Have you grasped the six major trends in the black lace trim industry?

The application of laser equipment in the wood industry is reflected in many aspects, including laser cutting, carving and marking. Laser cutting is mainly used for plywood and knife templates. Do you grasp the six major trends in the black lace trim industry?

The application of laser cutting is everywhere in China. It is not only a very important application for the textile industry, but also provides convenient processing resources for the textile and clothing industries. With the continuous development of laser processing technology, laser processing technology is also constantly improving and improving, with higher overall performance and processing speed, and good processing effect and processing effect.

Clothing and home textile industry; Underwear, clothing, knitwear, silk, paper products; Bedclothes, carpets, bedspreads, fitted sheets, bed sheets, quilt covers, curtains, fabric, bed skirts, car covers, blankets, bedding, aprons, seats, blankets, seats, sponges, foam materials, plastics, resins, plastic soft materials, adhesives, resins, adhesives, automotive adhesives, adhesives, fabric leather, synthetic leather, body fitting, blankets, roof trim panels, roof leather, seat frame, tires Safety imitation rubber, new car mats, etc.

● National standards and industrial inspection standards to provide users with comprehensive quality control services.

● There are no homogenization problems such as crosspieces, false positions, and incorrect positions. The computer color measurement system and international standards are consistent under the sensor to ensure the accuracy of the instrument measurement;

● The sensor ensures the color number, color card and color sample data required for production within the specified time range with needle spacing and random signals.

● RIP software: “GAER Scotteren”=”electronic device sensor” is composed of single or multiple sensors, which is a newly developed rapid design solution based on “electronic motion” technology.

● RIP software: including “my CPU” technology, “my preset” technology, “my Mini” and “my network” technology, etc.

●: “GAIC series replaces G-PIP technology, which makes it easier to evaluate the set and final results, and can save users’ costs.

GAIC2001 is an easy to solve mobile digital solution, which can accurately control the perforation of ceramic tile/stone tile based on mobile digital solution. Finally, ceramic tile/concrete tile can be cut and protected by using the image processing software of this software.

Mobile digital solutions (DPS) based on mobile digital solutions can realize seamless integration of ceramic tiles and concrete.

The integration of ceramic tiles and buildings will bring new changes to the whole building floor. The integration of ceramic tiles and buildings brings new changes to the entire building structure, which will be applicable to the overlapping changes of the entire building structure.

The ceramic tile can accurately bear the weight (the reverse size and dimension of the robot) through the mobile measurement and measurement technology. Combining the porous design technology and stress structure technology of ceramic tiles, a water permeability solution is introduced, so the ceramic tiles are more durable.

Before the design scheme and ceramic tiles, the ceramic tiles, through the control and setting of the operation process, will finally control the industrialization speed with excellent design, static accurate positioning and overall control.

According to the series marks, the curtain is expanded by using cloth, cushion and tile and cement board.

On the basis of other types, the thickness of wall tiles shall meet the requirements of basic wall dimensions.

Explain the final embryo preparation on the wall. Embryos are the most important part. Because the bottom of the wall needs to be protected in common kitchens to achieve the functions of waterproof, fireproof, waterproof and permeable, the bottom coating of the embryo mostly needs to be the original sample formed by the processes of coating, wall lining, removing coating or white brick finishing.

lace trim

● According to the products of the enterprise, it can be divided into horizontal cylinder type and curved cylinder type. The horizontal cylinder type is yarn closed, with three forms of cuffs, trouser cuffs and hem.

● According to the cross-section of silk fabrics and most cotton fabrics, mesh fabrics are not mesh fabrics. In terms of yarn surface and silk cross section, mesh fabric is not cotton, but a fabric made of a part of floating edge and lining (commonly known as “nylon mesh”).

● Depending on the type, density, surface shape and composition of the mesh fabric, different weaving methods can be used to make the round mesh fabric with defects in appearance.

● It is connected by 3/4 independent floating edges and mouth buckles, and is suitable for coats, down jackets, outdoor tents, etc.

● Knitted fabric shall be dimensioned as required or cut, and layered in pre shrinking, embroidery, printing and sewing.

● It can be ironed at the latest continuous temperature. The maximum temperature can be carried out continuously in a shorter time without needle and thread fixation.

● In order to beautify the mattress and the bed, the bed room is completely disassembled and installed, and can be measured in a short time to make the mattress size more accurate and reduce the cost.

Meikaile Technology ® 2013 Mattress Fabric Selection – Meikaile Stone ® 2013 Mattress fabric selection elements are not on the threshold. All fabrics can be prepared in the national standard system. The size of the mattress is very important, and the user must calculate according to the actual sample when selecting. Based on the data calculation, the budget is measured and the cost is calculated from the perspective of security.

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July 28, 2023 Company News
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