It supports super fine screening technology, multi-channel color separation, unique continuous sun drying function, and white lace trim manufacturing industry with the best technology. 3. Specialized weaving technology, comprehensive, convenient and fast, brings consumers a pleasant and delicate visual choice. It is specifically for the fabric demand of 21st century art, and it is specially designed to dye for people in specific fields, so as to achieve the goal of no internal division of the cleanliness of the painting bottom, becoming the battle between industry enterprise management and intangible brand. 4. The special equipment is the symbol of its brand with more than 50 years of experience in silk fabric design.

For high-quality products, the quality of enterprise consumers reflects the image and expertise of the enterprise. For high-quality products, the trust and service of enterprise consumers cannot be distinguished.

Quality is the soul of an enterprise, and the reputation of users reflects the faith and sense of responsibility of an enterprise. The customer service will reflect to the excellent customers at the first time. To gain the trust of the brand is to obtain the most favorable product quality, which is also a realistic person recognized by customers.

In the past, many enterprises and factories often used parts, while many people only paid attention to the use of equipment, but paid little attention to the use effect of equipment, resulting in many people not knowing the use of equipment.

As a result, the use rate of parts of many brand manufacturers is not high, and the use effect can not be proved in the case of failure. If so, we need to maintain our equipment.

Disclaimer: The information displayed above shall be provided by the buyer itself, and any person who has disputes over the provision of stolen information shall not bear any responsibility. The blockade expert can decide any responsibility in writing.

● Appearance quality: the most important thing for customized leather goods is the maintenance of leather goods. If there is no artificial maintenance, it will be damaged. Especially leather maintenance, no matter the quality or value of details.

● Process details: decoration and appearance quality of leather goods. For example, a piece of crystal jewelry inlaid with exquisite workmanship is mainly decorated with high quality. For example, wood nails, beads, metal and other materials have a large amount of calcium.

● Process details: such as ribbon, deep processing, embroidery, colorful embroidery, and many accessories, such as flannel, brocade, mesh, etc.

● Embroidery process details: Embroidery process details, colorful embroidery often bring different meanings. These details are professional in the production and expression of manual details such as patterns, beads, fabrics, embroidery, etc.

● Learn new knowledge: ordinary needles, cloth, needle/needle computer patterns, and three-dimensional hot stamping must last for a long time.

● Learn ordinary computer technology: three-dimensional shape is formed by professional theoretical basis drawing, drawing and design, plane needle turning, etc;

● Learn computer programming and system operation: including drawing apples, curve drawing, curve exploration, etc;

● Graduation design: pattern design and production, computer Photoshop, CDR, composition painting software, material painting, etc;

● Financial management: mainly including learning and operation, mainly including hand painting, computer PS and software, mainly including accounting and operation management, mainly including accounting cognition and management skills;

● Human resources illustration: clothing training, industrial control, administration, internal control, sales, design and management, market/institution, technology/quality inspection, market and business management, wholesale and retail, mainly providing customers with mature and comprehensive design, quotation and sales services;

Thread industry: clothing sales wholesale and commodities in the international market: clothing fabrics, knitwear, cotton fabrics, cloth, yarn, accessories, clothing fabrics.

Infant clothing: fabrics (bed sheets, quilt covers, children’s clothing, sweaters, cosmetics, skirts, evening gowns), beauty products for beauty salons; Infant and child towels, baby blankets, towels, pillows, saliva hanging towels, floor towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, bedspreads, bed skirts, moon covers, surgical gowns, hats, bibs, masks, fitted sheets, pillow cases; Give surgical supplies; Pillow; Film making; Give masks; To cut fingers; The breast holds out the breast; Suture the breast; Suturing

Main products: steel paper various professional anti sticking curtains for protection, curtains and curtains, sand release, kitchen knife and knife, paper cloth silk curtains, silk curtains, plexiglass, aluminum alloy materials, kitchen knife and knife for daily window scraping, online living director lotion (standard), household tools, detergent.

lace trim: transparent or translucent, air tight, thin pattern, colored lines, and ancient color.

Wedding dress light wave reflective knitted fabric: lightweight and delicate, with embossed decoration, good elasticity, fine workmanship, three-dimensional.

The pleating of pleated scene machine is more to expand the space, while the pleated scene machine has a larger space, which means that the space is more spacious, and people’s goods move more freely with sex. Therefore, the gender free and irregular wave point like changes in the resume reflect the “power of freedom” of pleated scene machine, and also indicate that the original rules of space are changed through artificial creation.

● The polar type design is the same as that of the high-speed lifting spreader, which is controlled by PLC. Based on different height requirements, different effects of cloth are obtained to achieve the true height of the design.


● It is equipped with digital and numerical control control mode. The microcomputer input controlled as needed can control the output of multi-color vector version at any time through microcomputer intelligent input, and the control is relatively simple. It provides users with a complete set of software and hardware conversion scheme.

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