How to soften lace trim

The dyed lace has bright color and is not easy to fade. Believe in the beauty of lace and how to soften the lace.

The pattern of lace is three-dimensional, giving people a feeling of luxury and fashion. Lace material Guangxi accessories.

Engaged in the design and sales of clothing accessories, face accessories, shoes and hats, bags, accessories and clothing accessories, is the first choice of clothing factories. The following will share the clothing accessories you have seen in the past two years.

● College degree or above, major in garment design, garment plate making and wholesale, garment computer design, etc.

We operate a variety of knitted clothing, sports suits, underwear, professional clothing, shirts, etc. Tools: understand the domestic and international trends and trends, and win customers in the market with accurate market positioning.

Our company has a whole process of clothing design, clothing production, sewing and production, a professional designer and sales team, and more than 30 years of experience in the clothing industry. We carefully observe and grasp the current technology, and pay attention to the details of the process; No matter how many experiences or generations, we always design excellent work clothes and professional clothes for you.

Fengfa Garments provides you with all kinds of customized clothing needs. We are studying how to deal with your clothing needs every day. Fengfa Clothing has always insisted on helping you solve some problems through cost performance. For your personal suit, we all work hard to list your style and style of suit to bring eye-catching appearance. Our formal clothes are completely based on your lifestyle. We often communicate with young people at all levels, and we will find that no matter what our personality, we can be satisfied with the actual situation of our lifestyle and career. We hope that our formal clothes also belong to us, which is also the choice of clothing.

The customization process of professional clothes is divided into four steps: waterproof step and men’s suit customization. There are many introductions about this part, including color, fabric, style, etc. The following options are the same for different people.

lace trim

Women’s professional dress customization takes the charm of modesty and correct direction, so it can be more harmonious. Don’t choose some styles with high overflowing degree, that is, the various functions of high-end business suit. Exquisite craftsmanship is the soul of business suit customization. Pure cotton, silk, cashmere, chemical fiber, flax and other materials will feel more stable. It is important to choose good materials.

lace trim

Five aspects of T-shirt selection What should be the process of women’s clothing processing? Jilin Garment Making Talking about the feeling of different clothing fabrics What should we pay attention to when wearing suits to meet the needs of suits matching and lifestyle in various occasions.

Five aspects of T-shirt selection What should be the process of women’s clothing processing? Jilin Garment Making A brief talk about the feeling of different clothing fabrics People need to know the etiquette and care when wearing suits. Different fabric textures are made of different materials, and the knowledge of weight and weaving methods are also important.

T-shirts are usually worn by one person. What clothes do you need to pay attention to when customizing T-shirts at the end of the year? With the advent of the Shenzhen T-shirt customization industry, the decision of the T-shirt customization industry is also made by the choice of fabric for clothing customization. Such clothing planning and the size of T-shirts are not based on your overall planning, but for planning, planning, engineering production planning, engineering planning and processing of functional clothing demand are all large markets, engineering manufacturing positioning.

The most important thing is to protect as much as possible, and the last one is to produce the double-sided fabric, which is the anti-rubbing effect card.

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June 9, 2023 Company News
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