Lace Fabrics

Fabric lace trim is a delicate, weblike fabric that is commonly used to accentuate or decorate garments, upholstery, and homewares. Lace has been associated with sensuality and beauty for centuries and is still a popular textile for accents on upholstery and other forms of home decor.

Fashion Lace Fabrics

Lace fabrics adds classic, beautiful detailing to apparel or any other sewing project. Lace fabric is known for its artistic appeal, romantic appearance, and delicate craftsmanship. This luxurious textile is versatile, lightweight, and absolutely stunning.

Enhance any outfit, update a throw pillow, or create a charming headband, to name just a few of the ventures you can explore when it comes to lace. Our selection of lace fabrics offers something for everyone. Discover different types of lace like crochet, finished edge, and stretch lace.

Lace fabric is versatile and can be used for a variety of fashionable apparel and lavish décor. Use lace fabric to sew decorative trim on wedding dresses or other formal garments. Blouses, undergarments, or appliques can also be made with lace fabric. Additionally, lace fabric can be used to craft décor projects like table runners, decorative pillows, and curtains.

Home Decor Lace Fabric by the Yard

Home Decor Lace Fabric is a wide range of fabrics that are designed to improve your living space with functionality and aesthetic appeal. These fabrics can be made from a variety of materials including cotton, linen or silk. They are also available in different weaves and finishes, which offer a range of textures and durability.

Our range of fabrics is perfect for those who are just starting out in home decor. They can be used to create simple projects such as creating pillows, curtain panels or covering lampshades. Interior Design professionals can create customized furnishings such as elegant drapery or Burlap wallhangings for residential and commercial spaces.

The sheer diversity of Home Decor Lace Fabric encourages an imaginative spirit, inviting you to discover novel combinations of texture, color, and pattern in your design journey. Home Decor Lace Fabric will inspire you to be creative, whether it’s your first project or you are an experienced pro. Start exploring today, and don’t forget that you can conveniently buy by the yard.

  • Width: 1-10 cm
  • Composition: 90% nylon 10% spandex
  • Color: as customer need
  • Stock: available

No matter what type of fabric lace trim you love, we have gorgeous options for those who enjoy a touch of elegance. Check out our selection below to find your perfect match.

What is a lace fabric?

Lace fabric is a sheer, elegant fabric with open, webbed patterns, some having intricately designed scalloped edges. Woven, knit, or crocheted, lace fabrics can be manufactured or blended with any fiber, such as cotton, silk, or polyester. Lace fabric is sometimes embroidered with decorative sequins, beads, or other accessories.

Because lace fabrics can be made in so many different ways, there are many different types of lace fabric like French-styled guipure lace, hand-made beaded bridal lace, and form-fitting stretch lace to name a few examples. Lace fabric is available in a variety of colors and designs, such as floral and geometric patterns.


How Lace Fabric is Made

Nowadays, textile manufacturers sometimes use man-made fibers to create lace fabric. The most common synthetic fiber is polyester, which comes from petroleum and is made using special chemicals. Another synthetic fiber called rayon, and its variations, is made from wood pulp.

Once the manufacturers have the right kind of thread or yarn, they typically make lace in three main ways: bobbin lace, needle lace, or chemical lace. Each of these techniques has different variations, and there are also several other types of lace out there.


Characteristics of Lace Fabric

Lace fabric is known for its delicate and intricate patterns that are created by the weaving or knotting of threads. It is a lightweight and transparent fabric that is perfect for creating a variety of garments and home decor items. Lace fabric can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, silk, linen, or synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon.

Lace fabric is also known for its softness and breathability, which makes it a popular choice for summer clothing. The delicate nature of lace fabric makes it easy to tear or snag, so it requires special care when handling and washing.








