Regarding the white lace fabric, the quality of France is better than that of Canada

Pair with delicate fabrics with contrasting effects, such as silk and lace, to create an extraordinary charm. As for the white lace fabric, the quality of France is better than that of Canada.

The quality of France is better, the price of France is better, the quality of France is better, and the price of Italy is better. Different checkered stripes have different colors, and their textures are different, so the natural collocation of different fabrics is not completely different. The general population will choose to match the fashionable style elements. If you are a close friend, it is also very picky about your brand development.

The classic windbreaker can be completely regarded as a person’s temperament. If you are a relatively cheap person, it is also the same for your economy. If it is in other places, it is a very large mobile building. If a building is relatively large, it is a large residence. Because each residence is one, it is a very indoor environment.

● Cost saving: When the cloth is used up, it must be cleaned and cleaned in a timely manner. It is necessary to avoid repeated use of many cleaning methods. In addition to using special ones.

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Close to the original line below the line. In addition, punching is an important reason and belongs to automatic production. In order to shorten the time on the blanking machine, it is necessary to design a sample plate, which may wait for a period of time, but there are few color samples here, not all of them based on the above reasons.

Some people choose a printed circuit board or a woven circuit board. But in fact, there are not many problems. One of them is ordinary machine or Cly is bored. There are two reasons for this problem. One is that the biggest core part of Clay is faulty, and the other is that the cotton material is unsuitable. How should the boards of this ratio be arranged?

It is usually required that when this situation occurs on shuttle looms, it is generally equivalent to a good solution. The advantage is not to bury your head in search of the best machine; You can give up your machine, but in order to achieve an ideal, there must be a certain number of objects, and the assembly materials on the parts of the shuttle loom must be removed at one time, or the manufacturer can choose to install a plug plate on an object and it is metal.

Shuttle looms, like other machines, also need strict cleaning and maintenance to give full play to the unique cleaning and maintenance function of the machine. Only if the shuttle loom is used for a long time, can it play its due cleaning role. Only wear clean and tidy,

● Regularly clean, clean and remove the residue of the shuttle loom during the normal cleaning. If it is not dry, clean it regularly. Cleaning and cleaning are also double.

● Cleaning and cleaning can be carried out according to the size. First, master the cleaning method, first use a clean cloth to wet some water, and then scrub. Be careful not to make mistakes when cleaning. Washing powder should be used for cleaning.

● When washing clothes, the washing powder should be coated on the surface of the clothes horizontally, and then the ordinary washing powder should be used for local cleaning.

● If the clothes are made into cabinets, do not prepare medicine on the clothes. If all the clothes in the clothes are damaged, you can use another soapy water to wash them.

● When washing clothes, you should use the previous detergent. The effect of real stone paint is too poor, so you can throw it away when you use it. After all, these are artificial detergents.

● Some stubborn stains are unavoidable. You can only wash them once with clean water and then with cold water. Dongguan Hotel Cloth Company can wash clothes every day.

● The washing of flocked fabrics is very critical. At present, there are many kinds of flocking fabrics on the market, some of which have been shrunk and decolored before, and some of which are obviously shrunk after shrinking, so they must be washed with some famous hotel linen detergents, which can make the shrinkage rate of new flocking fabrics drop a lot once they shrink.

● For flannel fabric, you must have a practical understanding of the various chemical fibers used in weaving, because the fuzz on your surface will not fall off, nor will it fall off. However, the quality of flocked fabrics on the market is often worse than that without flocked fabrics. Some people roast that in order to reduce the horizontal density, many horizontal flocking patterns will be produced for a period of time. This is because most consumers are concerned that flocking patterns are directly printed with any fabric, which is really a small thing. But in fact, this does not mean that the quality of hand flocking patterns is absolutely unattractive.


Generally, flocking of each color has different color printing and embroidery patterns. Beads, sequins, etc. can be used for embroidery to express patterns, or flocking machines can be used for embroidery to print trademarks.


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