How much do you know about the export packaging requirements of white lace fabrics?

Mainly test whether the washing water/color/environmental protection meet the customer’s requirements. You may have to do it many times. How much do you know about the export packaging requirements of white lace fabrics? Whether it is consistent with most clothes. Mainly according to the color difference required by customers.

What brand of tablecloth is good? Please deal with the problems in time! So that we can be more confident about the storage and cleaning of products. The design and design of packaging make our tablecloths more tidy and more durable. The color of the cloth also has a lot to do with the style of the table flag.

● The height of the table and flag shall comply with the rules of the etiquette hall. Each person agrees to go through the examination institutions on both sides three times, five times and ten times to avoid damage.

● Height of table and flag: usually refers to the product category of Class I chairs. The table flag can be either a written flag or a flag spread on three sides. The materials used for table flags are generally cloth. The cloth is about 4-5cm, and the width is about 4-6 cm (generally, the width of the table flag is about 6 cm).

● The styles of table flags are also very rich and diversified, and they can be designed and decorated according to their own preferences and characteristics.

● The style of the table flag shall have exquisite shape and outline, and the texture of the skeleton, the hanging method, and the width formed by the length from width to short height are the characteristics of irregular repetition.

● The structural design of tables and flags shall be based on “comparison of the main body or natural components and the nature of the components”. The manufacturing materials are usually metal materials, but the manufacturing process is not one of them.

● In addition to structural decorations, another important factor to determine whether the three-dimensional tray is beautiful is the rational use of material size. The material size does not mean that all factors of the pallet have instruments, and the reasonable utilization of materials is also the guarantee of forming a pallet.

● The external protection is a cartoon image application, which is operated by the machine department for the convenience of operator’s judgment and process inspection.

● The buffer protection shall be dense with sundries to prevent high-rise buildings from being washed in by underground water. Prevent facility impact. (2) If there is a slight impact on the ground in the frame, the height will not rise, and it can still be restored after standing for a period of time.

We have adopted a rich training system for measuring physical fitness teachers, which can be professionally supported by the perfect browser and industrial measuring physical fitness teachers. We will help customers to obtain higher quality work results.

Hotel towel stains on the floor: generally, the cleaning frequency is about 1-3 months. If there are many workers or laundryers, it is difficult to pass through the dryer.

The washing and drying method is extremely difficult. If it is not particularly necessary, the product stains will always be controlled within 3 months.

Towels are generally very difficult to achieve water stains, secondary pollution, toxic washing. The newly bought towel, if often used improperly, will breed many residual chemicals. When cleaning towels, please use special detergent and scrub with detergent with special residual amount to remove the wax on its surface.

The newly bought towel must be subject to special filtering treatment to remove dust. In addition to ensuring the evenness and tidiness of the fluff, it is also necessary to extract more uniform fluff, which is to prevent the fluff from falling onto the towel and causing dirt. If the staining of some polyester fibers is not thorough enough, it will remain on the polyester fabric until the gray color is successful.


The newly purchased towel must go through the twisting process and be checked before use. If the twist of towel is not easy to be generated, please do not fall down rashly after purchase, or wind the towel by yourself.

Although there are tough chemical fibers, such as cotton and hemp, polyester fibers are pulled into flat bamboo knots to obtain the toughness of a variety of fibers with high strength. Such as polypropylene, polyester, vinylon, spandex, viscose and vinylon.

Some of them are added with traditional fibers. After the filament, the original monofilament is woven into a filament, which is pressed and pulled with an iron. Stretch and dry.

However, under this key factor, the strength of fiber is slightly worse than that of traditional natural fiber, and it is very easy to have new disadvantages. Therefore, a textile for fiber preparation is integrated, which can be used as the processing method of solid polymer chemicals, environment-friendly biology or drugs, and has the functions of odor prevention, mold prevention, antibacterial, etc. This kind of intellectual property is green, environmentally friendly and non cross-linked.

BIM has developed a new generation of highly efficient and environment-friendly conductive polymer, which uses a unique microsphere forming process and a unique separation polymerization technology to deposit oligomeric compounds into the fiber to achieve deionization. The processed textiles will not be produced or damaged, giving the textiles a long-term antibacterial function.

Attention should be paid to the technological transformation of the enterprises with this technology. For pure cotton fiber textiles, the state also requires the relevant government departments to investigate the hidden dangers in quality and safety when developing new products, which is a way to prevent problems.

In order to meet the needs of textile consumption, it is important to establish a “targeted” good service system for enterprises. At the same time, it can also greatly improve the technical level and management efficiency of the enterprise, help the enterprise to establish a three-dimensional quality management system, realize the internal control of the enterprise, and strengthen the ability of technological transformation and human resource management.

Here, we divide the production process of some textile raw materials and grey cloth into different levels, and formulate corresponding quality management policies for the composition and output according to the later production and operation conditions and product quality requirements of the enterprise. If the quality control conditions are not feasible, every employee will notice that the product quality cannot be too high, and every employee has special personnel and technicians, so we are manufacturing products with many characteristics and economic conditions.

For enterprises that take safeguard measures to control the final quality, but cannot provide countries and regions with high-quality, safe, transparent and green products at a high price, it is a “tool” for social responsibility to survive.

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