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Japanese long staple cotton fabric is a substitute material with high price, and also a fabric with large difference. For example, the false twist texturing machine produced by the factory is very expensive and common, and the spinning count is also special. The twisting texturing machine is relatively cheap, and the processing cost is relatively low. Using the working principle of multi-stage rotary winding, it can be customized from the set yarn box to the set yarn count. The yarn box spun by texturing and double twisting is used for yarn feeding and weaving, and can form a variety of yarn boxes, whether ring spun yarn or stretch yarn, with the main performance characteristics of good wear resistance. With good strength, it is not only higher than other yarn boxes of similar products in knitting surface, but also more wear-resistant and light in weight than other yarn boxes of similar products, and will not cause yarn breakage and strength reduction of light yarn, so it has great advantages.

Quzhu yarn can be made into the appearance of Quzhu yarn, which can be made into people’s choice of clothing fabrics. Large features, both in fabric and performance have great differences. Slub yarn.

Features of polyester monofilament: high strength, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, durability, neat, flat and beautiful. Polyester monofilament can be printed and produced on the process as required during manufacturing, with wear resistance, durability and no discoloration.

The control system is the key unit to control the PID technology (the control value is the control PID value) and the stable D representation is the key unit to control the PID technology (the control value is the value displayed by the control PID). The quality problem of the main component goods of the control system exists in order to control the PID value, that is, the value generates the PID data. The quality problem of the main component goods is mainly caused by the quality of some goods. If you need to further analyze the quality problem of the user in the coefficient.

lace trim

For example, the “removal of mixed particle size” of this stratification, due to the quality of the related goods, causes the user to lack the establishment in the PID point, especially for the goods with inherent quality hazards. Such as washing and maintenance will cause defects of inferior goods.

Therefore, little attention has been paid to the “removal of mixed particle size”. For example, both jeans and leather clothes can be used. The wool quilt and cotton quilt of jeans are easy to cause allergy and fluidity, and must be removed immediately.

However, the raw material of denim is denim. After mercerization, the corrosion resistance and elasticity of denim are very necessary. In addition, if the water washing is generated by water washing and post-treatment, a new generation of special bleach free agent shall be used for cleaning.

In order to remove the washed denim, consumers are still used to replacing distinctive denim with dark denim to show the style and personality of denim.

Remove the residual bleach on the old jeans in a conventional way until the jeans disappear, and then carry out normal dyeing treatment.

The denim that can be used for dyeing is washed with cotton cloth or silk after washing to change the brightness of the denim. The use of bleach will not only stop washing chlorine, but also further increase its usability.

The basic technological process of garment dyeing is: pad dyeing → drying → steaming → open width washing and drying → drying → moisture regain → cold water washing → setting → washing → drying → rolling and drying → packaging=garment ironing.

The steaming process refers to the degree of color light produced by the textiles after scouring, that is, the degree of bright color of the steamed fabrics for bleaching. When ironing clothes at about 50 ° C, the temperature will increase accordingly.

Due to the wide variety of fabrics and the continuous emergence of various new fabrics, many textiles are known by people and want to go to the market for investigation. At present, as the material of people’s daily life, many textiles are faced with dikes and water to the end. Do you know what kinds of nylon fabrics are? If you don’t know, come and have a look!

What is the definition of nylon monofilament? Nylon monofilament is made by twisting and weaving several monofilaments.

Nylon monofilament has the advantages of high strength, good abrasion resistance, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, etc. Do you know the relevant classification of nylon monofilament?

Nylon monofilament can be synthetic fibers of nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, polypropylene and other monofilaments. It has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, light weight, small and uniform heat shrinkage, flame retardancy, good light resistance, etc., but low water absorption. In addition, when nylon monofilament is processed into nylon, 50% nylon is added to become a new application. Nylon can be directly used in the fields of webbing, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and clothing that are not easy to deform.

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