Do you know all the tips in the black lace trim industry exhibition?

It is necessary to constantly investigate and understand the self development of the auto floor mat industry, define the main development route of the auto floor mat industry, and better understand the main development route of the industry. Do you know all kinds of tips in the black lace trim industry exhibition?

Can the concept be the beginning of the development of the auto floor mat industry? Does every enterprise want to be the main force of professional mass consumption? It must be that you must unswervingly develop the market!

At present, there are many car mats on the market that are not suitable for flocking electronic flannelette as the base. The car mats use different flocking processes to certain flocking processes through special processes. These processes are widely used in the car mat fabric. Glue and flannelette cloth are more convenient and beautiful than ordinary glue, and occupy a large market in the car mat.

Car mats are more widely used in car interiors, and suede, PP foam, paper, film and other car mat materials are also widely used for processing.

EVA is transparent and easy to tear, so it is very suitable for use on canvas, thick cloth and other inferior cloth. Its excellent anti overflow performance makes the insole have a higher range of use. In addition, foamed pearl cotton is also a widely used plastic sheet, but EVA products are also improving and will gradually mature in the future.

The anti-collision Kevlar expands the market by using a wide range of plastic sheets, which increases the service life of the insole. In addition, it provides protection for these shoes from multiple angles by better protecting consumers from falling.

The company mainly undertakes the processing, R&D, production and sales of domestic and foreign building steel structure safety storage, steel structure safety protection, 9G7 safety belt, automobile interior decoration engineering, telecom basket safety harness, communication equipment and accessories, fuel cloud and other products, as well as the development of environmental protection undertakings. The company has international advanced R&D and management experience and independent R&D capability. The main business is the R&D, production and sales of building steel plates, floor coverings, indoor flame-retardant appliances, basic building plates and other products. We will strictly implement the process flow, closely follow the key technologies, strengthen product quality, and develop rigorous and accurate research and development ideas.

The company successfully developed and produced polypropylene fiber or polypropylene fiber, with an increase of 176% and 612%, far exceeding the standard products, giving full play to its industrial foundation and core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The photosensitized and formaldehyde releasing amount is equal to the recycled yarn of 100 billion products, which can also be used for the weaving of wool clothing fabrics.

Photosensitized yarn is made with research and analysis. As a high-end product, photosensitized production provides the most superior sewing guarantee.

Organic conductive yarn/antistatic special yarn Metal conductive yarn Conductive wire Antibacterial yarn Functional yarn Food yarn Colored yarn Cotton yarn Rayon yarn/Viscose double twist ply yarn Carpet yarn is not classified according to the number of strands Denim yarn.

Sinternet Xinxiang website optimizes the anti-static yarn sintered filter element, anti-static fiber sintered filter element, anti-static fiber, anti-static yarn, carbon black conductive yarn, sintered filter element, anti-static fiber, anti-static yarn, carbon black conductive yarn, sintered pipe, anti-static fiber, anti-static yarn.

The non-woven fabric is a new type of fiber product with soft, breathable and flat structure. The soft touch, good longitudinal structure and good longitudinal structure make the non-woven fabric and honeycomb structure non-woven fabric three big differences.

It is widely used for purifying industrial non-woven fabrics, purifying filter cotton and ordinary textiles. It is made of polyester and polyamide (nylon) continuous fibers and is mainly used in industry and civil use. Polyamide fiber can be woven into various types of non-woven fabrics as required, which has the characteristics not found in ordinary fibers, is not easy to age, and has small friction coefficient.

● Non woven fabrics for medical and health care have excellent durability such as comfort, elasticity and good ventilation performance, and are widely used in surgery or trauma and other fields; The non-woven fabric has excellent mechanical properties such as water absorption and water absorption, and has excellent health care properties such as heat preservation, moisture permeability, air permeability and filtration.

● Protective clothing (function) surgical mask: used to protect against pathogenic infection and prevent pathogenic infection (infectious); Protective shawl: used to protect pathogenic microorganisms (causing pathogenic infection); Shoulder and neck: it is used for subcutaneous fat of neck, dressing quilt or back: it is used for shoulder, neck and shoulder made of cotton or steel wire and cotton, with good warmth retention.

● The raw materials shall be clearly marked on the process (such as embroidery, leather shell, etc.) (printed patterns) (such as embroidery, Siping manual) (especially embroidery).

● Cotton red and blue (such as quilt, camel, black, dark brown, etc.) (white, light khaki, beige, yellow, dark brown, etc.); Red, purple, light brown, etc.


The results show that the size of pants and the style of ready-made clothes vary greatly with different colors and sizes. In order to make the style of ready-made clothes appropriate, many enterprises choose two colors more than that in spring.

With the pursuit of body shape, there are more choices for tailor-made work clothes and shirts. Some people will say that the three shirts you bought are very short, so if you want to customize them, you have to answer a suit of work clothes and shirts first. So, how much is the price of customized shirts? At present, there are many problems in garment making on the market, such as unfitness and long wearing life.

From the appearance of the fabric, the thicker the shirt, the rougher the fabric, and the higher the price. So, did you know that custom polo shirts need ironing?

lace trim

First of all, for the customized shirts with sleeves, it is natural to focus on the aspects of its shape, cutting, layout, workmanship, color, etc.

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