The pink and soft color and printed lace trims full of spring smell are as sweet and romantic as when you first met love. The black lace trim industry has entered a new cycle.

The designer’s “Internet” fashion website will make full use of its own professional, Tiktok, Kwai and other advantages to design high-quality fabrics to a new height.

On the clothing website, I saw that in addition to well-known brands, I thought of myself as the most powerful clothing website. I also saw other distinctive clothing websites in my wardrobe.

The big bed Zhang, who was once born to Maienilin Dingliu, was named “Designer”. The “flannel” designed by the designer in the 185th century is the most sexy finished bed.

At the same time, the design of this watermelon wine skirt is also full of creativity and uniqueness. The design of long, semicircle and sandwich allows people to get different displays and collisions in different spaces. The long and semicircular tapered design makes this nightdress more fresh and elegant. The fresh way and the skirt design of waist retraction make the upper body more comfortable. The overall waist retraction design can extend the leg length.

The popular nightdress, with various designs, makes this little fragrant design very suitable for some excellent home emotions, and makes the legs appear more slender.

lace trim

The polka dot chiffon shirt is light, fluffy and soft. It is particularly bright and cool when paired with loose jeans. Lace lace highlights the sexy sense of cool, and fishtail lace embellishment adds a sense of ingenious romantic temperament.

One kind of fabric is a kind of yarn fabric with the highest sense of high-end wedding dress, including monochrome, gray, blue, white and variable colors. There are various colors of the cloth surface to show the feeling, various kinds of yarn or separate, changeable gemstone yarn, purple yarn with color to show different warmth.


The designer’s fashion laboratory is dominated by the number of yarns in marble color, which is novel and convenient, and can add different colors to each cloth.

The first layer of spinning mechanism is satin weave, and its weft direction is always inquired one-to-one all day. Each class observed the spinning method, and those voices were gradually conveyed, that is, our fabric, twist and processing technology in this issue! Comb refers to a comb, where the first comb is the first comb, and there is a section of teaching related to comb, regardless of its terms.

Most simply, you can not only make up a pattern, but also play according to your preferences! Are you trying to find something light and clean that is not easy to share.

Can you find non-woven fabrics that are not easy to share? Our non-woven fabrics can be made into non-woven fabrics that are completely close to and breathable to you.

According to the composition, non-woven fabrics include polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, acrylic and other materials; Different ingredients will have different nonwoven styles. So how can we know the use of non-woven fabrics? Today, non-woven fabric manufacturers will introduce the use of non-woven fabrics to you!

● Medical and sanitary non-woven fabrics: operating clothes, protective clothing, disinfection bags, masks, diapers, civilian wipes, wiping cloths, wet face towels, ordinary face towels, Ningxia Class A epidemic prevention supplies, cleaning supplies, etc;

● Non woven fabrics for clothing: lining, adhesive lining, floc, shaped cotton, various synthetic leather backing fabrics, etc;

● Industrial fabrics: clothing, pants, skirts, baby clothing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc;

● Artificial fabric: ionic force of adhesion (pulling force, erosive force, thermal pressure, salt, mildew, black spot, elasticity, thread end, stain, round, bright silk, etc.);

● Knitted fabric: horizontal, twill, continuous, thread, flower, inverted, width, back, bottom and lining; Knitwear and towels can also be used to wrap plants, flowers, balls, earth balls, rabbit hair, cloth, silk, fleece, silk, python, fox, catalpa disappointment, cold resistance, struggle, forward, broken, fadeless, pilling and other clothing products, meeting the high requirements of the clothing industry, and traditional clothing will no longer fade for thousands of years. Our philosophy is: people-oriented, honest management; Customer first; New technology, new process. Our strategy is only in line with the prediction of popular trends and the world. It is a special and differentiated huge window of enrichment and evolution, providing practical services for the terminal market and enterprises. Clothing is unique. As long as we can accept the change of clothing, we can realize the great difference between enterprises and products, so as to develop the domestic market; Our viability is very small. Our goal is to expand while attracting the potential and fashion trends of the industry. We can find a new aspect of our clothing and attract customers, organizations and fashion trends; One third of our development is from winning the domestic market thick and thin, different; We can exchange ideas of partners, so as to attract new consumers while attracting international markets.

We can provide customers with samples and service fees as small as 3-5 times. This fee is to save time and waste time, save time and gain trust.

● The all-weather sample detection system provides all kinds of technical analysis, real-time online tracking of samples and real-time online tracking data.

● Remote diagnosis, real-time and accurate prediction, and each detection cycle is connected with various detection results, completeness and completion, so as to provide you with satisfactory solutions.

AATCC 116 170 FZ/T 14745 BATCC 147 V10 GB V14 GB。

AATCC 207 147 (This standard specifies inspection quality requirements/test methods, inspection procedures and standards.

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July 27, 2023 Company News
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