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European White Floral Chantilly Eyelash Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00011

Width: 16.5cm

Repeat: 14cm

Color: White

European White Floral Chantilly Eyelash Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00010

Width: 8.255cm

Repeat: 17.78cm

Color: White

European Black and Metallic Silver Chantilly Eyelash Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00009

Width: 8.255cm

Repeat: 9.22cm

Color: Black/Silver/Meteorite

Black and Metallic Silver Floral Chantilly Lace Trim with Eyelash Fringe

Article: AMLK00008

Width: 8.255cm

Repeat: 10.5cm

Color: Black, Silver

White Alyssum Floral Zig Zag Chantilly Lace Trim with Eyelash Fringe

Article: AMLK00007

Width: 21.59cm

Repeat: 14cm

Color: White Alyssum

White Alyssum Floral and Paisley Chantilly Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00006

Width: 30.48cm

Repeat: 16.5cm

Color: White Alyssum

Blanc de Blanc Floral Chantilly Lace Trim with Eyelash Fringe

Article: AMLK00005

Width: 25.4cm

Repeat: 14.3cm

Color: Blanc de Blanc

White Floral Re-Embroidered Chantilly Lace Trim with Eyelash Fringe

Article: AMLK00004

Width: 22.22cm

Repeat: 14.6cm

Color: White

Off White and Metallic Silver Floral and Scalloped Edge Corded Bridal Lace Trim

Article: AMLK00003

Width: 8.89cm

Repeat: 7.6cm

Color: White

Purple Rose Floral Waves Stretch Lace Trim with Scalloped Edges – 75mm

Article: AMLK00002

Width: 75mm

Repeat: 3.5mm

Color: Purple Rose

Piglet Latticework and Scallops Stretch Lace Trim 25.4mm

Article: AMLK00001

Width: 24.5cm

Repeat: 3.5mm

Color: Pink

Width 17.5cm Pakistani Bridal Dress Lace Trim Two Tone Color Material

Article: AMLE00072

Width: 17.5cm

Repeat: 7.5cm

Color: White

Width 19cm New Stretch Gold Thread Lace Trim Fashion Skin Sexy Lace

Article: AMLE00071

Width: 19.0cm

Repeat: 11.5cm

Color: White&Black

Width 17.5cm Lingerie Knitted Spandex Nylon 3D Brown Flower Lace Trim

Article: AMLE00070

Width: 17.5cm

Repeat: 7.0cm

Color: White

Width 18.5cm Knitting Lace Trim Fashion Design for Underwear Cloth

Article: AMLE00069

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 9.5cm

Color: White

Width 18.5cm Lace Trim Accessories Soft Elastic for Decorative Lace Skirt Side

Article: AMLE00068

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 8.0cm

Color: White

Width 19cm Stretch Lace Knitting Elegant Lace Trim Elastic Fabric for Lingerie

Article: AMLE00067

Width: 19.0cm

Repeat: 9.0cm

Color: White

18.5cm Custom Colorful Flower Border Lace Trim for Skirt Hem Decoration

Article: AMLE00066

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 10.0cm

Color: White

Shop by the yard for lace fabrics or panels! There are plenty of fabrics to choose from, whether you want something traditional like floral lace or something more modern like animal print lace or metallic lace. AMAIN Fabrics allows you to filter your search by the qualities of lace fabrics that you are looking for.

Supplies You Need with Lace Fabric

Lace fabric is intricate yet simple when it comes to sewing. You’ll need your basics, including:

  • Pins: Since lace is so delicate, we recommend working with fine silk pins to avoid creating unnecessary snags.
  • Sewing needles: You’ll want a sharp needle, a ballpoint needle (if working with stretch lace), and an embroidery needle if you’re adding any detailing to your lace fabric.
  • Thread: Cotton thread will work well with most lace. If you’re working on a high-end lace project, consider silk thread.
  • Scissors: You’ll need sharp sewing scissors to cut your lace evenly.
  • Seam ripper: As with any sewing project, a seam ripper comes in handy to retrace your steps when necessary.
  • Lining fabric: Depending on your project, you may be adding a lining to your lace.

Check out sewing patterns that are perfect for lace fabric to find out more about what notions you’ll need.

Lace Fabric Alternatives

Not sure if lace fabric is right for you? If nothing is catching your eye, consider alternatives like eyelet fabric and net fabric, which is more loosely woven than lace, offering exceptional breathability and a bolder look.

Pairing lace with other fabrics? Match heavier lace with heavier fabrics, like satin or taffeta. Lighter lace goes great with silk or crepe materials. Consider browsing appliqués to add another layer to your lace. No matter what you’re making, we know it’s going to look amazing with whatever lace fabric you choose!

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