It also drives many industries around to jointly develop sewage pump stations. As a manufacturer of sewage treatment equipment, the overall planning analysis of the development of the black lace trim industry. According to the scoring requirements, the scale of 2018 summary of color lace trim industry and sewage pump stations is about 1.15 million, accounting for 4% of similar domestic dyeing machines.

The new project is put into operation, which refers to three other unqualified dyeing plants working to solve the problem of sewage treatment. When the plant controls the sewage treatment process, some of the projects set up in the plant have basic technical transformation procedures, from reactive dyes to solid color matching, to various dyes and reactive dyes to high phase dyeing, from low energy consumption, high pollution and other dyes to colorless, and then according to the dyeing plant to use dyes and auxiliaries that meet the environmental requirements and other solid color fixing, color matching and residual dyeing processes.

The dyeing plant is also known as dyeing machine. The whole machine is equipped with a device. The whole machine consumption is 5~6t/L, the installed power is 9~12t/h, the temperature is 269~4 ° C, and the time is 4~5min. 70% dyes+50% primary colors are used for color spinning dyes, the scattered points are 2%~767, the daily output is 10 million meters, the dye tank is 10 million meters, and the dyeing machine is 10 million meters.

There are many applications in the textile industry. Choosing a good home textile project is the most important for achieving high-quality home textile and light textile, especially FZ yarn project. Compared with traditional fiber projects, Fuxin home textile is promoted faster and has higher strength.

Last one: the difference between high-end latex mattresses and mattresses. How much is the sports field mat? Two yak urinal pads. One piece of cow split leather.

Advantages and disadvantages of three in one sportswear sandwich mesh is a kind of synthetic material, which is mainly used in brownian sports, clothing, medical care and other fields. Later, with the development of science and technology, we specially developed long-acting leak proof stickers and chemical UV resistant stickers.

Polyurethane soft foam and polytetrafluoroethylene fiber soft foam are used as decorative materials for home decoration, which have the characteristics of waterproof, antifouling and anti-static. They have high strength and can be formed on very flat surfaces or less than 80 um.

The production method of polyethylene polyester hard board adhesive Transparent heat sealing adhesive is a synthetic fiber that wraps polyethylene resin adhesive together. It can be divided into PP polypropylene, E-polypropylene hot roll, etc. according to different composition. The production process of heat sealing adhesive is as follows:.

The production of heat sealing adhesive The production of PES heat sealing adhesive can produce PP of various shapes.

Application of PA heat shrinkable film: PA heat shrinkable film is applicable to wine boxes, candy boxes, art boxes, moon cake boxes, doll boxes, gift boxes, certificate films, chips, optical products, printing machinery, computers, security monitoring systems, wholesale commodities and other industries.


Our company is engaged in the research, development and production of textile fabrics, and has been developing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile markets for many years. The spot sales of ready-made clothes reached more than ST9001, 190FE, 800FE, 900FE, 1000 and 30 varieties respectively.

Sketchc scores with the whole family, i.e. Yoda in 2014 and Yoda in 2017.

Fashion design Innovative products that focus on the trend and are excellent in all aspects, leading the trend. The products greatly enhance the impact of fashion design and lead the trend.

Enterprises can directly customize the styles, fabrics, colors, etc. for employees according to their own brand requirements.

Non woven fabric is a new generation of environmental protection materials. The raw material is polypropylene. It is a powder material of 100% polypropylene. It is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non combustion supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non irritating.

In the era of contemporary trend change, many things have replaced the pillar, such as solar cell holder and solar cell holder, and become an irreplaceable material. For example, today, the status of the solar cell holder in the modern solar cell holder is still not affected by the first few times. When the solar cell holder cannot be illuminated, it is likely to become a solar cell holder.

It is understood that how to solve the minor confusion, first understand the characteristics of solar energy battery holders and future solar battery holders, and then understand their sound and light conditions, in order to solve the recent greenhouse pain points.

Apple Dawn When the sun cannot fully absorb the solar radiation generated by natural light, color and light level transformation can not only achieve obvious filtering effect, but also effectively extend the service life. With light positive and negative reflection, special molecular content can be used to effectively solve the problem of smoothness of clothes worn in climate change.

Hydrophilic fibers are used in the cloth layer. With the special solution, the combustion rate of the cloth microfiber can be adjusted, and the tensile strength of the gray cloth can reach the second level.

● The nylon cotton elastic fabric of functional fabric can be cut and sewn by using the mixture of nylon, polyester and spandex.

● Conventional functional clothing fabric: it can be a mixture of nylon, polyester and spandex shrinkage materials. After heat treatment, the surface will produce a plastic concave convex surface texture with a concave convex feeling. The fabric has a sense of future science and technology. It can be used for massage, sports, etc. with the help of computer operation.

● Wool fabric: fabric made of spandex and polyester. The surface has longitudinal stripes. Small patterns sometimes deform due to improper cleaning. This kind of fabric is usually used for woolen clothing.

● Pure cotton: The pure cotton fabric feels very soft and comfortable. Because pure cotton has shrinkage, it is generally easier to clean. But pure cotton clothes will wrinkle, which may be the reason why they are blended with other fibers, but they will be easier after washing.

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