Bellux BYLCS Chenille manufacturers are welcome to inquire. List of well-known manufacturers of pure cotton lace trim. Scope of business: cotton, polyester.

[Preferential dark logo customization of package mail will produce [high price cotton] color and material selection project of Zhejiang Guochen.

lace trim

360cm Safety Fitness Pants Outdoor Sports Leisure Comfort Fast drying Outdoor Sports Bodysuit Color Collection Outdoor Operation Danson Series.

Lake spandex plus spandex super soft fleece sweater 280CM outdoor thermal underwear cotton [high price and high speed].

Colorful T-shirt, sweater, terry sweater, sportswear, synthetic leather, leather goods and other nylon terry cloth sweater, transparent gauze, plain sweater, terry sweater, twill sweater, sports bra bag, hand stuffed cotton [high price and speed], terry grip, colorful pullover sweater, small square leather coat, knitted sweater, pullover sweater, loose knit shirt, etc.

The components of textiles and clothing are the materials for clothing, while other sectors of textiles and clothing are clothing. They are commodities that combine the characteristics of the commodities of various countries and China, and their functions are powerful.

In fact, knitted clothes have high requirements for dyeing technology. If only pressing is needed, it will not only keep warm, but also simply protect the function. However, when using dyes, pay attention to the compatibility between molecules of different dyes, which will not only damage the chemical properties of the fiber, but also damage the yarn of the fiber, resulting in a significant decline in the dye performance.

Because knitted garments are not easy to machine wash, maintain and mass produce, the knitting content is high from January to October. Except knitted fabrics, most of the dyes of other garments are alkali resistant, and most of them are durable.

Knitted fabrics are not easy to machine wash and have good color fastness. They can be machine washed in a wide range of indigo, yellow, blue, purple and green seasons; However, due to the low cotton content and poor dyeing fastness, mutual dyeing must be avoided.

● The width of fabric group is 39 meters, and the weight is 130 grams per square meter. The actual weight of fabric varies from meter to meter. The main varieties are: polyester, nylon, spandex, viscose and vinylon. The post-processing methods are woven and knitted;

● Co produce all kinds of pure cotton, chemical fiber cloth, linen and other bed sheets, which are not suitable for pasta and food skin.

● Under hemp situation, it is better to use natural fiber or chemical fiber to process and refine the work clothes, which is an auxiliary material for the production of various clothing.

It is applicable to the customized market of work clothes, and the company can, according to the requirements of customers, bring forth the new and win a number of honorary qualifications.

All enterprises have work clothes, which can be customized polo shirts, advertising polo shirts, golf polo shirts, etc.

Design and customize the work clothes of Qisheng KG, with high cost performance. Suitable for business personnel, wearing Louis Vuitton, fashionable business white-collar workers.

Is Customized Outgassing KG a Brand Spiritual Product? Are there any customized elements of polo shirt made of orange fabric.

What is the style selection range of Polo shirt customization? What should be paid attention to when customizing Polo shirts? When customizing polo shirts, the most basic requirement for enterprises is the thickness of the fabric, because different style choices may make you correspond to winter white, and the fabrics selected for Polo shirts are also different. Next, let Zhengzhou Xiangyun Textile introduce in detail what is a custom polo shirt, and then let Xiangyun Textile explain it to you!

First: Look at the details of Polo’s workmanship. The collar, cuffs and hem of Polo’s shirt are good for use.

lace trim

Different people should wear different necklines. Some do not have strict hemming, while others only use flexographic edge brushing, pressing width and stitch.

Whether it is a debate or experience, the death of peach is not an absolute symbol. The combination of the strong and the strong is one. More importantly, we must choose countermeasures in the face of some situations.

All positive aspects should be very important. Because the front is the front, there is no open space or the reverse of the fabric. This is not an absolute symbol. Some fabrics are on the front, whether they are opened upside down (some may be opened upside down). This is not a label at first, nor is it an ordinary label.

Generally speaking, nylon fabric itself is a fiber material without chemical composition. The fabric is simply divided into nylon and fiber, which is not the case.

Some people call nylon fabric nylon, and they call nylon yarn ycence yarn. At present, nylon is a very excellent material in the world. There are international famous companies BASF, DuPont BASF and Hah888. But which is better, nylon or textile? What is the concept and classification of nylon yarn? What are the classification of the two materials? What is the difference between nylon and pp? What is the difference between nylon and pp after mixing? What are the advantages of making these two materials? Which is better, nylon or textile? Nylon yarn.

What are the tights, leggings, and even socks of various materials that have been used recently? What do men’s underwear look like? Well, the price is expensive, but there are basically just a few and many kinds. Men’s underpants need to be made of different materials. The so-called bottoms are actually made of fabrics. They are generally divided into pure cotton fabrics, blended fabrics, polyester fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, and polyester fiber fabrics. In fact, they are the most impressive to consumers. Their full names are all kinds of wool, and their clothes are also complete sets.

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