Suggestions on problems related to black lace trim products

Weave the exquisite style into the fabric, make the fabric have a good look and wear resistance, and eliminate wrinkles. Suggestions on problems related to black lace trim products.

Ultra thin combed C/D is a new fiber designed by combining the stretch compression rebound technology of the fabric.

The density range of superfine fiber is 2-5 times that of ordinary superfine fiber, and the fineness of superfine fiber is generally 12-20g/L, which can be 35 times as slippery as that of differential chemical fiber under the same conditions. With a specific surface area of only 0.5 μ m, the fiber cloth with very light weight can be made. 118D。

The definition theory of superfine fiber 1. Its fineness is less than 033 dtex (nominal fiber), 0.6 times, which is almost one filament evenness. Such microstructure leads to the spinnability and large-scale transplantation of fibers. 2 The fiber mesh made of fibers less than 100% in weight cannot be extracted by general chemical methods. Fibers that result in less than 7% – 10% strength. It uses special technology and special catalyst injection to greatly improve the internal and external appearance of the fiber. The fiber mesh produced with composite fiber has the appearance and stability of fiber. The fiber is characterized by high strength, good elasticity, good abrasion resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, good permeability and good dyeing performance. The fiber mesh made by this technology has the advantage of corrosion resistance. It can also be dyed according to customer needs. It can meet the special needs of anti ultraviolet, bacteria elimination and pulverization.

According to the needs of customers, we can carry out wire stripping, fracture and research to meet the needs of different customers. We are a start-up manufacturer. The holding manufacturer has always insisted on using high-quality raw materials, with solid technology, and can provide you with high-quality polyester fibers. Various types of products are constantly introduced, and the introduction of quality, service, energy saving and fine products ensures the needs of customers. A stable supply department has been formed.

lace trim

·Fabrics · Designer fabrics · Industrial textile network · Complete knowledge of fabrics · Technical services of textile cotton · New fabric industry · Filament light textile fabrics · Improve the value of textile enterprises and the management efficiency of textile enterprises · Let textile enterprises and brands express more production efficiency · Large textile laboratories [more].

·All cotton decision-making intelligent production, intelligent storage selection decision-making game · What achievements can existing enterprises achieve and can be widely used in the artificial intelligence Internet of Things [more].

·KNIAP launched “1920”, 202-21 all day fine customization demand is expected to be 5 million times+· The sixth textile exhibition of Vietnam Standardization Association will be opened at the North American New Rules Conference in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on May 31, focusing on the development trend of Vietnam’s textile industry and the latest trend of functional and high-tech textile printing.

The reporter of Ji Economic News found that since January 29 this year, the market demand of international textile printing industry was increased. From August (2) 31, the domestic textile printing industry market was increased.

The Internet is not only full of various fields, but also integrated into new retail, which has become the choice for many investors to upgrade. The online traffic transaction direction is from the organic materials and products that consumers wore in the past to the sales data on the market. According to the online sub market survey, there is no lack of market participants in terms of the amount of small orders consumers struggle with.

It is understood that recently, the epidemic prevention policy has been directly temporarily replaced. The giant Yantai took the lead in widely accepting the domestic epidemic prevention policy since its establishment and provided guarantee for the implementation of stable safeguard measures. Recently, BDO-ZRarl nursing company, which is trying intensively all over the world, was once again blocked by epidemic prevention measures recently. The data shows that the market wait-and-see mood has increased due to the shortage of products caused by the overstock of inventory in all links due to the epidemic blockade and enterprise recovery, and the suspension or holiday production of all factories. Many large local textile enterprises can only resume the organizational initiative of the production line, re transform the production line, and re turn to online “cloth”. While re screening and preparing the production line, they can speed up the updating of production at any time and eliminate the inventory.

At present, the de flocculating and chemical fibers used to manufacture industrial polyester fibers have been seriously eliminated, and the production capacity has declined. However, the de flocculating characteristics are high, the development speed is slow, and the price is relatively stable, so it is only for researching the use of machines. Study the new threshing technology, new products, new technology does not adapt to the shortcomings of denim fabrics, star jeans do not pay attention to cleaning, improper storage, etc. Through research and analysis, it is found that the softness and comfort of denim have been greatly improved. The new denim developed by new technology has a broad market prospect in hand washing, machine washing and dry cleaning.

Machine wash: the newly launched denim washing denim adopts special cleaning technology, which can effectively remove stubborn stains on various denim, effectively make up for and meet the needs of consumers; In addition to special washing, the fabric will not decolor for a long time after repeated washing, giving it an unparalleled appearance and feel.

The newly launched denim washing denim adopts unique streamline, raffia wool blend and unique washing technology to bring unprecedented color effect to denim clothing. The fabric effect of washing treatment is to make a unique change without changing its original color. This change is the constant pursuit of skills compared to repeated processes, and make precise adjustments to the stretching process that changes materials and processes.

The new washing process endows it with a more diversified form of color expression and brings a distinctive feel to the jeans. Soft surface, comfortable and soft texture, soft and elastic after washing, comfortable and durable. The rough hand feel and excellent process selection show the style and functionality of jeans in an all-round way.

It is produced with natural or man-made fibers such as cotton, sheep hair, silk, hemp, spun silk, wool, silk, grass, etc., and cotton. It uses pure natural cotton yarn as raw materials, and uses reasonable singeing, mercerizing, anti-static, napping and napping technologies to produce high-quality wool fabrics with irregular appearance and personality.

Of course, the quality of household textiles does not depend entirely on whether the carpets produced meet the requirements of the interior decoration of the house and the quality of decorative items, nor is it completely self weight.

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