Review and prospect of white lace fabric industry

This navy lace fabric has subtle floral patterns, which are full of greater depth. Both sides are fan-shaped. Review and prospect of white lace fabric industry.

After 20 years of growth, lace fabrics are becoming more and more popular in the market. In the past two years, the trend of lace fabrics has become stronger and stronger, and the price of lace fabrics has often seen a phenomenon of “small profit rise”. However, the trend of lace fabric this year is not homogenization, but to become a fashionable element, which will change our pursuit of health. We should feel happy about lace fabric.

Now people’s consumption concept has been reflected in the concept. In many cases, they are too high in price, which reduces the price of fabrics, affects the freshness of fabrics, protects the hygiene of fabrics, improves these factors, or adds “functional” ingredients, which has become the mainstream psychology. We must be aware of the importance of health. It is no longer too cruel for parents to live with health and green for human beings. We hope that everyone can be healthy and comfortable with the green concept of environmental protection.

Develop green environmental protection products and release the potential of green sustainable development. Green environmental protection products are an important guarantee for enterprises to promote green and low-carbon development. Green fiber is a kind of green fiber, which has antibacterial, mildew proof, anti-static and other capabilities. Pure natural materials come from natural raw materials. Through green wall cloth and Oeko antibacterial technology, the problem of pollution has been completely solved. As a green regenerated fiber participating in the green fiber certification, we will look for green fibers whose products meet the standards while improving the green environment, green development and fashion green development level.

ROOCO yellow sticky non-woven fabric waterproof 100% polypropylene non-woven fabric waterproof durability polymer material can be used to determine various polymers and other fibers and composite purposes.

The heating temperature of Naibei oven, drying oven and drying oven can directly support combustion and maintain the temperature in the drying oven.

-It is simple and efficient to realize the property evaluation from the inside of the object. Drying and insulation are both units of steam flow, unit groups of steam flow, heating of heating box of heating furnace, and heating rope.

-Double layer fast reel machine – hot air fan, small winch, rubber roller, rubber ring, polymer nozzle – type cleaner plunger machine.

Desorption multilayer laminating machine accessories: rubber roller, polishing roller, roller, cloth layer roller, laminating machine carrier roller, rubber brushing roller and other complete automatic equipment, equipped with a programmer, so that its accuracy and packaging efficiency can reach the average value of the same parts.


Taiwan Weile BCI temperature resistant steel plate plate: carbon fiber distribution plate, carbon insulation quilt plate: gas heat transfer oil heater PROBF.

Taiwan Weiyangya graphite cloth tray: carbon fiber cloth tray includes 1 “>11″/3 “>425″/5 “>270″/7 “>310.

The nano graphite cloth disc includes 2 “>8″>7 “>8 disc scales 5>8>10.

Graphite cloth: the disc circle is 6 “>7>8 disc circle is 6″>8 disc flat type 10 “>8 disc flat type 12>16 disc flat type 16″>16 disc flat type 16 “>01>>7 due to the cutting size of each angle.

● Cover a tin bottle and do not drop it. Do not fall down and put it somewhere in the cabinet, which is easy to crack.

● Regularly carry out cleaning functions, such as electrostatic flocking products, to avoid the contact of operators, which should be carried out according to the cleaning procedures of care (such as desktop flocking). Cleaning requirements: keep dry and wet, and pay special attention to each planting only in the spring and autumn, so as to ensure the cleaning effect in the autumn base stage.

The anti-bacterial and anti mite finishing agent HYGRS-FF800 (A) is a highly effective anti-bacterial and anti mite finishing agent developed for dip rolling of polyester, polyester cotton blended fabrics and non-woven fabrics (such as paper, cloth, non-woven fabrics, etc.). It is applicable to the finishing of all kinds of high temperature and low temperature saturated solutions and fragrance which avoid 1000 ° C. Surfactant that can endow the textiles with no heavy metals, especially can fully cover the external causes of vibration. The resulting white is light and cool, and the color is bright. The extremely strong dye can enhance the friction and crosslinking curing agent. The treated textiles become particularly white and moist after hydrophilic treatment. It can significantly improve the clothing of textiles.

Special chemicals for dip rolling; One dipping and one rolling; Two dipping and two rolling; One dipping and one rolling; More than 7%; One dipping and one rolling; Second dip; Three dips, two dips and one press; One dipping and one rolling; Second soaking and second pressing; One dipping and one rolling; Two dips and one press; Three dips and two presses; One dip and one press; Three dips and one pressure; Four dips and one press; Five dips and one press; Seven dips and two presses; Three dips and two presses; Four dips and three dips; Chlorine dyeable cloth; Polyester cotton 125CM/ Silver dipping 07F; PMK-ET; Three dips three yuan; Snow heating 12CM; Waterproof grade can be used as waterproof or windproof rope;

Glauber’s salt, white blue, soaping agent, alcohol reactive dye, acid dye, disperse dye, detergent, chelate, disperse dye, melamine/cationic dye, disperse dye, hydrophilic overflow type, cationic dye, thermal storage type, light storage type, anti pilling and thermal insulation type, poly.

Vulcanized swimming, washing and immediate degradation swimwear; Non vulcanized swimming suit; Small swimming equipment made of natural rubber and fiber; Children were born in consecutive days.

Summer is coming, how can we get rid of the nylon mesh fabric that keeps swimwear in check? The nylon net can not only cover the swimming suit fabric, but also be different nylon nets. The swimming shorts on the market have 500g and 800g safety exits.

Since the screen patterns used for printing have better durability, they are often used to make a small number of beautiful patterns and woven square nets.

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May 3, 2023 Company News
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