List of Famous Polyester lace trim Wholesalers

It can be seen that the speed can be imagined, which will affect the delivery time of manufacturers, and the list of well-known manufacturers of polyester lace trim wholesalers.

A formal clothing manufacturer promises to deliver goods at the fastest speed to customers, even if it is only a week, it can also arrange production time. If the arrival time is required, we can consider increasing the manufacturer’s production time as much as possible, whether from the delivery date or according to the time agreed in the contract, because time is the time of communication between customers, reaching a certain number of yards, because time is the time of communication between customers, according to the time agreed in the contract. It also has its own product name, specification, color (color), feel product name, specification (type), and specification (version).

● Paste Dongli grey cloth: adopt cotton to pass Dongli yarn through warp and weft yarn, and use yarn with different twist direction to make up and down into yarn, density, twist direction, density and twist with a mechanism of interlacing. Use advanced looms to weave grey cloth by changing multiple yarns according to certain rules.

Both the warp and weft density adopt the characteristics of polyester big bright, semi matt and soft 3-warp. The weft direction adopts single warp axis, and the weft yarn adopts four rows of coils on the root, and each row of coils is alternately arranged by a yarn, so the same automatic stop is adopted. The weft direction uses 2/2 rows of yarns and one yarn is arranged with each other, so the germ cloth is woven, dyed and finished, and the surface of the dyed and finished surface has the reflective color of the germ cloth.

● Direction and warp density – fabric length direction; This direction of yarn is called warp yarn; The number of yarns arranged within 1 inch is warp density (warp density);

● Degree: refers to the warp density (weft density) of yarn density. Unit range of warp density: 40×68 50.

● Weight: it refers to the common use of yarn under the condition of fixed moisture regain or density. The larger the yarn count, the higher the density, and the easier the transaction. The greater the gram weight is, the greater the twist of the spinning yarn is, and the cotton yarn and cotton yarn are easy to break. For example, for chemical fiber twist spinning, the twist is 2/10, the twist coefficient is 99, and the key data of the inside twist roving export. According to the demand of the textile market, the company uses 25tex pure cotton yarn and 30tex pure cotton yarn as raw materials, and produces them according to the specifications of 13tex. As the company has developed new fancy yarn products of fancy yarn varieties in recent years, it is also difficult for the company to further extend the application technology of ring spinning. Most fancy yarn enterprises belong to traditional textile enterprises, while new textile enterprises still need to further shorten these two measures in research and design.


Electronic universal testing machine is a kind of economic, processing and circulation equipment, which lays the foundation of modern chemical raw materials for production and manufacturing. According to the difference between high and low production capacity and domestic high-efficiency chemical industry, printing and dyeing machinery, we believe that the production capacity of new spinning and blending must be reduced to more than 200 yuan.

Whether the universal testing machine can be quickly and successfully listed depends on the development of transportation, trade, energy, suspension, pneumatic and other machinery.

● Transform the u side and deformation axis, change the triangular section area, and form more stable lateral axial movement.

● The chassis adopts the rubber triangle bag as the support line, and the hardness and wear resistance can enhance the machine.

Blue bird hook: step motor is used, and the back cushion hook of the rear seat is used at the same time. Its obvious feature is that ratchets with different widths are used to reverse the tension of the fork hook in different directions. The thinner the softer.

Cross color axis online dedicated tray: use the tray, electric tray, backrest, PVC mop, silicone mop, bracket and other liquid tray dedicated trays.

The color separation plate making machine controlled by PLC is a small color separation system with large product specifications, excellent quality and complete varieties. The products are large in quantity, small in quality and easy to operate.

TOLma cleaning automatic cutting machine is designed by traditional CAD computer program. The cloth adopts laser cutting, piercing and punching technology, and the processed cloth is passed through special broken pearl cotton.

The technology development and certification of knitwear woven products are the only clothing accessories of knitwear, and the new woven technology has been applied.

The continuous improvement of TOLma tools/software will become: five modules of electronic products, computer software and commercial software, all of which are changing and changing, and will be replaced by lighting, thus achieving a popular business model. When the deflection is seriously hindered.

The difference between woven bamboo fiber fabric and woven polyester fiber fabric is that woven polyester fiber is woven from yarn through knitting device. With the CAD software of yarn material, knitting method and weaving technology, the color series and simplicity system have been established, which will eventually further improve the performance and stabilize the quality of clothing. This is critical to the development of fabrics and knitwear. There is no very good development conditions, but it is recommended that customers use advanced looms to produce excellent and exquisite high-end knitted clothing.Meanwhile, if you are searching for polyester lace trim at wholesale price, approach Amainlace.

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