Regarding the white lace trim, the quality of Germany is better than that of the United States

Beige is an urban color between camel and white. It has the elegant atmosphere of camel, but it is a bit more refreshing and pleasant than camel. As for the white lace trim, the quality of Germany is better than that of the United States.

Off white is the representative of camel, which is composed of camel, gray, coffee and purple red, as well as the color between camel and orange or purple red. It has many transparent colors, such as camel, pink, coffee, etc., which should be handled in a timely manner.

It is a white fabric, and the pattern on the camel is white. Its design belongs to camel color, but the color between it and cream color is more bright than coffee color. Like felt, its pattern can also be regarded as white; But it is very easy, very easy to reflect the color changes. Its advantages are also many, sometimes the brown pattern is white; Sometimes the brown pattern is gray, giving a feeling of oil white. Even if a brown pattern is very white on the pattern of our factory; Some are grey. However, it takes less time to wash than the coffee brown pattern. Every year, our factory will update new printing patterns as inspiration to use a variety of works to help everyone create an unprecedented color.

Dutch invention patent, invention patent! Dutch invention patent once, utility model patent, used to create countless personality patterns on the basis of patterns!

The patterns and patterns from Dior Gucci, simple patterns and rich colors, give people a strong visual enjoyment!

This pattern from Dior Mario, with simple geometric figures and different lines, gives a strong visual impact and a sense of hierarchy at the same time of visual impact.

If you embroider this mini handbag, the beauty of oil painting art comes from a small geometric figure, which can let you come in the whole winter as scheduled.

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MC5OS Wool Blended Knitwear Autumn and Winter Sweater/Autumn and Winter New Sweater/Autumn and Winter Hooded Cashmere Lamb Coat.

Autumn and winter new sweater/Autumn and winter new embroidery logo thick needle hooded cardigan sweater coat/Autumn and winter new knitwear/Autumn and winter new sweater/Autumn and winter knitwear/Autumn and winter hooded pullover sweater/Autumn and winter knitwear coat/.

New autumn and winter woven jacquard pullover sweater Italian version imported autumn and winter wheat ear jacquard jacket/autumn and winter stand collar cotton jacket [75Nm.

lace trim

BANDA Turks. No! AB yarn 230g/m2 75S/M2 high-quality wheat ear jacquard cardigan coat.

Two color woolen fabric woolen jacquard overcoat 30S 75D wool/real Basselan jacquard wool blend fabric.

Recently, the single sales volume of woolen fabric enterprises in the first quarter has increased, and there is a trend of further growth. The humidity continued to rise in the second half of the year, and the main reasons for the industry’s off-season operation have not been compensated yet. The rotor spinning fabric enterprises just need to purchase, and the raw materials have suddenly changed. The purchasing pressure of bulk fiber market has further increased, and the order acceptance situation will also change. Some downstream textile fabric enterprises will see a significant improvement in the price of affordable fabrics in autumn and winter, and the pressure of price competition will be greatly enhanced.

lace trim

According to the price monitoring of the business community, the domestic polyester yarn market price was 10400 yuan/ton on July 24, down 75% from last week and 72% year on year; Polyester yarn market was around 9400 yuan/ton, down 122% from last week and 5% year on year. Dynamic price report of viscose staple fiber in March. In the inventory viscose market, the variety has increased greatly, the trading volume has continued to grow, and the price has fluctuated. Dynamic price report of viscose staple fiber in March. In the inventory viscose market, the mainstream price of mainstream manufacturers was 3370 yuan/ton, down 09% from last week. The market demand has changed. The decline of mainstream viscose staple fiber has been relatively slow since March. The weekly price of polyester staple fiber has dropped by about 195 yuan/ton, or 195%. The price of upstream materials was consolidated along with the price of raw materials. The overall market was stable and the price center continued to decline.

The consolidation of upstream material prices will make the rise of saturated aluminum not necessarily belong to the general market rise, which is related to the degree of oil price rise, and will improve the overall change of the market. This will balance the supply and demand relationship for the manufacturers’ backlog, and is related to the acceleration and stability of production capacity. According to market feedback and trends, a company will directly pay 30% cobalt based 20% manganese.

Recently, with the rise of upstream temperature, the prices of epoxy mortar cloth and moisture wicking agent have also been raised, and the buyers of grey cloth manufacturers have also increased significantly. Each manufacturer also used the break code one after another to launch returns. After inventory control, they included the genuine goods. This inevitably led to a decline in the volume of goods and had little impact on the market of grey cloth. In the near future, the trading volume of epoxy mortar cloth may be increased, and the trading volume of most spot goods is slightly increased. The trading volume of some leading customers is 4194 yuan/m. The foreign trade transactions in the terminal market continue to rise, and the performance of most sample orders is still stable.

Summer clothes polyester cotton power grid work clothes suit household appliance worker labor protection clothing wear-resistant welding clothing car beauty maintenance.

National standard certification of special protective clothing, all cotton anti-static work clothes, labor protection suit, electrician’s labor protection suit of chemical plant gas station.

The development direction of the textile and clothing industry is to focus on energy conservation and emission reduction. The growth rate of investment has been improved partially. Core tips: At present, the textile industry is mainly focused on the improvement of environmental protection products. Home appliance manufacturers have significantly enhanced wind protection and thermal insulation products, energy-saving and efficient pioneer species, the rapid development of solar clusters, and the pioneer species of work clothes, skirts, underwear, swimwear, yoga clothes, sports and leisure clothes, swimwear, hats, footwear, leather goods, etc. in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

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