How to sew lace at the corner

It can be in the corner of the courtyard or in the hall. How to sew lace at the corner. The lace is evenly and naturally sewn on the pillow, and some small details can also be embroidered on the marble-like texture. Flower arrangement lace is used for embroidery of flat wide and checkered flowers. These details can also be sewn into a flower petal.

The mesh weave made of 2/2 twill weave of the edge striped plaid fabric makes the fabric have good elasticity, and can more reflect the femininity.


● 3 twill woven mesh 50D opposite 45D mesh 60D horizontal mesh 3/5 shuttle double-sided mesh 100D round mesh black mesh 100D plum mesh decorative mesh black mesh circular mesh 2/6 customizable material: polyester 50D high elastic mesh 1/18 high elastic mesh 70D nylon mesh 40D polyurethane mesh black mesh 100D nylon mesh 1/18 dumb elastic mesh 150D nylon mesh 40D nylon mesh 150D nylon mesh 150D nylon mesh Dragon mesh 40D spandex mesh.

Wholesale customized 2/2 twill nylon mesh environment-friendly nylon mesh nylon bottom cloth 150D 30D nylon mesh.

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Non-woven fabric detection equipment can detect non-woven fabrics according to different diameters and different cross-sectional areas, and can detect the following substrate or specific density content: 1 × 10(mm × 100cm) × fifteen × 5/10(mm × 10090) × four × 8/10(mm × 557) × eight × 8/20(mm × 90) × ten × 8/15(mm × 447) SC 155cm。

● High temperature resistance. Polyester, acrylic, silk and rayon are also popular. Because of their stable performance, they are straight and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and dry.


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May 17, 2023 Company News
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