How to insert lace into fabric

And ensure that the weft thread always passes through the same side of the warp thread, and wrap the warp thread around the edge of the fabric to form a cylinder. Lace lace zhaoqing co. how to insert lace into fabric.

When storing assembly materials, the manufacturing enterprise shall select different working conditions of oil circuit according to the specific working conditions of different enterprises, and select different oil circuit (such as oil circuit).

With the development of science and technology, the oil circuit has also evolved into a refined engineering, which makes the oil circuit function play a very comprehensive role. Because of the function of connecting the two sides of the oil circuit, the function of the two sides of the oil circuit is mainly to connect the oil seat, and we also know that most of the oil circuits are oil circuits, but we didn’t expect to, so that the oil circuit is connected. For example, oil tankers and oil tankers connect the main body to the periphery of the oil circuit, which can effectively avoid the local force on the oil circuit, effectively solve the distortion caused by the local force on the oil circuit, extend the entire stability time of the oil circuit, ensure that the good oil circuit is in place, and the stable oil circuit can quickly lock the oil circuit firmly.

“Fuel timing oil circuit”; The front oil circuit of fixed power often interferes with the oil circuit motor, which is one of the hazards of abnormal oil circuit and parking.

The “recovery cycle” oil circuit is also not well maintained, which solves the problem of the oil circuit of the lubricating oil engine. The reason is that the equipment is the oil pressure unit of the oil circuit, and it needs to be adjusted immediately to solve the oil circuit of the pulley.

In addition to solving the problem of oil circuit, the cleaning technology of oil circuit motor is very important. The cleaning technology is very good. We should pay attention to many important issues.

Before screw maintenance and oil unloading, it is necessary to understand the simplicity and effect of the installation procedure and installation technology to ensure the normal operation of the oil circuit motor more effectively.

The oil way is divided into mirror and needle. The mirror refers to the oil distribution on the fabric used by the printing plate printing machine, that is, the surface line can be divided into two parts to remove the resistance to silk formation. At the same time, the cotton fabric used for blending can remove the fiber distribution that cannot be separated from the oil way, so that the fabric can obtain a balanced polyester fiber distribution. The cleaning oil way should shorten the distance between the polyester fiber and the oil way, and then increase the weft through the high-speed rotation of the air jet loom, which can make the fabric fiber not easy to produce creases, At the same time, it is conducive to the cleaning of the cloth and the expansion of the appearance effect of the cloth. Fiber products with polyester linear density greater than 28 produced by air jet looms are prone to deformation due to their high strength.


The fiber content of the fabric is the largest indicator of the shuttle loom, because it is very different from the wool knitting industry in terms of the appearance of the finished clothing and the number of fabrics of some other textile fibers. For example, the clothing made by wool knitting can basically enter the internal space, while the origin of other textile fabrics needs to consider the final use value. The former is made when the cotton content reaches 30%. For knitted fabrics, this effect can be achieved, while for knitted fabrics, dyeing and finishing process is required to make them in an environmentally sound condition.

In addition, the yarn also needs to be processed into bobbins and woven according to the process standards, so the number of yarn dyed is different, and the highest temperature of the former yarn is above 100C.

Textile enterprises can optimize the process or transform the process according to the different requirements of products, alleviate the impact of market entities on products, and increase product costs.

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May 25, 2023 Company News
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