Sequin Lace Fabrics

Sequin lace fabrics is exceptionally stunning, with a touch of both intricate lace and sparkling sequins. It offers a mesmerizing display of glamor, causing light to reflect and dance across the sequins. It’s a popular choice for evening gowns, bridal wear, costumes, and accessories due to its opulent appearance.

Sequin lace fabrics may include a variety of other lace types, including crochet, guipure, embroidered, or corded. We have a wide selection of gorgeous sequin lace fabrics below, offering a variety of patterns and colors.

Step only on the floorboards, avoiding the cracks, and you’ll be awarded, our Black Floral Sequined Lace Fabrics — in stacks! A darling matte-black lace is a host for shiny black sequins as well as an interesting story: Poppy flowers, rosebuds, and elongated leaves appear in full bloom, spanning the fabric while heightened with thick, black cording. Emphasize countless designs, utilizing the decadent beauty of the malleable drape and textural hand.

Fully feature this lightweight lace as your outermost layer of a floor-grazing ball-gown, a sheath dress that takes full advantage of the peek-a-boo construction, plus so many more! Consider introducing one of our exceptional linings to complete your look, granting full opacity and striking confidence through comfort.

  • Width: 1422.4mm (56″ )
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Length: 30 yards
  • Color: as customer need
  • Stock: available





Width 18.5cm Beautiful Hot Selling Elastic Light Blue White Lace Trim

Article: AMLE00001

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 6.0cm

Color: Blue&White

Fashion Popular Black White Underwear Sexy 19cm Wide Lace Trim Decoration

Article: AMLE00010

Width: 19.0cm

Repeat: 8.0cm

Color: Black&White

17cm Beautiful Ivory Delicate Gauge French Rose Lace Trim for Bridal Embellishments

Article: AMLE00014

Width: 18.0cm

Repeat: 11.5cm

Color: Ivory

Beautiful White Venise Guipure Lace Trim Width 21cm Perfect for Bridal Wear

Article: AMLE00019

Width: 21.0cm

Repeat: 7.5cm

Color: White