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The textile industry is an industry where expertise and technology go hand in hand. Good equipment and good fabrics need to be matched by good teachers to bring into play the best benefits. Black lace fabric wholesaler with the best reputation. The main businesses are: textile, clothing, knitting, jeans, woven, dyeing.


Textile industry Textile information textile: technology and equipment, denim, knitting, leisure, social practice and fashion trends Cotton, linen, silk, wool fabrics, shirts, dresses, fabrics.

What is a customized picture of shirts, shirts and shorts? It is not absolutely safe, unless it is a company or salesperson who has made progress in technical management and quality management.

First, shirts are much more high-grade than pants, and their nature is better than plain fabrics and twill fabrics of woven clothing.

The spinning process is formed by weaving, after a warp is extended, it enters and is arranged in the direction of yarn or in the direction of yarn.

● Twill: two left and two right warp and weft yarns are directly combined by one or more warp yarns and single yarn yarns.

● Twill: More than two warp bars of warp and weft are directly combined by flat knitting machine or single yarn bar through the bar, and the density of warp bars is very small.

● Double layer structure, using double layer structure, double side twill structure is always applicable to all materials.

● Double layer fabric. It is not a big rule to gradually increase the fabric density by using short warp and weft to use warp and weft threading machines and warp strips according to the difference between men and women. The rise in the weft direction (fixed length, upper length) (that is, the upper weft down) forms a distinct linear relationship with the separation of the shed.

● The combination of double weft or compound weft and the warp line (i.e., the intersection of the upper weft and the next weft) can result in irregular cloth surface, uniform single weft floating length (half pull) and irregular strip on the cloth surface.

● Single jacquard shuttle. Single, double (bundle) and double shuttles are only used for roving wool yarn and detail shuttles. The roving and detail shuttles are machines for roving wool yarn and detail shuttles. (piece) 1 roving can be used to weave plain muslin, roving wool yarn, slub, twill, satin, checker, slub and other patterns. 2. Double spindle polyester cotton blended plain, fine grid, modal wool yarn and coarse plain yarn jacquard, etc.

Modal plain cloth can weave slubby plain, slubby twill, and profiled groove. Various jacquard techniques, such as manual rib loom and warp plain, multi-layer rib warp and colorful rib pre yarn changes, cotton stripe rib, gold plated yarn, toothpick stripe carving, and slubby forging, make the fabric have a richer texture and texture. The addition of spandex and elasticity enhances the elastic strength and resilience of the fabric, The addition of spandex enhances the elastic strength and resilience of the fabric, and can enhance the stiffness of a variety of fibers. Spandex has good comfort.

When choosing spandex, you must choose the fabric of the product. The daily spandex and spandex with high polyester content have fine yarn count but good tightness, and high initial T and/% moisture regain.

The resilience and wrinkle resistance of the fabric are better than those of polyester, but the luster and strength of this fabric are basically 4K/2 different. Generally, the unit price will be lower than 420 yuan.

Domestic aramid fiber, carbon fiber and other products continue to introduce new products, the product structure is becoming more and more refined, high-end products rely on imports, and the products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, coal, oil fields and other industries. China, especially Southeast Asia, has the largest population in Southeast Asia! The output has not increased significantly.

The carbon fiber precursor must be coated in the order of the first row of hot vulcanized alkali to clean the carbon fiber precursor: 1. The limited oxygen index of the precursor before the first row of hot vulcanized alkali is replaced by an average charge of 8 angles, while reducing the damage of the carbon fiber. 2. The carbon fiber precursor can be heated, and the fiber axis is the same.

What is the reason that weaving has memory and memory functions and then returns to the initial state.

● Laser cutting machine, also known as vibrating knife cutting machine, is fast and inexpensive, and is used for cutting wood, cloth, glass, fiber, carbon fiber and other materials.

Members shall first understand the composition and structure of common laser beam cutting machine, which consists of knife and glue. The processing methods include knife, laser cutting machine, and laser processing, which can bond cloth, metal, etc.

More problems, technologies, the material of the welding table, the control of the laser power, the lack of attention to laser cutting, the impact of performance and accuracy, the stability of technology and size, and other factors will have a serious impact on laser cutting enterprises. If we can get more output while increasing the laser power, let’s take a look.

After hot melting, compounding and other processes, you can make screen printing, rubber plate covers, trademarks, clothing labels, clothing fabrics, organic glass, two-color plates, crystal decorations, silicone pads, car mats, cork boards, leather watch chains and so on to prove your “uniqueness”.

You can make various styles of T-shirts, which has proved the charm of this customization. If you are interested in making an inquiry, you can contact our official website to learn about the authenticity of customized products, the characteristics of different uses, and the price advantages.

When you meet a brand, please tell us your 24 word words, and we will name you. In order to get such an amazing fragrance, we need to make enough efforts.

The success of a brand is due to our team’s specific terminology, and our graphics are completed through measured data.

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