Eight characteristics of black lace trim market

The thickness of the yarn has a great relationship with the thickness and price of the fabric. The black lace trim market has eight characteristics.

Pure cotton slub right diagonal leather 15s pure Tencel twill chemical fiber fabric two-color polyester shirt pants fabric.

Thickened BG polyester ammonia elastic fabric Cation T400 interwoven stripe polyester ammonia elastic casual pants for men and women.

Polyester ammonia knitted jacquard fabric T400 Oxford spinning plaid shirt fabric men’s pure cotton casual 300D144F.

Classic British casual men’s fabric polyester ammonia yarn dyed jacquard lining suit business coat suit collar fabric.

Cationic dot knitting jacquard fabric T400 yarn dyed jacquard fabric men’s elastic pants fashion fabric.

Spot full polyester coarse needle jacquard fabric women’s casual wear knitted jacquard fabric woven warm coat fabric in autumn and winter.

Xinrongxing social knitted jacquard fabric TR coarse needle jacquard fabric TR tooling casual wear fabric.

Factory wholesale Duozheng underwear 4C baby cotton cloth cotton low elastic baby underwear baby cotton gauze knitted fabric.

Knitted fashion fabric 3D letter small jacquard fabric TR yarn dyed T-shirt woven small suit dress fabric.

Knitted casual apparel fabric TR spandex undershirt polyester ammonia undershirt men’s and women’s short sleeve fabric.

Knitted fabric customized high-end women’s casual wear sportswear children’s wear fabric cotton inter striped leggings knitted fabric.

Founded in 1989, the company covers an area of 1700 square meters, with a building area of 40000 square meters and more than 100 employees. The company has been experienced in the industry.


Mingjing ribbon manufacturer independently developed a ribbon material of cotton jacquard ribbon. The cotton jacquard ribbon is made of imported environment-friendly dyes, and the products are made of imported environment-friendly dyes. 2. The material is made of imported environment-friendly dyes, which is soft and smooth, giving people an excellent experience of use; The overall webbing can be wound with a width of more than 6 inches. This type of webbing can be used as machine embroidery lace, and the background color is pure cotton ribbon for packaging. The product can be used as ordinary webbing or computer embroidery. The ordinary webbing is greatly changed due to its special angle. 3. Raw material requirements: do not soak polyester ribbon, which is environmentally friendly and natural;

There are many ways to clean your feet with webbing, so you need to keep your feet, hair loops, and hand stitches clean every day. The application range of webbing is very wide, and the daily use range is wide. Spinning belt is used in clothing accessories, which can be ribbons, ribbons, rope belts or belts of sports equipment. The ribbon industry is inseparable from the embellishment of the ribbon accessories. If the ribbon has no ribbon pattern, it will have some very complex patterns.

In China, imported equipment is used in the production, manufacturing, packaging, labeling and other professional clothing materials. There are many kinds of clothing products in China, and the clothing quality and grade of enterprises are also high. However, there are also those who lack domestic and imported products. In fact, we can also find some imported raw materials here. After that, the design of national printing and dyeing raised a question. In fact, the quality of domestic printing and dyeing products is not very good. You can also use grey cloth, crock yarn and glue to solve the problem of printing and dyeing quality.

The state has been advocating energy conservation and emission reduction of green printing and dyeing and recycling processes, but has not formed a complete link, so gradually developed a plan to improve the efficiency of energy conservation and emission reduction of green printing and dyeing, mainly from the measures taken in the dyeing and finishing process,

At present, this era advocates green and economical development. The development of energy conservation and carbon reduction has driven the demand for renewable cellulose fibers to grow. The amount of waste clothing recycled is also growing. It is increasingly being put into use, increasing the recycling of resources, thus further promoting the healthy and stable development of the textile and clothing industries.

It is understood that most of the regenerated cellulose fibers can only be used in the rest of the season. However, the output of regenerated cellulose fibers in China now accounts for 78% of the total output of regenerated cellulose fibers. Recycled fibers can reduce the consumption of original polyester. However, the price of regenerated cellulose fiber is much higher than that of regenerated cellulose fiber, which is generally 40% higher than the original wood production capacity, and is also an important substitute for chemical fiber.

At present, the raw material of regenerated cellulose fiber is cellulose. It is generally believed that white and light colored polyester, Tencel and silk fibers are all recycled cellulose fibers. However, the responsible regenerated cellulose fiber of the manufacturer is more likely to cause natural surplus and waste, and because the cost and quality of the regenerated cellulose fiber made from these waste textiles are seriously reduced, this is not a manifestation of human nature.

“At present, the main demand for regenerated cellulose fiber comes from: black, gray, black, white and purple.

Hengyi Petrochemical: PET fiber and polyester are blended to produce, process and produce polyester staple fiber. The production effect and performance of PET fiber and PC fiber have silver luster.

Pulp, polyester film and pulp, etc. Technology: PET film post-processing production, can produce, PET composite film and ABS powder.

Waterborne polyurethane foam powder, film blowing material, foaming powder, leather surface foam, polyurethane foam, etc.

Composite membranes and other uses increase the quality and quantity of composite membranes or pulp. 1: When in use, it is compounded with authentic rubber powder; 2: Film width/mm, thickness 20mm; All are 10mm.

EPE pearl aluminum is a heat curing agent for low-density polyethylene resin, thermoplastic polymer, Cor intensive and multi-purpose composite materials, which is suitable for the composite of pearl aluminum itself.

Polyethylene foam cotton is made by calendering and extrusion of several high-quality materials, such as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) and low-density polyethylene (LD-SPE).

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