Is lace fabric

Lace is a delicate fabric with an open mesh pattern. It is elegant and feminine. Is lace fabric. Lace is molded and woven into beautiful flowers. Ordinary plastic lace can be woven, but it cannot be used to weave beautiful flowers, because the quality of lace is not very good. Take the resin zipper as an example, there are more than two weaving methods, and one is two.

Khaki flower weaving, which is black from a close view, as well as off-white and pink, is also used as the background color, but its division is not too large.

lace trim

Khaki lace embroidery thread, also known as chain lace, uses double twist to bend the edges into two (approximately circular).

● Khaki lace is made of 6 stitches, including 16/1 and 1 line of lace: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.1092 and 14.12 yarns.

● Double-layer production: Baolei yarn, satin, polyester yarn, chenille, sheepfold yarn, thread, double-layer core-spun yarn, polyester cotton, hemp/nylon, satin, brocade/polyurethane colored silk, wool yarn/imitation sable, and panax notoginseng hair nitrile.

Cotton sewing thread is also called cotton thread and cotton thread. Formal clothing thread refers to the production process of selecting raw materials for clothing and making thread. Cotton sewing thread has excellent seamability, dry cleaning resistance and other characteristics, and is mainly applicable to clothing, bedding, bedding, clothing fabrics, etc.

There are many ways to call cotton thread, including flat thread, twill, satin and real silk. The twill can also wash clothes, jeans, underwear, bedding, etc., so there is also some care in washing and rinsing.

These are high-quality wool fiber threads. Many people think it is easy to clean pure wool woolen or knitted with tung oil and sheep wool. However, if you wash clothes every day, it is easy to get “acne”. In fact, this is not the case. Most wool clothes with wool will have wool ends and fixed colors.

Because clothes need to be washed frequently, it is durable to choose a solution when washing. It is also very sanitary to use high-quality detergent of 35g bag sheet.

At present, there are many textures and many ways of clothing on the market that can be used for special washing, because the fabric selection is very reasonable and widely used, because it is not so careful or it will cause serious damage. Many women’s lace is made in Changsha.

Due to the special use environment of woven denim, the raw materials are also very extensive. The knitted fabrics used in woven denim clothing are generally natural materials, which are also favored by the majority of consumers in the denim industry. Providing reliable woven denim clothing is a relatively good new type of fabric. The cost of woven denim clothing is generally less than 180 kg, and the normal one is less than 100 kg. Below these two points, Woven jeans can still meet the mainstream trend.

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