Can new technologies in the black lace trim market become the next wind outlet?

The most intuitive way to learn fabric is to investigate the fabric market. If you don’t understand, ask the boss. It is not enough to just read books. Can new technologies in the black lace trim market become the next outlet? Analysis of supply and demand and economic indicators of masks for adults, children and adolescents in 2019.

● There is no practical effect of absolutely dye free green safety, only a few colors are made, and the color dyed is the same as the coffee you drink.

● Dyeing type: The taste is hard and inelastic, and the color only has a single tone, but the dyeing is accurate and eye-catching, with full brightness.

● Ultrafine fiber double ear folding process is adopted, with super soft fiber 8s/2 crimping and super soft fiber 8s/2 yarn twisting.

● Super soft cotton fabric, which is finished with super soft woven fabric, has a soft and smooth touch, and at the same time, it has been twisted with super soft, antibacterial, super cool, super strong rebound, which is more suitable for summer fitting, right?

● Pure cotton short sleeve fabric: Xinjiang long staple cotton is used, which has good moisture absorption and air permeability. Cashmere fiber gap can be adjusted freely, with good temperature regulation function.

● Long staple cotton soap crotch or cotton silk stockings are woven from cotton yarn and composed of dyes or dyed materials of other silk stockings, which have good moisture absorption and air permeability. Therefore, fabrics are mostly used in processing for women’s and children’s clothing.

Cotton fiber and silk jacquard: refers to the high-grade fabrics used to make high-grade dresses, underwear, women’s underwear and clothing materials.

Tencel (Tencel) is a kind of cellulose fiber with the scientific name of polyester and the chemical name of TechnorP (PET fiber for short). It is an environment-friendly fiber. Its strength is nearly twice as high as that of cotton, so it can be woven into any straight line of our human body very well.

Tencel is a kind of cellulose fiber, its scientific name is polyester, and its chemical name is regenerated cellulose fiber. Its strength is nearly twice as high as that of cotton, so it can be very suitable for making environment-friendly clothes, such as blankets, duvets, wool quilts, etc.

The moisture absorption and air permeability are good, and the washing resistance is also good. It can be acid, alkali, gasoline, solvent and other petroleum, wool is even afraid of acid, and dust sticks to it, so it can remain non stick, non shrink, and has a long service life.

It has high submicron electromagnetic heat, such as antibacterial, anti electromagnetic wave shielding, anti blood H-type electromagnetic, emission electromagnetic wave electric field shielding, with damping rate reduced to 80%. It can automatically adjust the temperature of wood for mine dust removal, smelting slag field dust removal, boiler dust removal, ash discharging, mine car dust removal, power construction, other industries, craft products, industrial kiln top dust removal, jet dust removal, anti-corrosion dust removal, building materials industry, food industry, steel Electricity and other departments.

As the company has a long history of development, it has a perfect textile and clothing engineering team. In line with the development trend of high efficiency and intensification, it has successively developed many kinds of dust-proof and paint resistant coatings for day and night clothing, shoes and hats, household clothing, table and chair covers, water heaters, locomotives, etc. In order to ensure the quality of clothing, it has become an ideal choice for many enterprises to adhere to technological innovation, research and develop all cotton work clothes, long-term acid resistant industrial fiber fabrics, and make them according to the performance of adding flame retardant, oil resistant and water repellent finishing, and skin friendly comfort.

Ice silk, cashmere, wool fabrics, polyester, brocade, more than 100 kinds of fiber varieties are widely used in the processing and production of various knitwear, such as home textiles, clothing, industry, etc., which are competitive. It is precisely because of the above development that this product is welcomed by its counterparts. It is even blended with cotton, wool and silk of the same grade, and has recently launched the Dutch T400 gateway clothing series. In addition, as FZ – a series of thick down jackets, short skirts and straight skirts that do not fall, the base point is taken to a large extent. Up to now, this series has achieved 100% improvement in performance, and has made a major breakthrough in clothing series innovation and marketing communication.

lace trim

The “WDPIOL” series uses fashionable white decorative fabric, decorated with exquisite aesthetics, and integrates WDPIOL vision. Super tight pants are designed from the optimistic and uninhibited attitude of Workvi M LTH. Inspired by the classic urban background, this series transcends the classic retro style of the 1990s and integrates the “M&S” logo, fully interpreting the classic design concept of the Work suit.

The combination of Brain and RevanceStMMB further explains the main styles of high-end suits made by the brand for high-end business people. It can be worn in the same style for men and women. It can add a sense of hierarchy to the pieces such as half corsets, shirts, trousers, dresses, accessories, ties, glasses, etc.

On t shirt custom reuse pocket design principle, so that the pocket half exposed shoulder line. In addition, there are gold buttons on the collar, half zipper and sleeve.

On t shirt customization emphasizes quality. Speaking of quality, the price of each piece should be far higher than your standard. For example, khaki work clothes can be wrinkle proof and anti-static, but they are easily damaged. In addition, the French are relatively different in the style of cotton work uniforms. The RA heart of the UK has a very distinctive grid pattern extending on the collar, which leads to a spun with poor shoulder line, making the shoulders more skewed.

In addition, the British HYCLE2022 is also based on the selection of cotton shirts. Wear more clothes. HYCLE, the fine wool fabric is delicate and soft. At the same time, the rectangular pattern is dense and meticulous. The number of folds is extremely scientific, and the number of folds is even.

As for the detailed design, the geometric patterns of HYCLE, G Millennium and AMI are all sporty, but both of them can reflect the breakthrough of chamfering.

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