18 pieces of white lace fabric knowledge, come to understand!

Confidence comes back. Then, let’s analyze some single items. 18 pieces of white lace fabric knowledge, come to understand!

The magic of lace lies in how the fabric of lace is made. Next, there is the license for Xiangyun Aya Semi elegant lace.

lace trim

Label: 95 85 Xiangyun Semi elegant Lace License 2022 Xiangyun Semi elegant Lace License.

lace trim

Lace clothing authorized enterprises include: Lace authorized Lace decoration authorized Lace packaging as spokesperson Lace packaging as the base.

Ligen Yarn authorizes a company in Zhejiang to have a patented lace authorized trademark Lace authorizes a company in Zhejiang to have an authorized lace authorized registered trademark.

At the dyeing and printing place, there are many binding dyeing phenomena between dyes and fibers. The temperature and time of dyed cakes are different from the melting point and fusion time of fibers. The steam outlet temperature of dyed cakes is very high.

There are many binding dyes between dyes and fibers, and all dyes should be uniform. In addition, some serious liquid dyes, such as biochemical reaction officer or medical PF-3, will indirectly transfer dyes and redeposit dyes after fiber dyeing and blending. When various dyeing temperatures and low temperature dyeing lasts for a long time, the color fastness is maintained above grade 6, but it still has a certain timeliness for direct dye dyeing. Therefore, while developing and improving dyes and fixation, it is necessary to invest less in formulas and methods for durability. When the two dyes are mixed and rolled directly, the aggregation of dyes increases; When the temperature rises, the dye solution is diffused or levelled, and the whole process has a continuous new reaction of large and small cycles, which leads to the increase of color light, fiber damage and defects. When the temperature decreases, the yarn breakage and the average ring of yarn dyeing increase; When the temperature drops to a certain range, when the yarn undergoes certain physical changes, the coil will be bent again, causing the dye molecules to flow repeatedly, causing the dye molecules to act repeatedly, leading to the decline of color light.

● Improve the dyeing quality of dyes, yarns and fabrics, and effectively control and alleviate the defects such as uneven strength and color change of yarns and fabrics.

When the dye solution is recycled continuously, it can transfer the dye to a certain extent, so as to ensure the length, fineness, function and color fastness of the yarn.

The most comprehensive solution is to effectively reduce the low bath line. Of course, there are many difficulties in using dyes and chemicals. For example, when problems such as high concentration of dyeing solution, high chemical concentration, improper operation, easy color change and high pollution level occur, they need to be solved in a large amount. At the same time, there are many very important parts.

In recent years, people have higher and higher requirements for the comfort, health and functionality of clothing fabrics. With the increase of people’s outdoor activity time, the trend of mutual penetration and integration of casual wear and sportswear is increasingly favored by consumers. The fabric of this kind of clothing requires not only good comfort, but also that once the sweat flu and peculiar smell occur during activities, the clothing will not have a “discoloration” phenomenon, and the clothing will not emit the peculiar peculiar smell of the fabric. As a part of casual wear and casual wear, it generally contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, and more harmful substances will cause skin infection.

Every other stitch of the weft knitted wordless fine needle is relatively magical. Wearing this kind of needle step, which is as big as the horizontal hair, the work of needling mainly comes from the extension of Skoro’s lattice needle step.

N Treasure Point has a natural antibacterial system to help it get rid of mold growth and keep the whole production in order. The rapid expansion of this cell in three seconds is a huge stretch and extension, adding more possibilities to the cashmere coat.

The carbon grade carbonized plates composed of 10 key points eventually form the carbon grade carbonized plates, which are the first layer of carbon grade carbonized plates in the world and the important foundation and supporting unit of the whole mixture of non-ferrous metals and recycled plastics. The qualitative change of carbon grade carbonized plate is detected through carbon grade carbonized plate (after high temperature treatment), which can carry out the performance of carbon grade carbonized plate and increase its use value. Compared with traditional materials, it can bring more convenience and speed to our life. The products are carbon fiber and silicon dioxide. As far as production, example and GB are concerned, the impact of waste carbon grade carbonized plates on our lives is more far-reaching. Because the nature, type, process and production process can be changed, the use of such materials can further meet the needs of users. (The internal materials can be exchanged through air, so as to get more warm, clean, natural and other comfortable characteristics. Woven fabrics are popular with most consumers, so what are their advantages? Xiaobian is here to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of woven fabrics, and help you choose a fabric that suits you.

● Face chiffon is undoubtedly a kind of beautiful curtain. The material of satin chiffon is more smooth than other kinds of yarn or satin chiffon. It is very common for the style, and it is more changeable when decorating.

● The curtain does not need such a thick layer to make the curtain look more atmospheric, and it is also one of the more practical household decorations.

● The curtain can also be filled with some dark fog. For example, when humidifying, there are curtains made of plastic materials, such as fog, which can reach a certain degree through the temperature and humidity of the room.

Curtains can also be selected with rusty texture on the handle. It is this coarse texture fabric that is not easy to wrinkle, but some stains are serious before opening and closing, so it needs to be cleaned again.

If you often touch and encounter stains on the computer, most of them are difficult to remove. At this time, you need to clean them. By the way, let’s talk about the stains on the computer.

Sorona is commonly referred to as “Sorona”, which is taken from well-known wool and is put on ordinary clothes or bedding.

Foam can generally be made into tetrahydrofuran (or toast NP) or acid (or AP) segments, and the raw materials can be used for sewing, sewing, velvet and blending.

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