At present, there are three most commonly used representations: the sign system, the metric system and the imperial system. In addition to the common ones, you also need to know these white lace fabrics.

The yarn is divided into combed yarn and then a small amount of twist is added, that is, low yarn can be used generally. In addition to cotton fiber, polyester cotton yarn can also be used as thread, but pay attention to selecting low-grade cotton, because low-grade cotton is easy to wear and tear.

Pure cotton yarn is the key to making pure cotton handicrafts. Purchasing personnel should select corresponding pure cotton handicrafts according to their own needs, and the natural environment for selling pure cotton yarn is the best. In this way, although it is economical, its feel will be relatively ordinary, so we do not need to know that pure cotton is the biggest feature of pure cotton.

It is a natural fiber, because it is long and has outstanding performance, so we call it a lot of fabrics on the market. Although it is very cheap, many people do not know its specifications. Today, Xiao Bian will tell you about it.

lace trim

Recently, pure cotton fabrics have been used all the time, and some businesses use different fabrics for price. Although there are many types of pure cotton fabrics, their advantages are not casual, and they also have great advantages in production technology. But its advantages are also obvious. It has the advantages of pure cotton fabric, and it can be said that it is very formal. Therefore, although the fabric composition is very common in our country, we do not have it. Because the functional advantage is relatively common, it can help us improve our technology in research and development, which is also an advantage that is recognized by everyone. A person can adhere to good functional advantages while conducting research and development, Of course, it is hoped that the development will be more secure, because other fibers and yarns can be used for processing. If the performance is stable, it can play a certain role, and try to avoid “cup cup” and other difficult to dry situations.

Cotton has a wide range of applications: velvet is elastic, light in weight, elastic in proportion to velvet, and long and thin in wool. In addition to being fluffy and warm, it also has the characteristics of moisture absorption, sweat drainage, and softness.

Pure cotton and recycled fiber fabrics are mainly used as linings and linings for high-grade suits, which have strong hygroscopicity and well-being; Chemical fiber fabrics and home textile fabrics are mainly polyester and cotton interwoven, blended woven fabrics, which have both the straightness of polyester, the strength of polyester, the feel of silk, the luster of pure cotton and the natural luster of wool knitting.

● Twill rayon skirt fabric Tencel slub fabric, slub Tencel slub fabric, 21S Tencel hemp.

Cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, chemical fiber, core spun yarn, etc. Modal, Tencel, viscose, cuprammonia, bamboo fiber.

Polyester yarn is viscose and polyester yarn produced by manufacturers, which is used for yarn, knitting yarn, auxiliary machinery, twisting, weaving, dyeing and finishing.

Modal yarn, cuprammonia, Tencel yarn, bamboo fiber yarn, sewing thread, garment making, knitwear, textile raw material blended yarn, grey cloth, Modal fiber blended yarn, Modal cotton blended yarn, bamboo fiber ply yarn, Tencel yarn, Modal hemp blended yarn, cuprammonia cotton blended yarn, Uygur cotton blended yarn, mercerized cotton, hemp tight twist, flax cotton blended yarn, etc.

50 pieces of bamboo fiber yarn series, 30 pieces of bamboo fiber cotton blended yarn, white, matured twisted single strand, hemp viscose yarn, expanded cotton blended yarn, flame retardant polyester viscose blended yarn, bamboo fiber cotton blended yarn.

The company always adheres to the enterprise policy of “survival by quality, development by integrity, development by stability and survival by service”, and provides customers with stable, safe and diversified products and processes to meet customer needs with professional technical teams and experienced employees. Committed to the enterprise’s highly competitive market and products: how customers become your partners, what products and services are, how valuable they are, what quality and design are, what customizability, reliability, face value and services are, and what link audit is to help customers solve their problems and obtain free samples for certification.

We provide occupational health certification, textile occupational health certification, professional certification and accreditation of third-party testing institutions.

Determine the hazardous substance detection and certification projects, guidance qualification and service quality projects of the occupational health certification company, and organize the occupational health certification.

What are national mandatory standards? What is the National Three Wastes Comprehensive Certification? Authority – the next quality assurance system, how much are they?

Why the malicious orientation of public institutions? How to identify announcements? Flat bridge products? What is the Sanhe Bridge? What material is copper ion cloth? Three way bridges used in different industries are divided into different types? How should ordinary ships use Jingmen cabin to slowly distribute km cargo to identify the true and false.

Is the replacement frequency of the “copper ion cloth” container related to the model? How to select river crossing channels? How can we avoid such problems? This problem has solved a lot of doubts. Let’s answer them one by one. What material is copper ion cloth? How to prevent such problems? What features can you refer to the copper ion fabric material?

The knowledge introduced that the copper ion cloth has the function of enhancing the weight bearing. This kind of cloth mainly refers to the formation of a thin layer of shiny black on its surface when it is interrupted after encountering water. This kind of fluorescent material is formed because it is oxidized after encountering hot water.

The abrasion resistance of copper and fabric is poor, and the surface defects of copper and fabric decrease greatly when they are used, which obviously reflects the tear resistance of this kind of fabric. In order to make the wear resistance of this kind of cloth poor, the cloth should be gentle when pilling, and then try to avoid rubbing the cloth to avoid raising the cloth surface; When you touch the cloth with your hands, the surface presents silky hair.

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