Professional service platform for white lace fabrics

For the machinery industry, it needs to be high in fabric selection, wear resistant clothes, and a professional service platform for white lace fabrics.

After the yarn enters the chassis, it will enter the buffer zone of the product area to buffer the cavity, causing the material to block the chassis and the chassis edge, and the cavity valve retracted at 01m above the fire source. If the concept of flame retardant is put forward, flame retardant or other textile technologies can follow the flame retardant methods of existing flame retardant materials, and the pressure can be adjusted. If it is necessary to add protective masks, the flame retardancy will produce different sparks due to different flame retardancy values, and there will be heat source of injury due to condensation and diffusion around. In this case, there will be strain. The accident caused by this self variation is caused by the huge frequency conversion system of the machine itself. The source loss is only due to the technician’s purchase of the machine. The actual electronic thermal performance of the machine is very poor. The adjustment of the frequency conversion system of the machine comes from the buffer zone in the field operation.

lace trim

The tape casting machine of the spraying device is mostly a three roll or four roll calender; The configuration of the corner roll has a great relationship with the installation technology of the current coating machine. The thermal conductivity of the microporous part is the same as that of other parts, but the friction resistance of the microporous part is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the equipment. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the corner roll is very important, because it will not only cause the loss of daily necessities, but also hinder production.

But sometimes we can see that most of them have different use properties. Some have average roll length, some have long rolls that are impervious to hair, and some have short rolls that are not long rolls. In order to prevent these habits from affecting the use of the nozzle, we can solve this problem. It is also suggested that some people should pay attention to the appropriate length of the volume, which can help them improve the fixed length. What is corduroy cotton of corduroy fabric? Is corduroy fabric easy to wrinkle.

There are different levels on the market, all of which use corduroy of the same area. The high shrinkage rate of clothing is also a problem. If the factory can’t support us, we need to buy some new ones.

As long as the long sleeve T-shirt is purchased, the high collar T-shirt can also provide us with special solutions. For example, bottomed long sleeved shirts, T-shirts bottomed with regular long sleeves, and bottomed shirts with short sleeves and round necks, whether POLO or Polo. Because the styles of POLO shirts are monotonous, special styles must be customized.

The soft cotton texture is close to the skin, which fits the female curve and creates a subtle match. A one-piece dress is suitable for multiple wearing, and the POLO shirt without style looks rustic.

The customization of solid color POLO shirts is the same as that of business groups, which must provide good customization services for front-line personnel. We want to provide you with the design scheme of professional suit suits and shirts. The first choice of suits is simple and generous, more slim and more stylish. The professional suit can also make it more dynamic. As the clothing for group activities, it is more classic and fashionable. Of course, you need a quick way of thinking. Customizing enterprise clothing is a big part of it. Not only enterprise group activities can also bring you great business opportunities. How much does it cost to customize enterprise business suits?

The price of customized business uniforms should be cheap, and the choice of fabrics is very important, because there is no comparability with the price in terms of both quality and manufacturing process.

Many enterprises and groups often choose to customize their work clothes in batches in a customized factory. Many manufacturing enterprises pay special attention to the fabric selection when customizing their work clothes, which is not only the reason for customizing the work clothes fabric, but also the important reason for customizing the upper body of the work clothes. When customizing work clothes, there are many choices of fabrics for work clothes customization. Take the choice of customized fabrics as an example. The fabrics for customized work clothes are varied and changing with each passing day. Some people who do not know the fabric may roughly understand the fabric several times and then use it for comparison. Those who do not know the fabric may not know the value of the fabric. If they do not know the value of the fabric, of course, they should first remind the manufacturer to end the value of the fabric first, and no longer think that the designer means to mass produce through fabric production.

The fineness of cotton yarn? Some people do not understand that, in fact, the thickness of the three types of nylon filament, together with these so-called nylon filament fabrics, are generally used for industrial weaving in textiles, chemicals, etc.

● All kinds of cotton spinning enterprises can break down the above analysis according to their own work or industry characteristics without further notice. If enterprises prefer to use polyester cotton yarn and purified fiber yarn when purchasing work clothes, do not distinguish from polyester properties; Polyester cotton yarn and purified fiber yarn are free of flower, prick, rot and wear.

● Various blended yarns and raw material sections, such as polyester cotton blended yarn, polyester strong twist yarn, pure viscose reverse twist yarn, chemical fiber viscose reverse twist yarn, acrylic ply yarn, polyester cotton hemp yarn, mercerized worsted yarn, flame retardant yarn, colored yarn, slubby yarn, Tencel yarn, vinylon yarn, strong twist yarn, linen grey yarn, wool cotton yarn, ply yarn, mercerized worsted yarn, ply yarn, dyed yarn, blended yarn, yarn dyed, blended yarn, linen grey yarn and blended yarn.


Jade silk chemical fiber staple yarn/32S/40S polyester yarn/32S/40S.

Tianzhu Fiber Yarn Lanjing Tiansi Yarn Organic Cotton Yarn Nuo Cotton Yarn Tiansi Polyester Yarn Maser Yarn Pure Cotton Yarn Polyester Viscose Yarn Modal Yarn Flax Cotton Yarn Golden Korean Embryo Yarn Flax Viscose Yarn Slub Tencel Yarn Blended Yarn Direct Sales.

As for the planting of cotton yarn, the planting amount of raw cotton in China is only to preserve the easy experience of cotton fiber, and the planting selection of ecological cotton will also be questionable.

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