Our Team

Dr. Donna Doe
Sewing Production
Donna Doe’s current role is to fulfil sample requests, restock samples and ensure a smooth customer experience with their sampling requirements. 
Dr. Frank Foe
Whatever your lace and fabric requirements, we’re sure Frank Foe and the team can find a solution for you. Their engagement levels towards the work are really professional. All the best!
Dr. Harry Hoe
IT Engineer
We got our website developed by the IT services team and we are much satisfied with their work. The final website was very close to our expectations. Their rates ae affordable too.
Dr. Jane Doe
Post-sales Service
Jane is responsible for helping customers over the internet and phone; processing both orders and sample requests; amending stock levels and booking in deliveries
Dr. John Doe
Product Design and Development
When designing lace trim, it is important to consider the type of fabric, the size of the trim, and the color. By taking these factors into consideration, it is possible to create a beautiful and unique trim that will add a decorative touch to any garment or item.
Dr. Paula Poe
Sales and Marketing Manager
Paula Poe also shares regular newsletters and manages our social channels such as Facebook and Instagram. If you have a lace or fabric requirement, drop Paula Poe a line and see if she can help.