Edge treatment of lace fabric

Wedding dresses are generally made of satin, gauze or lace fabrics. Good fabrics have bright colors, luster and smooth, soft and comfortable feel. Edge treatment of lace fabric.

● Washing of lace fabric (silicone oil, resin, thickener, etc.) and flexographic agent.


● Science and technology continue to improve the quality of textile fabrics, and obsolete science and technology rise. Scanned or folded fabrics have slight defects. All the defects and details of clothing come from different science and technology. A large number of textile wastes are gradually eliminated, while the specifications and texture of fabrics are not significantly different from those of fiber raw materials.

The development of science and technology and the progress of technology have brought about the development of enterprises, the continuous changes in scientific research and production, the diversification of plastic materials, and the use of new types of resources for design, manufacturing and sales, which are favored by users in the industry. The design and customization are made by upper and lower molding machines and equipped precision shoemaking equipment. The single-mold box feeder technology and the configuration of the feeding mechanism of the incoming parts complete the enterprise’s material cutting task. After completing the preparation of a complete standard size, the shoe technology, uppers and new materials will be more accurate and realistic.

The dream of the the Belt and Road is to create a futuristic direction! India, France, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Fujian, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong provide high-quality high-end fabric solutions, and provide a full range of expensive and personalized options for foreign customers around the world.

The brand new “the Belt and Road · Three Rivers” fashion eco friendly concept combines technology and fashion to achieve the goal of being in the belt.

First of all, leather goods as clothing (), the material of its clothing is very consistent with women’s requirements. It is a color freely chosen by all people, a harmonious and consistent color, which can show the attributes of dependence and release.

Due to the characteristics of materials, any applicable products can be separated layer by layer. However, color levels can be differentiated by color segmentation, such as black, white, red and other warm colors; Red and orange can be differentiated by color segmentation, and red and orange can be represented by color matching. However, it must be noted that any design of associated colors can be separated layer by layer to produce differences.

From left to right, from right to back, there are two different colors. Color has calmness, vitality and diffusion, while color needs to be lively and jumping, presenting the aesthetic feeling of mutual heat superposition.

● Two relatively close colors, such as gray, red, blue, etc. In the space of versatile colors, because there are red, blue, green and other color combinations, because there are two color combinations, the color will also change.

● Use high-end colors to highlight vitality. For example, black and white are white, pink, gray, beige, red, brown, white, green, purple, etc.

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May 10, 2023 Company News
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