Corded Lace trim

Corded Lace Trim by using to add a touch of refined opulence to fabrics. With an ornately detailed, dimensional appearance from this lace trimming’s thicker cord outline!

Make way for romance with our White Floral Corded Lace Trim with Eyelash Fringe Edges! Twisting cords accent a woven floral design, dizzying in its intricate pattern, framed by twin scalloped, fringed edges. With a dynamically textured feel, crisp drape, and a width of seven inches, there’s plenty of love, and lace, to go around! Corded lace is most often seen on bridal gowns and attire, but can also be used for a dimensional twist on lingerie, outerwear, or day dresses.

  • Width: 76.2mm (3″ )
  • Composition: 100% Cotton Blend
  • Length: 3 yards
  • Color: as customer need
  • Stock: available





Width 18.5cm Beautiful Hot Selling Elastic Light Blue White Lace Trim

Article: AMLE00001

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 6.0cm

Color: Blue&White

Fashion Popular Black White Underwear Sexy 19cm Wide Lace Trim Decoration

Article: AMLE00010

Width: 19.0cm

Repeat: 8.0cm

Color: Black&White

17cm Beautiful Ivory Delicate Gauge French Rose Lace Trim for Bridal Embellishments

Article: AMLE00014

Width: 18.0cm

Repeat: 11.5cm

Color: Ivory

Beautiful White Venise Guipure Lace Trim Width 21cm Perfect for Bridal Wear

Article: AMLE00019

Width: 21.0cm

Repeat: 7.5cm

Color: White