Enterprises with advantages in black lace trims accumulate business risks in strategic mistakes

Then it is the analysis of the market competition pattern of Guangdong textile industry, the competitive financial data analysis of the dominant enterprises in Guangdong textile industry, and finally the analysis of investment opportunities and risks in Guangdong textile industry. Enterprises with advantages in black lace trims have accumulated business risks in strategic mistakes.

Deputy review results of Tongxiang Nylon Laboratory Design Institute, Zhejiang Province – Deputy review results of Tongxiang Nylon Laboratory Design Institute, Fujian Province – Deputy review results of Tongxiang Nylon Laboratory Design Institute, Fujian Province – Tongxiang City, Fujian Province.

After more than 5 years of experience in R&D and design institutes, in 2015, Yubo was awarded the list of “2014 Famous Private Textile Enterprises in Zhejiang Province”, and won the honorary titles of “2013 Zhejiang Beautiful Home Enterprise” and “Guangdong Textile Industry Green Factory”.

In response to the national environmental protection concept and the environmental protection trend of green fiber, sustainable fiber and new material industries, the company has developed yarn varieties (Jinxia, Hengsheng, Caisheng, board curtain, wood clasp, etc.) to give new requirements for product development with environmental protection technology. The company participated in the development of “the Belt and Road, ASEAN” development of knitted fabrics, with the goal of developing well-known knitting yarns, and products with flat knitting machines/woven fabrics.

● As one of the three major industries of textile clothing and apparel, since 2006, it has designed and developed new products for brand style, and constantly updated and upgraded products, characterized by the development of fashionable clothing, home textiles, knitwear, etc. Close to the development of production, improve the design level of textile fabrics, promote the R&D and innovation of “Internet plus”, and “Internet plus” can facilitate the management of “universal”, so as to realize the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry.

In terms of economic endeavor, grey fabric, fabric weaving, garment production quality, supporting products and other links exceeded expectations, giving “digital grey fabric” continuous, washable, color change, fastness, dimensional stability, color change, obvious hand feel, sagging and other functional continuity, sensitivity, special functional correction, and stronger functionality. Weaving machine, grey cloth leveling machine, dyeing, edging, drying, shaping and rolling machines, and mechanical maintenance, calendering, shaping, folding, etc. Webbing machine and drying equipment, rope machine and accessories, dyeing and finishing equipment, sizing equipment, coding machine, etc. Ribbon loom (leviso), suspender, yarn rope, cloth belt, rubber tooth, ear belt, hook ring, belt, ring belt, pin clamping belt, etc.

The ribbon loom is a professional mechanical equipment in the industrial chain, and the development of the ribbon loom tends to be the same. Hongrun Machinery has measured from Mayer High Speed in Japan, has sufficient capacity, and has been optimized for sustainable development.

In recent years, the production capacity of the global ribbon industry has grown on average, and the competition has become increasingly obvious. However, the downstream demand and downstream demand of the ribbon industry are also relatively large, opening new opportunities.

The ribbon loom is used in the rapid development process of software design, PDM business, chemical fiber, cotton yarn and other industries for various purposes and properties such as weaving, knitting, nonwovens, etc. It conforms to the low-carbon environmental protection concept and actively explores the sustainable development strategy.

It is used for hoisting webbing and rope making and e-commerce. Control and handling of hoisting system, hoisting and unloading workshop facilities, automatic control surface, reduce hoisting noise and save labor costs. The lifting personnel can pack and put into storage after each lifting, safety performance, etc.

● Double ring flexible sling system, customized external flexible sling reinforcement beam. The flexible sling system can be customized according to customer requirements.


Large tonnage flat sling system, flat sling, flexible sling, double flat sling system products, a variety of different specifications for selection.

Large tonnage round sling system and 15 ton double round sling system products are widely used in industry and civil.

Large tonnage flat sling system product, 15t flat increase coefficient flexible sling, application scope: circular industry.

Product features: The lifting belt can avoid many accidents for industrial equipment. When using large tonnage flat lifting belt, it can also avoid some complex sites and many lifting personnel.

The flat sling of is widely used. Because its main components are the same or the same specification or the products with more sewing methods, such as flat sling, the products mainly play a fixed role.

The flat lifting belt not only has excellent performance, but also has a series of advantages such as good strength, toughness and corrosion resistance. Because the nylon, polypropylene, chitin and other synthetic fibers used in the flat lifting belt can be used as slings. Although they also have the advantages of high strength, they can be knotted at will. This is one of the advantages that the lifting belt manufacturer has proposed according to the needs of attention, making its transportation and use more convenient.

If the polypropylene lifting belt is used as the lifting sling, the weight of them can be easily detected by people with more color, which is the first choice of lifting belt manufacturers for lifting belt manufacturing.

One side of the sling is made of polypropylene sling, and the single side is made of flat sling. The sling is made of polypropylene sleeve, which is not only light but also light in weight.

The industrial lifting belt is made of polypropylene fiber. The lifting belt is made of polypropylene fiber. It can be made of four times the width of polypropylene fiber according to customer needs, and can withstand twice the weft insertion effect. The two times are replaced by a traction fracture surface, and the two times are replaced by a lifting belt with a parallel length of webbing.

The production and manufacturing of industrial lifting belt webbing is based on the application of heavy flat webbing machine with fiber dyeing.

lace trim

Because each dyeing equipment contains only one yarn, the material can achieve the dyeing effect as long as it is washed out of the small square. These models can be used for dyeing rice, grey cloth, colored cloth, wick or fiber, ribbon, wool or artificial fiber, polyester or artificial fiber.

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June 14, 2023 Company News
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