How to apply lace applique to fabric

Talk about the application of negative oxygen ions in the household industry, textile functional fabrics. How to apply lace applique to fabric. You can easily understand the pattern of lace applique and its effect of transferring skin.

● The cutting head is easy, the seam edge is flexible, the knitting texture is natural and not easy to deform, and the wrinkle resistance is also very prominent.

● Warp-knitted lace fabric is often blended with lace and polyester. Lace and mesh fabric are soft, wear-resistant and durable.

● Knitted clothing fabric: refers to the fabric formed by knitting the yarn into a coil and then stringing the coils together. The structural characteristics of many kinds of knitted fabrics are as follows.

● Thin texture. The texture of knitted fabric is soft. In addition to good wrinkle resistance and breathability, it also has great extensibility and elasticity and is comfortable to wear.

● It is different from cotton knitted fabrics, but knitted fabrics do not have excellent iron-free properties. Real nylon fabrics do not fold and have special edging.

● It has high shock capacity at high temperature. After washing knitted fabrics with elongation greater than 100% at normal temperature, the washing can not only effectively control the handle of such knitted fabrics, but also effectively avoid the lateral expansion of fabrics due to draft deformation, which affects the durability of clothing.

The knitted sweater can avoid the phenomenon of fuzzing or stiff tube or bulging and tangle, which makes the product easy to wrinkle or loose. We should pay special attention to prevent these factors from getting worse.

There are many factors that can be prevented for knitwear, especially when picking pleats, because the width of the yarn itself affects the permeability of the fabric, especially the hygroscopicity of the knitwear, as well as the elasticity and resilience of the knitwear, and so on. The quality of knitwear also directly affects the quality of fabric.

What are the reasons for the wrinkling and unevenness of knitwear? There is no reason why knitwear of different brands will not wrinkle or wrinkle, while knitwear of different brands will not wrinkle or wrinkle.

Is it better to choose pure cotton or pure cotton for summer clothing? For autumn and winter clothing, you should usually choose pure cotton or blended fabric. If you use the washing machine to wash clothes, you might as well take a small piece of cotton from the inside of the clothes and pull it back. How absorbent is the cotton fiber?

When sewing, leave a dead corner. To ensure that the large cotton thread will be cut off as much as possible, and the difference in the phenomenon caused by the round, square paper or lead wire on both sides is too large. Because of this, the offline places will not be significantly improved. Generally speaking, it is inclined from the side of machine sewing to the other side.

lace trim

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April 30, 2023 Company News
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