.

  • Width: 1–10 cm
  • Composition: 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Color: as customer needs
  • Stock: available

Lace Trimming is a sort of openwork texture that is utilized for fragile adornment, not for partitioned articles of clothing. Long but limited, it takes after lace but comes in an endless assortment of widths, for the most part from 5 cm to 30 cm. A few lace trims are edged with eyelash scallops, and a few have sheer tulle ground.

Certain sorts are plain and downplayed; others shimmer with globules, sequins, and precious stones. lace trim looks great on a bridal dress and an essential T-shirt. Select and purchase a laceing trim online for your uncommon project!

Lace trim can elevate your favorite pieces of clothing and add pizzazz to the evening outfit you’re imagining. If you have an unclear idea of how to utilize it, take a look at a lace-trimmed tank top or a camisole. Lace-trimmed shorts or tights can make your outfit more feminine and flirty. Play it secure, like an Oscar de la Renta guipure lace-trimmed tweed dress. Or set out an Operator Provocateur kind of silk glossy silk robe with lace trim enhancement. You can indeed rehash Audrey Hepburn’s notorious dark-lace cover fromHow to Take a Million’!

Types of Lace Trimming

Lace trims are as assorted as lace itself. And of course, laceing trims are separated by sort. Let’s begin with the most prevalent ones:

Chantilly trims. Female and breezy, a Chantilly lace trim is ideal for any kind of clothing. Dark Chantilly lace trims are essentially made for silk unmentionables. White Chantilly lace trims can decorate a bridal shroud or a wedding outfit. Ruddy Chantilly lace trims are a go-to alternative for control pieces like a revealing evening dress.

Corded trims feature a botanical design or a bouquet theme, overlaid with coordinating or differentiating soutache cord. Corded lace trims are famous for their raised designs, which lend clothing a finished look.

Guipure trims are a sort of bobbin lace that consists of interconnected, raised components. They are, for the most part, utilized to wrap up skirts, bodices, or trains. Recognized by their thick layout, guipure lace trims look pleasant when combined with textures like glossy silk, tweed boucle, and cotton twill.

Embroidered trims won’t take you off unnoticed. Select from the hand-embroidered trims with bunches of glass globules, starting bugles, and Swarovski beads.

Lace Trimming is more often than not made of 100% cotton yarn. Their straightforward plans with a natural vibe will speak volumes about your style.

Exclusive trims are the crème de la crème of mold trims. The exceptionally best of hand-stitched weaved trims, eye-catching plans, faux hide, and trembling plumes.





European White Floral Chantilly Eyelash Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00011

Width: 16.5cm

Repeat: 14cm

Color: White

European White Floral Chantilly Eyelash Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00010

Width: 8.255cm

Repeat: 17.78cm

Color: White

European Black and Metallic Silver Chantilly Eyelash Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00009

Width: 8.255cm

Repeat: 9.22cm

Color: Black/Silver/Meteorite

Black and Metallic Silver Floral Chantilly Lace Trim with Eyelash Fringe

Article: AMLK00008

Width: 8.255cm

Repeat: 10.5cm

Color: Black, Silver

White Alyssum Floral Zig Zag Chantilly Lace Trim with Eyelash Fringe

Article: AMLK00007

Width: 21.59cm

Repeat: 14cm

Color: White Alyssum

White Alyssum Floral and Paisley Chantilly Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00006

Width: 30.48cm

Repeat: 16.5cm

Color: White Alyssum