This Italian fabric is tall and straight, with a stronger sense of draping. Top 10 polyester white lace trim companies. This white lace trim is very thin and has a high reputation in the main fabric. After the clothes, the concept of silk was largely spread. This kind of lace trim inherits its advantages and traditional characteristics, and its design is likely to be different from other clothes.

Label: silk dress silk dress double row silk dress silk dress silk skirt.

Dresses Women’s men’s clothing Women’s clothing Women’s clothing Men’s clothing Women’s clothing Spring and summer clothing.

Dress anime character square towel Throw pillow Steering wheel decoration Nightdress Milk bubble towel Square towel Pillow Dress Cushion Member anime character dress.

With the change of temperature, wearing thin pajamas really makes people feel warm, so many families are also the first choice when going out in winter. Pajamas must be thin and warm. As long as you find a cold distance, it is more difficult to find such warm pajamas than acrylic.

The most suitable clothes for T-shirts in summer are of course the choice of fabrics. Don’t choose chemical fiber materials, which are easy to fade. So in winter, choose silk fabrics. If you choose silk fabrics, you can still choose cotton fabrics, but now it is the basis of silk fabrics.

The customized design of T-shirts is very personalized. Many people will find that when shopping, because the fashion is becoming more and more personalized, what is the current design leisure style? Now let’s take you into the better T-shirts of the T-shirt franchise brands.

● It is better to customize T-shirts made of cotton, and the cotton fiber itself has good moisture absorption, which can quickly absorb sweat, disperse moisture and wear freely. However, the silk is lacking in silk making ability. In fact, the higher the purity, the better.

● Customized T-shirts are made of fabrics with higher cotton content, which have better air permeability and dryness. Thickening is very familiar to everyone. Usually, we customize the fabric with blended yarn, which is unacceptable when it is dry, because some fabrics are easy to be washed off and will be hidden in cotton, so that you will lose pain after wearing.

The above is to introduce the benefits of pure cotton and the fabric of pure cotton work clothes. I hope you can select a fabric when you select it. It is a kind of pure cotton work clothes. It has strong air permeability or sweat absorption capacity. Its appearance is very smooth, and the drape is also very good. In addition, it has good wear resistance and dirt resistance, And because of the special working environment of pure cotton, its antifouling performance is very good. It is suitable for the customized price of summer work clothes. The customized price of spring work clothes needs to know the quality and material of work clothes. The surface treatment can also be divided into light color and dark color. It is mainly the choice of other aspects of the fabric of customized work clothes. Dark color can also be regarded as the customized work clothes of dark color clothes, and dark color can also be regarded as the customized work clothes of light color clothes. The customized work clothes of many special industries are different in style and color, In summer, the customized prices of work clothes are generally different, and the styles are also different. In winter, the weather is too bad

Pure Polo shirt is cheap and can absorb sweat. Polo shirt can resist most ultraviolet rays and has good sweat absorption, which is a good choice for most people.

Terry and fleece fabrics. There are several colors on the market today: white, blue, green and white. If it is 100% wool, we need to customize it according to our own needs.

In fact, most of the fabrics required for the sweater are polyester fiber and polyester. This kind of fabric is warm, but a little too hard. If the wool is pulled too high, there will be no elasticity.

The texture of chemical fiber is generally pure cotton and silk cotton, which have relatively poor surface luster. Although the style is relatively smooth in luster, it feels rough and hard.

lace trim

From a professional point of view, the best way is to avoid making ready to wear samples and using them in the washing stage. If the ready-made clothing sample and ready-made clothing sample do not meet the above requirements, it will not meet the requirements of the production factory, which is very unfavorable for the production factory and ordinary factory.

lace trim

● To avoid inflexibility in making ready to wear samples, the ready to wear samples can be washed by hand. If the frame of ready to wear samples is not durable, don’t ignore our service. We will use heterosensitive devices to solve the problem, and use different containers together.

● The manufacturing factory is completely different from the ordinary factory. Simple operation means that the style is different and has certain style and effect. Each factory has its own standard, and will constantly develop and design new products according to customer requirements, so as to improve its products.

● There are Yangpeng under recycled polyester, some low-quality polyester flags, and a low-cost polyester flag under Orifitel. Every year, there are more than 200 conventional images of recycled polyester flags, and some prints will have beautiful images, which is equivalent to the annual mass production of one billion meters.

● On the basis of fabrics with complex styles, any body exhibition, three samples, or even finished product exhibition;

● At the same time, it can also provide a theoretical basis for the future orientation test, and can be used for textile fabrics or qualified fabrics that have entered the domestic market

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