Ogen yarn is a kind of woolly monofilament, also known as green yarn, which is made from nylon or polyester mother silk through texturing false twisting and then silk splitting. List of famous manufacturers of polyester lace trim distributors. Ougen yarn is a kind of thread made of nylon or polyester yarn by discount spinning technology, which is woven by Xinwei, Taizhou City.

As we all know, polyester fiber is easy to fade. So, what is polyester lace? Xinwei trademark is located in the textile technology department near ten, which contains polyester polyester, polyester raw materials, etc. In order to maintain a better color, the artificial ironing temperature of the polyester material used can be appropriately reduced, thereby reducing aging. However, it is easy to deform due to static electricity when ironing. If polyester material is used, it is easy to damage the fabric structure.

Then, when polyester is used as clothing fabric, it will soften after softening during ironing. Due to the chemical properties of polyester, clothing will also have a certain deformation during ironing, which will damage the fabric fiber and thus cotton quality.

Then, when polyester is used as cloth, it will produce fiber dependent fibers that will soften and deform after ironing. This will damage the natural properties of the fiber, thus improving the ironing fastness, softness and dimensional stability of the fabric. Therefore, when ironing clothes with good fabrics, it is important to know that clothes that are well distributed and slightly changed are particularly detrimental to ironing, otherwise it is likely to change the appearance and texture of clothes. In addition, ironing and pleating can only be repaired with a motorized device, so the work of the iron, the impact on the environment, and the organs of the human body make people irritable. Ironing is just like ironing. Let’s learn about the ironing process.

● Keep the reverse side of the ironing flat. The process of ironing clothes can use “three steps”: flatten the fold of the collar, take an appropriate amount of iron, and then increase the consumption of the iron to make it iron the clothes back and forth, thus completing the fabric ironing process.

● The temperature of the ironing press can be controlled at 65C (260C), and the temperature of the humanitarian iron is set at 100C and 150C.

● When ironing clothes, it is not necessary to use a thick chessboard. Just move the iron head constantly in the space beside the iron. The temperature must be kept at 70 ° C, and ironing is very simple; However, if you don’t iron carefully, the clothes will have certain wrinkles, which will affect the appearance and wearing effect.

When ironing, materials such as cloth and thread can be directly ironed on the iron, or white ink can be added on the outside of the clothes to improve the ironing effect. If white ink is pressed on clothes without white ink, ironing marks or wrinkles will appear.

● First iron the back of the clothes, then iron them with an iron. The temperature should be controlled at 110 ° C. The ironing temperature shall not be too cold or too hot, especially in summer.

Iron free clothing is not only an important act for individuals to maintain themselves, but also helpful for the design, production, design and production of clothing, and can reserve the shape, fabric and color of clothing. After the clothes are washed, they should be washed outside the clothes or after short-term use, so that they still maintain the necessary beauty.


Through the processing of clothing fabrics, the size and material of the required clothing can be dried and baked in a certain way to obtain the best finishing effect and beautiful clothing fabrics, colors and clothing of different thicknesses. This is a unique element of clothing fabrics, but also the core link of clothing finishing, the main knowledge point!

● Garment process reengineering, also known as garment process etching, is to cut the cloth into two feet in different long stripes, and finally wear several pieces of about ten square meters of plane. The intaglio printing, by the capillary effect of the bottom cloth, makes the plane into a cylindrical shape, making the plane into a concave convex pattern. The bottom cloth in the concave area is laid until about twenty square meters, the laying layer is 100cm, and the pressure surface is about ten square meters. Four lines of characters are laid on a plane board

On the computer diagram, fast P-P is generated). There are 32 kinds of diagrams, including positive industrial P-LONDON and other categories. Based on the optional color of manufacturing process parameters, the stability of product quality is guaranteed; After the completion of multiple digital output processes, it can provide higher flexibility, save resources, and bring higher efficiency and demonstration to the equipment. The company solves user needs through specially installed digital software system.

Specializing in the textile printing and dyeing industry for nearly 30 years, the intelligent integration of the entire industrial chain from individual design, R&D to technology inspection, printing and dyeing, R&D, etc.

At present, China’s textile and clothing industry has formed a sustainable development industrial system with personalized clothing as the main business and integrating ecology, fashion and creativity. It is committed to building an advanced enterprise of textile fabrics and creating a new business form and prosperity of cross-border e-commerce. A famous domestic textile and garment enterprise, with the achievement report of Zhejiang (Hangzhou) and a complete industrial chain, has a strong industrial chain.

Work clothes are specially made clothes for work needs, and also uniform clothes for employees. Generally, the factory or company issues uniform clothing to employees, which is called work clothes. With the continuous development of the work clothes industry, more and more industries and enterprises need to use work clothes. Customizing work clothes does not change people’s vision and nature of work. How to customize work clothes is professional clothing!

What kinds of fabrics are commonly used for work clothes? The manufacturer of advertising T-shirts tells you why the cheap and practical materials are more expensive and how to choose less misunderstandings when customizing all cotton work clothes. The key problem is whether the company will customize the work clothes in Wuhan in spring and summer with double sides.


What fabrics do Zhengzhou cotton T-shirts have for customization? How to choose a logistics company? What materials need to be prepared for the customized advertising shirt? Do you need experience to buy pure cotton fabrics in summer? What fabric do you choose for customizing printed T-shirts for summer wear? Precautions for customized T-shirts? How much does 60000 yuan T-shirt printing customization cost? What should we pay attention to when customizing 60000 yuan T-shirt printing? How much does 60000 yuan T-shirt printing customization cost? What should we pay attention to when customizing a 70000 yuan dress T-shirt? What details should I pay attention to when printing a 60000 yuan T-shirt? What details should be considered in the 60000 yuan T-shirt printing design Customized patterns and precautions Details that should be considered in the 70000 yuan dress t-shirt customization

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