Take you to know the manufacturers of lace fabrics

If you want to know the difference between polypropylene industrial yarn and traditional yarn, let me show you the manufacturers of lace fabrics. Now let’s take a look at the small knitting of polypropylene industrial yarn workshop!

This product is a full stretch chemical fiber polyamide industrial yarn, the raw material is 100D/144F, and the outer layer is nylon staple or polyester wool. High specification can also be customized according to customer requirements, which can be applied to the field of interior decoration and clothing, but the price is relatively expensive. Specifications: 30D/2F, 35D/2F 40D/2F 15D/2F 12D/2F 34D/3F 35D/3F 34D/3D.

The width of continuous open width warping machine is 170cm, and the length of U40 package yarn is 1~200m.

Knitted polyester yarn, colored yarn, polyester Tencel, other specifications 4~200g/m2, 4~5g/m2.

Knitting polyester yarn is polyester dyeing yarn and yarn. Polyester textiles not only reduce the investment in traditional equipment, reduce production efficiency, but also reduce the textile cost. After Tencel is spun, the surface fuzz of the yarn is greatly increased. What is the concept of improving the strength of single yarn? It is to use single yarn to stretch the yarn. The spinning is different from the textile! When spinning, single yarn is rich in cohesive strength, different specific surface area and bloat, but not inferior. High count yarn is woven with single yarn, but it has high count, high length, good breaking strength and strength. It has been used by many garment manufacturers, but on the surface, it looks like a symmetrical clean fiber: the main fineness of this fiber is 14-16 μ m。

To meet the demand for high value-added textiles, it can be spun into pure cotton or polyester cotton. The material of the fabric is smooth, and it also has anti-static property.

● Water absorption and quick drying: adsorb liquid substances to penetrate the surface of the substrate, which is much more than the general electrostatic removal.

The specification is based on the customer’s needs. The specification width is more than 50mm, 13 inches, 15 inches, 22 inches, 25 inches, etc.

● ASTM-094 Simultaneous hair humidity: 295% Viscosity: 150~210%; (° C), humidity between lines: 830%.

● Format: 49% polyester+25% nylon, 47% weft density combed cotton, yarn spacing: 12 grids/14m/cm (12 grids/14 grids/15 grids/17 grids/16 grids);


● Dyeing: after singeing, desizing, mercerizing, shaping and other finishing processes, the rolled dyed cloth will be dyed.

● Yarn: skein, loose wool, skein, nylon wool yarn, acrylic wool yarn, polyester wool yarn, comprehensive basis for making fiber suitable for opening package yarn, weft yarn, controlling yarn count, adjusting yarn speed and skein length.

● Initial yarn twist (twist coefficient or other specifications): 11. Initial yarn number: 11 (no influence on twist coefficient).

At present, the domestic yarn is bound to affect its strength and quality, which will increase the yarn evenness and strength, thus affecting the yarn quality and enterprise reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to increase research and development, strive to improve yarn quality, strictly control twist and optimize spinning process. Spindles taken from spindles are suitable for long spindles in coils, which are converted according to the law and are 10cm long.

The yarn has high moisture regain and good abrasion resistance. In addition to adding lubricating oil or washing lubricating oil, centrifugal force and chemical lubricant can also be used, with the best emulsification effect. A little activator can be added to cotton and chemical fiber, or hot soak additives can be used to eliminate the bad dyeing.

100g/L, 100m/box. It is 10 g/L+100 m/min under normal temperature, and can be used after adding one cup of liquid.

lace trim

The products contain human sweat, protein, fat, latex, spandex, carbon fiber and other functional materials, which are mostly used in sportswear, swimwear, underwear, toys, home textiles, automotive interior and other industrial textiles.

Type of adhesive Velcro (self-adhesive adhesive): adhesive Velcro is divided into ordinary adhesive, such as asphalt adhesive, polyester adhesive, cold water adhesive, diaper, etc.

The common name of the ordinary fastener belt is hot melt adhesive backing. Hot melt adhesive (self-adhesive PP) is a composite material that is well adhered to aluminum foil, aluminum foil of color steel tile backing, and masking adhesive on the fabric substrate.

Hot melt adhesive powder is a kind of raw material of acrylic resin. The raw material is polyurethane or isocyanate hot melt adhesive. With advanced technology, it is processed through melting, bonding or equipment transformation to make ladder materials, ladder materials and concentric plates, manholes, concentric plates, round, semi-finished products, polypropylene (propylene) glue, hot melt gum, polyolefin (p-14-36) woodwork, mineral film (such as pore plates, fibers, etc.), paper (such as wood fibers, etc.) Plastic (such as paper, plastic, aluminum plastic plate, etc.) processing, electroplating (silver, copper, zinc, gold, fasteners, etc.), other processing, etc.

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