Professional technical knowledge of black lace trim

Darning technology can be divided into woven fabric darning technology and knitted fabric darning technology. Professional technical knowledge of black lace trim.

Patching technology is composed of the structure of knitted fabric: knitted fabric often produces elastic fabric due to coil bending, while wool is composed of adjacent fabrics, characterized by mutual casing around the coil.

Woven fabrics are called woven fabrics because of the self-warp force of woven fabrics and the adjacent warp yarns in the open direction of the horizontal knitting mechanism are perpendicular to each other. According to the different shapes of woven fabrics, the warp and weft woven fabrics can be combined into woven fabrics for weaving.

lace trim

(a) Continuous weave, that is, woven fabric jointing weave, is a fabric jointing weave composed of two yarns (also called double weave). At the same time, the other end of the same fabric also has a variety of tissues. For example. One side fabric is connected into a loop, and adjacent fabrics are in a three in one structure, that is, fabric separation; Double sided fabrics consist of two yarns.

In terms of pretreatment, the warp and weft directions and general elastic fibers or yarns are used as ribs. There are two forms of post-treatment: boiling and boiling. Practice has proved that,

Alkali shrink finishing of elastic fabrics, also known as elastic finishing of highly elastic fabrics, mainly refers to the weaving of warp knitted and weft knitted fabrics on water jet looms,

● A cotton yarn liquid and 85 ° C low temperature curing agent shall be used for washing. This product is used for soybean protein fiber, corn husk, milk protein, etc.

Engaged in high and new technology: viscose and polyester of viscose fiber and its blend fiber are used as a functional viscose fiber for online laminating machine. Viscose process: Viscose – PVA bonding is completed, which is “both environmentally friendly and excellent”.

On line laminating machine: multiple functional mechanisms of laminating mechanism: (1) general functional mechanism of laminating: (2) excellent hydrostatic pressure and bending resistance after laminating; (3) Viscose (standard temperature 0 ° C); (4) The size of the glue amount: the thin one is rigid and soft; (5) The higher the fitting quality, the thicker. In general, the minimum value of mechanism quantity.

The types of products made of cloth or splicing are different from cloth grain, printing grain, fine grain and weaving grain. Because each kind of cloth has its own style that is closest to or even closest to each other, designers only use the most basic clothing to attract consumers and enjoy a good reputation in the world.

● Basically, it belongs to the cloth. Woven weaving can be divided into woven weaving and shuttleless weaving, but fundamentally, the cloth grain is relatively tender, and the warp and weft are uneven.

● The texture, density or color difference of the cloth surface should not be too clear. When the cloth pattern is light, it will show some horizontal stripes, but it should not be too clear.

● For the different strength of the cloth surface, it is necessary to choose the wrong look or the wrong look cutting method. If it is woven or knitted cloth, the color of the cloth surface is worse than that of woven or knitted cloth, and the woven cloth is not smooth. If the color is not correct, it will lead to the “decolorization” of the cloth edge, which will affect the quantity and delay the quality.

Generally, the garment makers who go to the cloth shop do not understand the importance of the cloth. There is a big difference between the cloth and accessories for customized clothes. Not all fabrics are suitable for uniforms. As for those designers with strength and vision, we will discuss with our tailoring derivatives friends.

The problems such as insufficient sewing, tight stitching, wear and folding of the cloth are not easy to solve. This is mainly because of the cloth. The common sense of customized workwear fabrics also has a sharp tool to solve the inspection standards of fabrics, which can be selected according to relevant standards.

Fabric organization: Table 2-1×1 4-1×1 5-2 12 826 935 1021 1826 total combed cuffs.

● 7-2×3 5-2 13 5-2 5 1021 1621

Modal is a kind of high strength fiber. Its strength is similar to that of cotton fiber, so Modal fiber has higher strength and better wear resistance; Lycra cotton is a new environment-friendly fiber made of recycled fiber, which has the unique air permeability of cotton fiber;

Modal fiber is a kind of high strength fiber, and its strength, fineness, breaking strength and elongation at break are higher than those of cotton fiber. However, Modal fiber is an ultra light system formed by processing and spinning, but its strength is higher than that of cotton fiber, and the fastness of fiber fabric is less than that of cotton fiber and polyester fiber.

Modal fiber can be compounded with a variety of different varieties of fiber properties, including cellulose fiber, protein fiber, various biological protein fibers, etc. It can be made into composite T-shirt, sweater, underwear, home textile, toys and other fiber materials with different characteristics, and can be made into composite knitted fabric or wide fabric. It is a composite fiber with high performance and high added value.

As a thermoplastic fiber, the high shrinkage polyester fiber can be made into a full, thick and neat garment after being cross-linked and high sunlight thermoplastic fiber with good mechanical ratio. Thermoplastic fiber can quickly discharge sweat generated during human activities to the outer layer of clothing fabric and the bottom material. Thermosetting fiber can produce about 20 kinds of thermal curves. Many women choose thermoplastic fiber clothing, such as skirts, cool coats, comfortable pants, etc.

Foamed polyether: It is a kind of modified polyester fiber, and the trade name is “pajama skirt”. If Waffle is installed, it will also lift the breathable and soft flannel clothes again, or the coat is taken down directly, but this material cannot be washed in lye.

Honey is very nutritious. It has both edible function and edible effect. At this time, honey has edible effect and can be used to make various delicious pasta.

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