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The fabrics are mainly divided into the following types: polyester, polyester viscose blended fabric, CVC, TC, polyester cotton blended fabric, tooling, CVC, fine wool, flannel, etc.

About “Century Hongfeng Information”, Sophie. Century Hongfeng’s partners have a wide variety of styles, which are updated in a timely manner. It is reliable to cooperate with Century Hongfeng. Mengshuya – Century Hongfeng’s partner Baiyuan Pants Industry – Century Hongfeng’s partner.

360g cotton spandex stretch fit cool pants fabric 95% cotton+5 spandex 2% stretch rib jacquard pants fabric 93% cotton+5 spandex jacquard rib jacquard swan flannel pants fabric acid and alkali word comfortable.

Trouser fabric wholesale customized clothing fabric men’s casual pants cotton blended camouflage fabric twill cotton blended fabric Tencel nylon blended pants.

It has the properties of moisture absorption, moisture transmission, moisture dissipation and quick drying of cotton, beneficial moisture absorption, moisture transmission and quick drying of cotton, bamboo fiber and cold air.

Customized clothes are made for yourself, and the size must fit, and the fabrics and styles can be selected to represent your own style, including the advantages of celebrity effect. Customized fabrics for clothing can include: ordinary cotton surface.

Customized clothes are made for yourself, and the size must fit. Even if it is multi-layer, we should try it on together with our body chart. It is impossible to simply transform the body, but we should also respect the efficacy. Pay attention to the size and process when customizing clothes. Elasticity is the key to grouting paste. All unqualified clothes must be washed and ironed before leaving the factory, otherwise the cost performance is too low and the maintenance is improper. Short life. In the future, if the customized clothing is not exquisite or the style is too poor, it will affect the quality of the clothing.

When customizing clothes, you must choose fabrics, such as pure cotton, silk, mulberry silk, imitation silk, acetate fiber, polyester fiber, polyester, etc.

When customizing clothes, choose embroidery styles, or machine embroidered collars and neckties. You can embroider the company’s name letters on the neckline, cuffs and other places.

lace trim

The focus of embroidery moment is quality. The finished embroidery thread will fade after leaving the factory, so it is necessary to remove the color. How about the consequences of losing color after several times?

● Because the surface of the embroidery thread is flat, it will also be soft, and it also hides color between the stitch and the face cloth. You need to pour some water in the place where the color is clean, level the cable car in the net, put it in the cool warm water, and then immediately smooth the net.

● Logo is required for face cloth and all kinds of face flannelette made with logo, which can be directly painted with hand painted ink or inkjet. If the logo is complicated, it will lead to some differences in the above figure.

● Adapt to the market: mechanical design, photographic plate making, 3D three-dimensional design, working plate making, 3D copper mold size customization, 3D mold technology, 3D mold technology, 3D printing machine technology, 4D laser molding, art plate making, etc.

It is applicable to traditional industries: suits, overcoats, shirts, jackets, outdoor leisure, suits, jeans, down jackets, fashionable women’s wear, leather clothing, youth fashion, wedding dresses, sports fashion, diving clothes, etc.

Do you know the difference between wool fabric and chemical fiber fabric? A friend often comes back to me with a customized suit and tells me that my suit costs thousands of yuan, but I find it is chemical fiber fabric. Here are some suggestions for you, and you won’t have to say anything later.

This is an Italian style style and outline of the plain sticker bag. Although the waist part is not satisfactory, it is still beautiful as a whole. These features help to look beautiful and delicate, and a little French style.

Because this large rectangular double collection is thicker than the previous one, the effect is also quite good. It always feels like a summer to see sisters’ dresses, and hobbies! What other way is there for a long short long dress with different French style? If you want to start the evaluation, you can take a look at your friends’ super fairy skirts.

The long style is excellent and versatile: the coat style is very fit, thin and thin, and the temperament is immortal. The design of the scarf collar shows the heroism. The ribbon scarf on the coat can improve the overall wearing effect.

Fashionable and versatile, the long rolled collar and the thin round collar give the air to the long sleeve, and at the same time, they also have a strong wind shield against the cold. The newly added hoodies can not only match with color shirts of the same color system, but also have different effects.

Classic red, from fabric to printing, to fashionable and personalized sweater, brings you different fabric choices. We firmly believe that no matter what hat type or clothing is, it is not for color mixing or printing. Such combination is an eternal classic.

The simple, classic, simple and clean design of the vest cover is the core feature of the fabric combination. Fashion and simplicity are the characteristics of one of the two styles. Its color cannot be equivalent to stripes and prints, so the classic style will not match with the color.

In order to achieve the effect of non fading, special weaving method is adopted, so it is not easy to fade. Exquisite cotton fabrics will not seem to contradict each other. The delicate cotton canvas bag is made of fine cotton plain cloth and polyester ribbon, which has a strong luster. In addition to the cotton fabric above, it also includes all the patterns. The quality of sewing is also the quality of fabric.

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