How to dye lace

If you like lace lace T-shirts, you can do it yourself, using ordinary old T-shirts and lace stitching, how to dye lace.

● Fold and dry the washed lace to make it white. Like most clothes, white lace will naturally change back to pure white. 2 Lift up a layer or a layer of gauze fabric on the edge of the lace. It is best to use a coat tightly. Put the film face up on our body, and we feel extremely happy. The Dutch wizard described it this way.

The wrapping feeling of lace is very comfortable, which can keep us happy. The texture of lace is also very thin, so don’t worry about breaking.

Everyone rarely uses animal fibers, because the sweat they bring to a certain part of the body’s multi-arm (such as gym clothes and sportswear) is a good material for body heat dissipation.


Acrylic fiber is often blended with wool or other fibers. Many natural fibers, such as wool, silk, spun silk, and modal, are blended one by one;), Polyester fiber is so thick and heavy, its strength is more than 700 pieces of cotton, and the strength of acrylic fiber is 20% of cotton.

Such thermal insulation property has an elongation of 8 times that of acrylic fiber, while that of wool is five times. At the same time, the moisture absorption property of wool is not as good as that of real silk, which greatly reduces the probability of hair death.

Organic conductive yarn/special antistatic yarn metal conductive yarn conductive yarn antibacterial yarn functional yarn food yarn color yarn cotton yarn yarn rayon yarn/viscose double twist yarn processing carpet yarn is not classified according to the number of strands of denim yarn.

Used for testing/fixing/discoloration of samples and clean surfaces; The discoloration of the surface of the processed material can be tested at the same time.

Product. It is suitable for physical and chemical processing of various textile fabrics, clothing, tents, umbrellas, gloves, belts, shoes and hats, etc.

How to eliminate static electricity on flannelette? Is there any antistatic agent for concrete? Aging of antistatic agent How long can the antistatic effect of external coating be maintained? How can rubber products prevent electrostatic hazards? How to use internal antistatic agent to prepare antistatic film bag antistatic agent PE bag antistatic agent HT bag antistatic agent HT bag antistatic agent EBM antistatic agent L-F conductive agent L-DLA-ZDFC antistatic agent L-40S antistatic agent L-127SWN antistatic agent L-100SWN antistatic agent L-DLA-BW antistatic agent L-300SW flame retardant L-500SW composite antistatic agent L-300SW adhesive L-300SW antistatic agent L-500W breathable agent L-70090 polyester staple electrostatic agent supports customized acid and alkali agent.

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