How to attach lace to fabric

With the fan-shaped edge, you don’t need to add any other decoration to the fabric. They are clothes, how to stick lace on the fabric. Because the lace sticks to the fabric, making the fabric opaque, the lace sticks to the lace. Because it is formed on the surface of the fabric, it is not easy to break and collapse. It is used to make clothes and some women’s evening dresses, especially Chinese evening dress and evening service dress. In fact, there is no such reason. It changes the things you wear for a long time.

On the other hand, Tuodong doesn’t want it to be damaged in such a short time. Although it looks thinner than it looks, it looks much drier, but it doesn’t look warm. I like this idea. If a rustic person wears it and sweats, it will be sultry, and it will stick to his body, which is very uncomfortable. So if there are some people who wear resistance and circuit, the clothes are light if they are light, which is very suitable for sweating and hot places.

● It is cotton hemp, bamboo fiber, polyester, etc. There are also some special fabrics, such as fleece, velvet, corduroy, ice cotton, etc.

The combination of lace can be gorgeous and exquisite, or it can be a thousand birds grid. The irregular edge is shining. At the same time, you can add something to use lace to increase the decorative effect.

Main color mesh: gray-black, divided into five or six kinds, which are light gray, pure white or other colors. Some light-color mesh is white, light brown, light pink, light yellow, light pink, lake pink and other colors, giving a sense of stability and stability.

The grain is clear and fine, the surface is smooth and clean, not easy to regain moisture, but the permeability is poor, easy to wrinkle! Polyester cotton fabric is an option.

Pure cotton often means it will be rougher and harder than polyester. In fact, due to the characteristics of fibers and other materials, cotton paper often represents the characteristics of two kinds of fibers: breathable, hygroscopic, quick-drying, but smelly, proper state, and harmful to the use efficiency. At this time, we want to earn “money”. In fact, this is almost the same with “random change” at this time.

The plain plaid fabric is still an irreplaceable fashion element today. Almost every year, the plaid fabric will become the rhythm of fashion renovation, not only the beauty of girls, but also a fashion darling.


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lace trim

Node history of the upstream industry of the textile industry: Zhou Nuo temporarily transferred to domestic sales, supported the transfer of short-term staff to foreign countries, and supported the production and processing of Xinjiang cotton and Bangladesh silk and satin.

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