Stretch Lace Trim

Extend-lace trim has been woven with spandex or elastane strands, giving it the capacity to extend and adjust to the body’s shape. Its one-of-a-kind quality lies in its adaptability and consolation, making it perfect for making pieces of clothing that require a cozy fit without compromising on fashion.

Fashion designers can incorporate lace trim into various projects, such as dancewear, lingerie, and fitted dresses, adding a touch of elegance while ensuring comfort and mobility. Enhance the fit and comfort of your designs by shopping for lace trim today!

Like a clear blue sky on a spring day, this breezy stretch elastic lace trim is simple yet striking. Over a turquoise mesh background, flowers lay with lighter, shimmery leaves that provide a subtle pop.

Framed with irregular scalloped edges, this delicate lace features a 30% stretch and a supple drape. Measuring 2 inches wide, it’s perfect for adorning skirts and creating bralettes!

  • Width: 50.8mm (2″)
  • Composition: Polyester, Elastane
  • Length: 3 yards
  • Color: as the customer needs
  • Stock: available

How Stretch Lace Trim Elevates Your Fashion Garments?

Lift your taking after sewing appearances, much obliged to our carefully chosen collection of extended groups. These trims are made with top-quality materials to ensure perfect quality when worn and sturdiness. Check out our wide range of amplified extended versatile lace trim, which culminates in embellishing and embellishing articles of clothing realized with amplified surfaces like shirts. These amplified trims are comfortable, fragile, and open in unmistakable colors and widths. These amplified bands are fundamentally utilized on pieces of clothing, especially in the realization of nightwear and unmentionables. If you need to learn how to sew shirt pants, make sure to watch the directions work out on our YouTube channel. Our location is filled with high-resolution pictures and point-by-point portrayals.

Stretch elastic lace trim

Add a touch of sophistication to your essential dress and design embellishments with this curated collection of extend-lace strips. Buy the lace trim strips sold by the meter, which are perfect to refine and decorate your stretchy pieces of clothing. You will discover them accessible in numerous colors and designs to suit each kind of necessity.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best stretch lace trim supplies in China, Amainlace is the one you need to contact for quality, elegance, and top-notch lace trims. You can bulk order your requirements today in order to get your lace trims delivered to your doorstep in China.

Several usage of the Amainlace trims

If you need to utilize the stretch lace trim for enhancements, you can cut them to the appropriate length or combine them with other beautifications to coordinate your objects. They are the perfect supplies for sewing, interwoven, weddings, or day-to-day use, bringing you an agreeable DIY experience. Wide Application: Appropriate for wedding party enhancement, blessing wrapping, DIY headbands and veils, flower courses of action, pieces of clothing outfits, tablecloth embellishments, etc.

Stretch-lace textures are comfortable and soft

Stretch lace trim is exceptionally common in today’s design world. Mold creators cherish stretch-lace textures since they are simple to sew and can be utilized in diverse ways. A few stretch-lace textures are indeed appropriate for making underwear, such as nightwear. This is why numerous producers presently utilize lace trim to deliver an assortment of clothing and pants. The textures are exceptionally comfortable and soft.






Width 18.5cm Beautiful Hot Selling Elastic Light Blue White Lace Trim

Article: AMLE00001

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 6.0cm

Color: Blue&White

Fashion Popular Black White Underwear Sexy 19cm Wide Lace Trim Decoration

Article: AMLE00010

Width: 19.0cm

Repeat: 8.0cm

Color: Black&White

17cm Beautiful Ivory Delicate Gauge French Rose Lace Trim for Bridal Embellishments

Article: AMLE00014

Width: 18.0cm

Repeat: 11.5cm

Color: Ivory

Beautiful White Venise Guipure Lace Trim Width 21cm Perfect for Bridal Wear

Article: AMLE00019

Width: 21.0cm

Repeat: 7.5cm

Color: White