Moisture absorption and perspiration elimination are easy to clean and economical. Note: The import declaration of black lace trim should pay attention to these factors!

Junehan 170, TROLANDA Women’s Dress Solid Color Junehan 170, TROLANDA Women’s Dress Floral Show Fur lace trim.

TROLANDA Women’s Brushed Bromazzuk-1 Polyester&cotton (polyester cotton) lace – 1 suit bucket.

The main basis includes three aspects: fabric and clothing. According to the current market trend, the designer, based on the judgment principles of national quality standards and enterprise quality standards, adopts inlaid embroidery (RTM), (heat sealing), (shrinkage) piping, (round corner/inch) piping and (four side) piping, common inlay, bead mesh, waterproof cloth, twill cloth, mesh, embroidery cloth (beautiful headwear), etc.

First, determine whether the specific provinces and cities, automobile body, steering tail, rollover and other fuselage parts and components meet the standards, and then deliver them according to the specified conditions.

● Determine whether the specific items, car body and steering rear parts meet the standards, and whether the car body and steering rear parts meet the standards.

● If the soft tissue, abrasion, motion, shock absorption and durability of the design work of the auto body, rollover and rollover in the industry are adjusted, the continuous improvement of the car will also greatly improve the performance of the auto body.

lace trim

● The car instep, door frame, down turn and inside turn have been improved, and the service time of car line, bracket and other components has been greatly extended.


● During the service life of car head restraints, the car lines and hand-operated lines will be greatly shortened, and the difficulty of car line head decoration will be reduced.

● The vehicle line of the high bending strength vehicle line is about 18 tons to 60 tons. The high bending strength vehicle line has better tensile strength, is not easy to break under stress, has better stability and high aesthetics.

● The low-key fabric thread is suitable for sewing multi-layer materials and is not easy to twist, and the fabric density is higher, which can twist all the yarns in the shortest time, providing customized solutions for the needs of fashion.

● Low profile fabric sewing is easy to attract people’s attention, but low profile fabric sewing will not be misled by low profile operation. Sewing process is also a technology, as long as you pay attention to tools, do not use force, do not touch the sewing thread with your hand, do not pull the sewing thread with your hand, but pull it out, so as to sew the defective part.

When low-key clothes are mixed with other clothes through special means such as soaking and rinsing, decolorization occurs. Therefore, the causes are mostly dyeing, light colored cloth or seriously colored cloth. Frequent replacement can protect the next color, and the color becomes lighter or even darker, resulting in yellowing. Such problems will be solved in the future.

● Since the grey cloth is made of waxy particles, it is necessary to regularly use raw materials with good decontamination ability. 2. Fabrics should not be washed for a long time to avoid discoloration. For example, ordinary forged fabrics, if dipped in jeans washing water for about half an hour, will have silk or large area of discoloration on the surface. Before washing, wash with clean water once, and only with clean water.

At other times, washing/soaking is the best method. When washing and rinsing jeans, you must wash them by hand, because different fabrics have different drying methods. Add bead embroidery lace to the jeans.

Mercerized denim is made of two layers of yarn to make the jeans fine and smooth. The fabric made of elastic denim has good ductility and is suitable for making all kinds of jeans and jeans in spring and summer.

Mercerized jeans are woven with all or two layers of yarn to make jeans elastic and have certain fastness.

In addition to the strong elastic fabric, the elastic denim produced by our company also uses polyester fiber from the raw yarn material to obtain natural cotton. Its price is 100% based on the cotton fiber content of section 100, such as Egyptian combed cotton, which has established 100% specifications.

Spandex elastic denim, also known as lycra denim, is a thick colored woven warp face twill cotton cloth. The warp yarn is dark, usually indigo blue, and the weft yarn is light, usually black. Jersey is a color of warp and weft yarn, usually used for coloring, and some people also use it for coloring. Wide width difference: there are too many warp and weft yarns in the wide width, and the bending and drying time is too long, which affects the color of the whole warp and weft yarn. There are also some yarn dyed warp and weft yarns, that is, three kinds of fabrics.

Before the warp and weft density, width, color, pattern, fading or halo dyeing and dyeing, the defects of the spun yarn, vat yarn, yarn dyed fabric and germ cloth can be removed first, and then the weft silk (warp and weft) can be removed according to the sample color (color, twist yarn, yarn dyed yarn, color stripe, rotary table, ribbon, etc.); The textile has its comprehensive scientific and functional features, and is a particularly popular high-grade protective clothing fabric in the world.

● Flammability, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance: after washing, drying and flattening, the fabric will be separated, pressed and transferred to the state and city counters.

● Capability and comfort: make the clothes more comfortable, suitable for petroleum, chemical, electronic, electric power, natural gas, formal welding and other industries.

● Moisture permeability: the fabric is passed through the fabric device, so that the breathability and moisture permeability of the fabric can be effectively realized.

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