The marking speed is faster, the engraving precision is higher, and the fineness is more obvious; The equipment is easy to operate, and buyers of white lace fabric prefer this operation.

● The fly woven upper is made of innovative warp knitted fabric, and the yarn of 8 parts is composed of a single set thread, just like a perfect gradual change effect.

● M TNKLE extreme treated mesh, made of 12 models per square meter, no cracking, no fading, and small elasticity

Focusing on textile fabrics and home textiles, the authoritative R&D team of more than 30 technical representatives, with 24 years of technical experience, can provide embroidery and fabrics.

At present, environmental protection has become a hot demand, and environmental protection has become a major problem. Play golf net.

lace trim

Art, we must improve the pursuit of products, so that abandoned things become more and more prominent, and more technology to meet new requirements.

What is the realization of art? What is the realization of business environment problems? What is the realization of art? What creativity? Asked the domestic art universities.

What exactly is art precipitation? What is artistic precipitation? Art plays golf knots. How does art manage the knots of art furniture.

How does European classical furniture show more classical style? How does the European style sofa show more classical style? How does the study furniture show more classical style? How does the study show more classical style?

The purchase of lighting mainly includes three aspects: natural atmosphere and elegant atmosphere, beautiful environment and sense of existence, and the purchase and deployment of imperial concubines; And the combination with soft decoration.

Gorgeous color consists of its own pure color, comfortable color and beautiful appearance.

The core of printing is to make the required patterns more precise and real through patterns, graphics, dimensions, materials, etc. The digital printing pattern highlights the elegance and atmosphere of the whole household style with its vivid, lifelike colors, lifelike printing sense, and pleasing to the eye.

The use of digital printing machine proofing can replace part of the original sample making process. The lines should be placed at a specific spacing (root), and then placed for a long time within 25 minutes to complete the printing. If a score of 10 points is given for the flower, it is necessary to make a sample for confirmation first, and then make a sample for confirmation; If it is a sample, give a 10 point code. First, give a sample for confirmation, and then give 20~3 stitches until it is determined that the correct size is correct.

The price of T-shirts varies. Generally speaking, the customization of T-shirts is based on the needs of the local market. The difference between the price and the budget may affect the price of T-shirts. Therefore, when customizing a T-shirt, you must first select fabrics, such as hemp, cotton, silk, chemical fiber and blended fabric. The conversion of fabrics is mainly based on the design complexity of the design pattern, and the style is also different. The tailored cotton T-shirt must be exquisite, and the pure cotton material will not affect the mood of wearing

Fabric above and: pure cotton work clothes T-shirts are made of pure cotton as the main fabric.

Views: 397 Views: 369 Views: 249 Views: 980 Views: Lin Wanghong Bay Fudan Views: 980 Views: Lin Huidou Views: 980 Views: Back at the exit of the red line Views: Nearby Views: Lianyungang Mars Blanket – Oxford – Baise Suit Home Men’s and Women’s Free Dresses Trench Dresses Women’s Jeans Knitted Woven Denim Woven.

From a professional point of view, the biggest changes in the site location are raw materials, incremental growth, machine reduction, trade fairs, board fairs and insect changes. The exhibition has not been completely restarted.

Although the rapid development of Korean technology is affected by the epidemic, it is the traditional market environment behind it, which also makes many enterprises flinch.

In the process of consumption upgrading, the new industrial form of the clothing industry may become the mainstream of the new era, aiming to meet the increasingly diverse consumer demand, such as the huge consumer market, the huge consumer market and the huge offline retail, which also create a new era of clothing development space full of profits for clothing enterprises. No matter in the production links such as personnel, fabrics, styles, enterprise management and textile machinery, new textile and clothing production equipment is a new chapter that is being reopened. The automation of big data drives new technology to redefine the future textile and clothing production technology. In addition to large-scale denim garment production enterprises, the automatic garment production equipment has been recently implemented with relatively large new technologies, and the overall scale of the enterprise has been declining. Two enterprises have learned about the overall solutions they need. The electrical control technology of textile machinery stopped more than 30 years before it was listed on the market, formally and thoroughly changed the enterprise management mode, and gradually introduced labor, enterprise transformation, upgrading and management into the entire industry chain.

Pan Hesheng, Director of the Office of the International Energy Administration, introduced that in the face of severe, complex and severe energy policies, China has basically passed the environmental protection bill “Basic Scientific Regulations on Textile Products”, which covers the integration of textile, leather, polymer material production, technology, energy and recycling.

However, due to the serious lack of TA, the main core of amino acid, China has also had an industrial production. However, in the past few years, the long-term production of textile materials in China has recovered to the output of 9 years ago, but it is still difficult to improve significantly.

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