Width 18.5cm Knitting Lace Trim Fashion Design for Underwear Cloth

01 Overview

1 Article : AMLE00069 Color : White
2 Width : 18.5cm Repeat : 9.5cm
3 Style : Guipure Pattern : Floral
4 Min. Order : 2 yards
  • Graphic Customization (Min. order 10000 yards)
  • Customized Logo (Min. order 100 yards)
  • Customized Packaging (Min. order 100 yards)

02 Design

This Stength Elastic Lace comes in width: 18.5cm.

Make your own lace embellishments and accessories!

Soft and stretchy!

Popular shabby chic elastic lace in a wide 18.5cm width and a large assortment of modern and vintage color options. Elastic lace is perfect for creating your own custom boutique-style headbands made to the exact size that you need! This soft material is wonderful against infants’ delicate skin! Also great for hair-ties, sewing, and so much more!

Sold per meters (100 cm x 18.5 cm or 1.0936 x 0.2024 yard)
Lace edge: both side
Composition: 90% polyester, 10% Spandex

03 Questions & Answers

  1. What is clothing?

    Clothing (apparel, cloths, garment) is known as clothing for men, women, children and babies. It can be divided into mass-produced ready-to-wear (commonly known as ready-to-wear or ready-made-garment in English) and custom-made clothes (haute couture).

  2. What are the materials of clothing?

    The material of clothing includes two parts: main material (fabric) and auxiliary material (trimmings ), such as interlining, lining, padding, zipper, button, ribbon, lace, and so on.

  3. What are home and furniture textiles?

    Fibers, yarns, fabrics and finished products used in home life are considered home furnishing textiles. There are many kinds of home textile end products, such as curtains, carpets, quilts, bed sheets, pillows, pillowcases, mattresses, or mosquito nets with lace.

  4. What are gray, grey, griege or griege fabrics?

    Fabric that has not been scouring, bleaching and finishing can be called griege. Simply put, as long as it is just woven, before any further processing, it can be called griege.

  5. What is scouring?

    The process of removing oil, sizing agent, thickening material, dust etc. from fabrics during spinning and weaving by water and other solvents or souring agents. If the fabric is not scoured, it will hinder the penetration of dyes, treatment agents or water, resulting in uneven dye absorption, which will reduce the color fastness and even cause speckiness.

  6. What is bleaching?

    It is the process of using bleach to remove undesirable pigments in fibers or fabrics. It is an important preparation before dyeing.

  7. What is dyeing?

    After the fabric is pre-treated (desizing, scouring, bleaching), it interacts with dyes, assistants and water at a certain temperature and time, so that the dyes can be moved to the fibers in the fabric. As long as the equilibrium state is reached, the dye will be fixed in the fiber, that is, it has a certain color fastness and is not easy to fade (color fading). However, because the chemical composition and structure of different fibers are different, if a certain dye is used, different fibers will show different coloring effects.

04 Technology

1 Article : AMLE00069 Fabric Type : Voile
2 Repeat : 9.5cm Width : 18.5cm
3 Style : Guipure Pattern : Floral
4 Colors : White Quality : A Grade
5 Technics : Knitted Feature : Sustainable
6 出码率 : 47.34 Y/kg Weight : 19.01 g/Y
7 Composition : 90% Polyester + 10% Spandex Certification : OEKO-TEXT

Care instructions:



* Please note that color in reality can be different from the color on the screen!

What are the diverse types of lacing fabric?

There are a few sorts of places. They run in color and in development, based on where the China Knitting Lace Trim is made. The styles of lace are classified depending on their fabrication preparation. These include:

Knitted lace: lace so fine that it can be pulled through something as small as a wedding ring (subsequently “wedding ring shawl”).

Tape lace: It makes the tape in the lace as it is worked; it can be made by machine or hand. This is, at that point, joined and decorated with needle or bobbin lace.

A bobbin lace is a lace made with bobbins and a pad. Chantilly lace is a shape of bobbin lace.

Needle lace: China Knitting Lace Trim made utilizing a needle and string. Seen as the most noteworthy frame of lace-making

Crochet lacing was initially considered one of the most straightforward to make.

Use of China Knitting Lace Trim

Lace is an enhancing texture that has an assortment of uses throughout the home and in fashion.

Lace trim: lace is regularly utilized as trim for pieces of clothing or domestic decorations, such as towels and shades. It gives an embellishing impact to the item.

Lace collars and shawls: The open weave of lace was well known for regal collars in the 16th century, and its enhancing nature also made shawls or scarves an adornment or ornament.

Window ornaments and wraps: In spite of the fact that lace window medications may not give protection or obscurity, they can upgrade the taste of the whole space.

Bridal wear: lace is a normal adornment for bridal wear, primarily utilized for wedding dresses and cloaks. Since laceing is straightforward, it is regularly secured with dark textures, such as silk or glossy silk, to enhance its excellent patterns.

Underwear: Lace is prevalent for beautifying unmentionables. It is frequently utilized in conjunction with another fabric, such as silk, but can also be utilized alone. Amainlace is the best knitting lace trim factory in China.

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