Eyelet Lace Trim

Eyelet lace trim and weaved lace trim are textures characterized by little, enriching gaps, or “eyelets,” that are bordered by sewed designs, regularly made on a cotton or cotton-blend base. The eyelet designs, as a rule, including blooms or geometric shapes, grant this trim a light, breezy, and feminine feel, making it distinct from other sorts of lace. Design originators can consolidate eyelet lace trim into different ventures to include a breezy and sentimental touch.

Influenced by the natural world, our White Embroidered Eyelet Lace Trim will enchant you with its pastoral appeal. Cattail-inspired designs appear in 1” vertical repeats dancing toward the bottom of this non-stretch trim.

Quite sturdy, this exquisite lace measures in at about 1.75” with a depth of about 0.45mm. Having one scalloped edge and one raw edge, easily complete bridal wear gowns range from billowing styles to more fitting ones.

  • Width: 44.45mm (1.75)
  • Composition: 100% Cotton Blend
  • Length: 3 yards
  • Color: as the customer needs
  • Stock: available

Numerous Employments of Embroidered Lace Trim

There are numerous uses of weaved lace trim in day-to-day life, as given below:

  • This kind of clothing may be utilized to make and brighten homes.
  • These lace trims are utilized in bridal dresses.
  • The lace trim is utilized in window ornaments.
  • They can utilize bouquets to upgrade their magnificence.
  • This lace trim is utilized in headbands.
  • They can be utilized in Christmas tree decorations, among other things.
  • This lace trim adds a dazzling touch to your occasion or interesting event decorations.
  • They can be utilized in wedding enrichments, hair bows, and sack embellishments.

It’s ideal for including something small and extraordinary in your sewing ventures. Embroidering is one of the most well-known shapes of embroidery.

Embroidery is one of the most flexible ways to brighten clothes.

Our lace trims add a wealthy touch to your clothing. From wedding dresses to party dresses, these eye-catching embellishments are the epitome of adding design to your outfits. They highlight a complicated arrangement on both sides. It is perfect for making superb clothing or adornments.

They are, as a rule, made from polyester-mixed materials. It is a great-quality fabric.


The texture of lace is a high-quality item made from 100% polyester. It has a delicate touch and a lovely look.

It is an ideal choice for making dresses, skirts, or other clothing items. This item is strong and simple to utilize. You can wash it with cold water and hang it dry.

Amainlace offers you present-day, in-vogue, perfect, and up-to-date embroidered lace trims to fulfill our customers’ needs and is worth your trust!





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