Vintage Lace Trim

Vintage lace trim features patterns and designs reminiscent of past eras, often characterized by intricate details, fine workmanship, and a classic aesthetic. Fashion designers can use vintage lace trim to embellish projects such as period costumes, heirloom bridal gowns, and retro-inspired fashion garments, adding a touch of history and classic elegance to the final piece.

Try this White Pearl and Iridescent Floral Beaded Vintage Lace Trim! A stately lace is adorned with iridescent and pearl beads, creating a mesmerizing, magical look. 1⅞ inches wide, this trim is ideal for decorating bridal gowns, crafting sweet headwear, or decorating handbags.

Please note: Due to the decorative beading, this trim is of a much heavier weight than your typical lace trim. Embrace the charm of the past and elevate your designs by shopping for vintage lace trim today!

  • Width: 76.2mm (3″ )
  • Composition: 100% Cotton Blend
  • Length: 3 yards
  • Color: as customer need
  • Stock: available





Width 18.5cm Beautiful Hot Selling Light Blue White Elastic Lace Trim Fabric

Article: AMLE00001

Width: 18.5cm

Repeat: 6.0cm

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Repeat: 8.0cm

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17cm Beautiful Ivory Delicate Gauge French Rose Lace Trim for Bridal Embellishments

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Repeat: 11.5cm

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Beautiful White Venise Guipure Lace Trim Width 21cm Perfect for Bridal Wear

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Repeat: 7.5cm

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