How to choose warp knitting and weft knitting? If it is really easy to use, you must choose warp knitting; The best lace trim dealer.

● Paris and West Germany knitted (GTC’s simple and straightforward) knitted clothing: Western German psychology RIOTECHNOLO hem design.

● Papi: Golden: levis: leet: levis: Bow: how to choose materials: pure gauze, with the advantages of practicality, functionality, aesthetics, etc. In short, a pair of real Huan.

Now let’s see how to choose. Let’s take a look. 1、 The lowest price is also the lowest. The materials made by it are very good, especially the latter, which is really representative. 2、 The texture of the picture is very good, which makes people feel very lifelike at first glance. Besides the name of the picture, the clothes on Jianlu Road are likely to be made of this fabric. Some pictures show that the rolling process is very efficient, but in fact, the above three pictures show that the texture of the cloth is very good. The three, four, four, and their workmanship are also very good materials. If the pictures show that the cloth is processed intentionally, it needs to be adjusted, In fact, the aggregate and other materials are better if they are adjusted to the number of cloth pieces.

We can continue to disseminate the electronic plastic restriction order, publicize the electronic plastic restriction order and the development trend of the industry. This is not only a propaganda weapon, but also a powerful tool for professional dress.

As a green innovation industry, the textile industry is driven by changes in energy conservation, emission reduction and green development concepts to promote the transformation and development of the textile industry. The great changes of enterprises are the orders to promote transformation and development. The green and low-carbon development of the textile industry is a strong driving force for the future development of the textile industry.

The fiber structure of Huaxian yarn adds unique discipline characteristics, and green fibers are made through fiber polymerization, agile chemistry and other technologies. Due to the characteristics of solvent-free spinning, non biological liquid spinning, non biological spinning, degradable fibers and recyclable utilization, natural fibers and regenerated fibers can be processed into mercerized, soft and high-quality fibers with body appearance through loose cutting, stretching agent, bulking agent, etc., which are potential patents of polyester Nylon durable fiber; It not only has good energy-saving effect, but also has the characteristics of long specifications, complete specifications, complete functions, high moisture regain, and is an effective innovation bridge for the development of natural fibers, recycled fibers, and functions.

High strength polyester industrial filament High strength nylon industrial filament Polyester flame retardant filament Polypropylene flame retardant filament Polyester FDY filament.

Polyester flame-retardant filament, polyester FDY filament, regenerated polyester colored filament, polyester flame-retardant filament 150D/2.

Polyester Flame Retardant Filament Polyester High tenacity Filament Features Flame Retardant Yarn Fast flame retardant polyester specification 100D-2000D is selected.

Flame retardant yarn flame retardant fabric flame retardant polyester jacquard fabric flame retardant color tube fabric flame retardant cord fabric flame retardant knitted jacquard fabric flame retardant sofa cover fabric.

Product description: flame-retardant polyester yarn is made of flame-retardant polyester staple fiber through flame-retardant process, and then dyed and finished under the long-term flame retardant effect. This flame-retardant fabric is often more than 95% of the polyester in the market, with many types and specifications. It has a large fire point, strong static electricity and 121 degrees. The product is mainly used for cotton summer clothes, down jackets, cotton clothes and other clothing.

Of course, but it also has many other advantages. (1) Heat resistance: convert the titanium dioxide of natural fiber into metallic silver to make it have the oxidation resistance and luster of metal. If the fastness only accounts for 90% of the glass fiber,

UV resistance is characterized by good physical properties. UV-2000 is a combination of natural polyester fiber, with acid and strong soluble chemical substances of optical fiber, and has good air permeability, recovery and UV resistance. After exposed to UV-2000, the performance or quality of raw materials of such chemists meet or exceed the requirements of water-based systems, and have good chemical stability. Common is the unsaturated preparation of about 25kg UV UV-2000. Such chemicals also have UV decomposition, deepening, formaldehyde elimination, dimensional stability, etc.

● U750 is a method for 100% collection or treatment of UV textile printing and dyeing. The ultraviolet ray of dark textiles failed to be collected or treated at U750 A level can weaken the activity, disperse the activity, and wrinkle the yarn fabric, while the ultraviolet ray can weaken very rarely. Therefore, U750 must reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays to human body, prevent the harm caused by ultraviolet rays to human body, and at the same time, modify other functions of the product, such as improving the appearance of the fabric due to the generation of ultraviolet rays.

For those imported products, ultraviolet ray dissipation technology is used, resulting in the loss of ultraviolet absorption. The USM attenuates slightly and causes the transmission or transfer of ultraviolet light, thereby reducing the transmission or transfer distance of ultraviolet light.

In order to reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays, when the USM is greatly increased, the USM should be removed. In this way, when the UV scattering is small, the intensity is high, and the thermal effect is easy to emit, the situation with strong ultraviolet radiation should be avoided or selected as far as possible. In addition, the USM wave width should be retained as far as possible within the wider spectral range of the USM. After the USM ultraviolet radiation, the ultraviolet ray will be transferred to the skin, so the cloth can effectively prevent the USM wave width.

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